The best way to forget the one you love is just one word!
The best way to forget the one you love is just one word!
Time is the cure for everything, put it down in order to better meet.




once thought that the so-called love, is that lovers get married.

as I get older, I finally understand that more love is often impossible for desire and impossible for love.

as Haruki Murakami said:

it takes a moment to meet someone, a minute to fall in love with someone, and a lifetime to forget someone.

this kind of pain is the most helpless.

whether it is sad or painful, it comes more from inner obsession.

Love is like holding sand in your hand. The tighter you hold on, the more you lose.

instead of doing so, choose to let go and forget the one you love deeply.

the best way to forget someone is in one word: "busy"

"busy" to make yourself better

when we lose something beautiful, we will be very sorry.

in order to make up for regret, we can only get something better.

see a short story on the Internet.

the girl fell in love with a boy. The girl is beautiful and works as a clerk in a private company, but the family conditions are not good.

the boy is handsome, his parents have their own business, and the important thing is that the boy is still a returnee with a master's degree.

therefore, girls always think that it is "high" to fall in love with boys.

because of this, girls' love for boys is always obedient and can even be described as "humble".

when she first broke up, the girl drank for three days in a row and got very drunk every day.

every time she gets drunk, she cries and says:

"I feel that I will never forget him in my life."

Don't look at the girl's words, she says so firmly.

A week later, she came out of the shadow of being lovelorn as if she were a different person.

she devotes all her energy to self-improvement.

work like a desperate Saburo. After work, I either read books or work out.

A year later, she became the director of a big company.

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and because of her regular fitness maintenance, her figure is getting better and better, and her appearance is getting more and more exquisite.

people are getting better and better, more and more people are interacting with each other, and there is a natural stream of pursuers.

in this world, anyone can live without anyone, and no one will be the only one.

Love is always the icing on the cake, not the only one in life.

being lovelorn, not sinking, and making yourself better and better is the biggest "revenge" against your predecessor.

when you become excellent, you will suddenly find that there is a better person ahead, waiting for you.

"busy" in a new relationship

Zhang ailing once said:

"there are always two ways to forget someone: one is time, the other is a new lover."

Life is long enough for you to forget someone, and it is short to find a new love before you can get out of the pain as soon as possible.

lost love is like ungrasped yellow sand, it is good to lift it.

ruthlessly forget, just want to open up and let a more suitable person come in.

in the TV series "do you know if it should be Green, Fat, Red and thin", Mr. Qi, played by Zhu Yilong,

due to the control of his mother, Princess Pingning, she watched helplessly as the beloved Minglan married Gu Tingye.

after many ups and downs, Mr. Qi finally let go of Minglan and married Shen, who had always loved him deeply.

and that Gu Tingye, after going through some twists and turns, finally reconciled himself.

forget the man Niang who tried so hard to marry, let go of the old grudge with Mr. Qi, and finally grow old with Minglan.

in fact, everyone is growing all his life:

daring to let go is a kind of detachment;

daring to forget is a reconciliation.

as long as you put it down, you will understand that the so-called unforgettable is just a kind of self-torture!

like the phrase of NetEase Cloud Music:

"it doesn't matter that we have all loved and are not destined to love us. Because one day, we will suddenly find that we have been fighting for so many years. "

time is the cure for everything. Putting it down is for better meeting and better devotion to the next relationship.

those who can be missed are actually the wrong people; only those who bid farewell to the wrong people can meet the right people.

"busy" working hard

in the anime series "Horseman BoJack", there is a line:

"when I'm sad, I start to run, so everything becomes meaningful, so I start running again and again."

Yes! Even if you suffer an emotional setback, the world will not stop because of it.

said earlier, "do you know if it should be green?"Ming Lan, in Fat Red and thin, is a common woman from a humble family with a single parent.

and Mr. Qi was born in the family environment of a wealthy and aristocratic family.

it is this disparate family background that leads to the love between Qi and Minglan, which makes their love come to a dead end.

from then on, Mr. Qi used wine to drown his sorrows every day, washed his face with tears, and finally put his tortured illness in bed.

until later, Mr. Qi finally reconciled himself and began to devote all his energies to his work.

in court, he is no longer opposed to Gu Tingye, but gives full play to his original sense of justice to help Gu Tingye solve various problems.

later, when he saw Minglan again, he could face it calmly.

it can be seen that if you want to forget someone, you must understand that there are more important things in the world waiting for you to do.

only when you keep yourself busy, the once unpleasant past will fade away with time.

memory is not used to forget, but to cover the past.

there is a saying in ancient times:

"Why do people suffer? because you can't let it go."

because you can't let go, you will suffer; because you don't want to give up, it's hard to get free.

since some people and things are doomed to be unable to keep each other, you might as well try to let go and let go of others and yourself.

Don't take it seriously with others, because it's not worth it; don't take it seriously with yourself, because you can't afford to hurt; don't take it seriously with the past, because you can't go back.

sometimes forget, not no longer think of, but occasionally think of, the heart has no waves.


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