The best way to live for the rest of your life: no explanation, no entanglement, no complaint
The best way to live for the rest of your life: no explanation, no entanglement, no complaint
People in this life, live to the end, are fighting for the state of mind.

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do not explain

some time ago, a strange author suddenly added my Wechat and sent me a message in the evening.

he said that he wanted to ask me for advice on how to write, and there was a lot of praise in his words.

but I didn't have the skills or shortcuts, so I thought of apologizing politely the next day.

just when I was about to turn off my phone, a platform reprinted my article. Usually I would express my gratitude in the group. I had been in this habit for three years, and after posting it, I was ready to take a rest.

but the author was also in the group, so he immediately sent it in the group with an expression of disdain. I guess he must have been because I didn't reply his message in time.

in fact, the older you are, the more you will find that not everyone in this world is worth explaining, and not everything needs to be clarified.

respect and be respected, understood and understood are all mutual.

put down the idea of pleasing and pleasing everyone, put down the extravagant hope of obtaining everyone's approval and understanding, and people will live a very thorough and comfortable life.

not entangled

A friend mentioned something to me.

A few days ago, he went to the underground parking garage early to drive to work.

it turned out that a car was right in front of his parking space, and he couldn't get out at all.

at that time, he was in a hurry, so he immediately called the property and asked the owner to move the car.

who knew he stood and waited for nearly half an hour.

as a result, the car owner came over with a resentful look on his face, not only without the slightest apology, but also swearing and saying, "Why are you panicking so early?"

my friend was very uncomfortable at that time and wanted to have a few words with this person, but later I thought about it and let it go.

A friend said after the event:

"when you meet such a person, there is no need to struggle with him at all. The more you entangle, the more time you waste and waste."

in life, we will meet many people who are unreasonable and even have no quality and politeness.

We will also encounter a lot of things, originally not your fault, but you have to endure, to bear the bad results.

the smarter people are, the less likely they are to fight emotionally.

after all, the more you pester, the more you will make your loss outweigh the gain, but let go of the entanglement in order to stop the loss in time.

Don't complain

there is such a story.

in a remote town in France, it is said that there is a magic doctor who can cure all kinds of diseases.

one day, a man with a missing leg came here on crutches.

people are saying, "does he want the doctor to give him another leg?"

as a result, the man stopped and replied:

"I'm not asking the doctor to give me a new leg. I just want to ask him to help me teach me how to live without a leg."

there are many moments when we habitually complain when we are in trouble.

Hassled about buying a suitable dress within your budget? pink cocktail dresses may be the answer to your prayers. Worry free the minute you buy.

in fact, try your best to change what can be changed, and accept and face what cannot be changed calmly.

everything has two sides. The so-called good or bad is not external circumstances and encounters, but your inner state.

your attitude is positive, even a bad thing can turn into a good thing, your state of mind is pessimistic, even the best thing can become a bad thing.

the more a person complains, he will not only find more bad people and things, but also bring a lot of negative energy to the people around him.

sometimes, if you complain too much, you will only make your life more and more difficult, but if you complain less, you will add less trouble and trouble to yourself.

in fact, people in this life, live to the end, are fighting for the state of mind.

in the first half of our life, maybe we always try to make everyone understand you, but it is only in the second half of our life that we understand that there is no need to explain unimportant people and things.

in the first half of our lives, maybe we always have to talk about right and wrong, but in the second half of our lives, we realize that it is the greatest wisdom to stay away from bad people and bad things.

in the first half of our lives, maybe we always like to complain about the quality of our encounters, but in the second half of our lives we realize that every day that we live healthily and safely is worth cherishing and being kind to.



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