The best way to deal with things (benefit a lot)
The best way to deal with things (benefit a lot)
If you don't get hurt, the years will be safe.


learn to be silent

the so-called do not know the whole picture, do not comment.

most of the time, speaking is a kind of expression, but not saying is a kind of wisdom.

the expresser always wants to pour out his grievances, speak bluntly, regardless of the occasion, while the listener never argues according to reason, always remains silent, and believes that time will take care of everything.

some people say: "smile and silence are two effective weapons. Smile can solve many problems, while silence can avoid many problems."

take it for granted. Silence is better than voice though it is silent.

Carnegie once mentioned a story in his book:

at a dinner party, the man sitting next to Carnegie told a joke in which he quoted a famous saying that came from the Bible.

Carnegie corrected that this sentence actually came from Shakespeare.

the man did not agree, the two sides held their own opinions, and they were flushed at the banquet, and the mood they had enjoyed was gone.

so Carnegie invited a highly literate friend at the scene to demonstrate that his friend did not correct the man's mistake, but supported his argument.

after the party, a friend went to Carnegie and told him why:

"pointing out a mistake in person will embarrass this man, not to mention that it is only a trivial matter, so why expose it to each other?"

there is a lot of disturbance in this world, and everyone enjoys the beauty of life in their own understanding.

not everything is right or wrong, and not all mistakes need you to criticize and correct.

proper silence is the booster of communication.

it is difficult for sparrows to make noise, and goshawks break the sky in silence!

keeping silent is not only a kind of self-cultivation, but also your ability to turn against the wind.

atmospheric people, do not compete with others, in the face of right and wrong, see through without revealing, can the big things become small, the small things become small, and the problem can be solved naturally.

Don't reject new things

as the old saying goes, "if you don't listen to the old man, you will suffer."

but experience is not immutable, and learning can not be stagnant.

you can be skeptical about new things, but you can't turn them down blindly.

No matter how good a foal is, it is not as good as a car. No matter how fast the abacus is, it is not as fast as a computer.

the tide of the era rolls forward, resting on its laurels, it can only be the front wave that is slapped to death by the waves behind; only by keeping pace with the times can we surpass ourselves and move forward step by step.

some time ago, four grandmothers went viral on Douyin, known as "fashion milk balls".

they are all old people with snow temples frost, but they have exquisite makeup, good figure and elegant temperament, which amaze netizens.

it is said that the four grandmothers are all in their twenties. After retirement, they are unwilling to live a static life and try to work in the modeling industry and become like-minded friends.

they played Douyin, recorded short videos, were loved, and became their own dreamers.

as the years go by, they don't accept their fate, keep trying and love life.

in the face of changes and shocks in life, many people's first reaction is to refuse, or always put off saying, "I can't, I don't understand."... "

but the sudden surprises in life are all the result of daring to try new things.

just like in the Green Book, Dr. Shelley ate the fried chicken handed over by Tony and realized that he was so happy to enjoy the delicious food regardless of his image.

most of the time, new attempts and beginnings are not as difficult as you think, so instead of sitting back and watching, it's better to take a chance. If you take a small step bravely, you can experience a different life.

the beauty of life is always after trying.

hold your temper

once read a story:

as soon as the girl got on the train, she found someone on her seat, checked it and said politely, "Sir, you are in the wrong position."

unexpectedly, the man roared and took out his ticket: "you are blind, this is my seat!"

the girl looked at the man's ticket carefully, stopped arguing and stood by silently.

after waiting for the bus to leave, the girl said, "you are in the right seat, but you are on the wrong bus."

as the old saying goes, "choose words before words, choose deeds and then deeds."

well-thought-out words and deeds are the most advanced way to deal with things.

there are too many such gratuitous mistakes in life, the reason is: as soon as you say, you are in a hurry, a little, you just can't stand the sand in your eyes, and you can't accept the slightest rebuttal from others.

when I look back, I find that anger doesn't solve any problems, but makes things irretrievable.

A bad temper will not only cause unnecessary trouble, but also the source of harm to yourself.

as the saying goes: anger hurts the body.

when he is angry, he goes on a hunger strike in anger, and only when he has a stomachache, he is a fool.

when he is angry, he drinks angrily, and when he has an accident, he is annoyed. He is a nerd.

if you are arrogant, you will be ill-fated; if you are angry, you will be obedient.

only when you laugh when something happens, is the big winner in life.

some scholars have conducted research and statistics on areas where centenarians are more concentrated, and found that most of the longevity people are open-minded and gentle people.

keep an open mind, control your temper, control your life, control your temper, and keep your luck.

try to be an emotionally stable person, give you a healthy body and allow you a warm and peaceful life.

be good at bothering others

A boss shared a story at a corporate exchange.

at that time, the enterprise recruited a good employee and happened to have a suitable project, so it was arranged for this employee to complete.

New employees also feel that the opportunity is rare, eager to perform, work overtime to catch up, the deadline has come, but the result is not entirely satisfactory.

the new employee said with a sad look on his face, "Boss, this project is basically completed. There is one thing I still don't understand!" But I did the best I could! "

after hearing this, the new employee was suddenly and ashamed. It turned out that he was stuck in a way of thinking that he did not want to bother others, and neglecting to complete the project was the ultimate goal.

as John Nahn said, "No man is an island."

living in the courtyard of society, it is also an ability to know how to bother others.

sometimes a simple sentence of asking for advice is more useful than working hard all day.

be good at bothering others, not only solving your own problems, but also making the relationship more secure in such troubles.

since ancient times, what Chinese people pay most attention to is human feelings.

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and the so-called human feelings, is that you trouble me, I trouble you, people get along with others will be warm.

those long-lasting and strong relationships are built in trouble and can withstand the precipitation of time.

take your time, don't worry

the Great Nirvana Sutra says: "everything moves, and there is no rest in circulation."

everything is impermanent, and everything in this world is always changeable.

after seeing through all kinds of life and understanding the changes of the world, we can understand that misfortune depends on misfortune and misfortune lies in misfortune. All misfortunes and misfortunes in this world have their own laws.

Don't worry, don't worry, be down-to-earth, and time will give you whatever you want.

Su Shi has been demoted many times and his life has been rough and rugged.

most of the places where he was demoted were wild and difficult places, but he was still at peace with the situation, farmed in the barren land, built several grass houses, and called it "Dongpo Snow Hall".

I never felt that time was in such a hurry and fate was so unfair. I just waited for the spring flowers to blossom and the fallen leaves returned, leaving posterity with the pleasure of "if there is any unhappiness in life, I just haven't read Su Dongpo."

there are many unsatisfactory things in life, and unsatisfactory experiences are everywhere.

but the beauty of life is that when you are in trouble, you can go with it, taste all the suffering, but deal with it calmly.

as Singh admonished his daughter Gita in Wrestling, Dad: "calm down and let your opponent worry first. When she shows a flaw, your chance will come."

always remember his father's words, Gita put the right state of mind, find the right time, and finally in the originally inferior critical moment, a startling reversal took place and won the game.

if you don't get hurt, the years will be safe.

believe that good things will always come as promised, and everything that belongs to you will come eventually.

so don't worry, calm down, the lighthouse is your goal, but along the way is your life.

after finding the right direction, don't worry, take it one step at a time.

encourage each other!