The best way to live the rest of your life is "do not fight"! (recommended collection)
The best way to live the rest of your life is "do not fight"! (recommended collection)
May we all be able to show off without quarreling and showing off, and be at ease with every frown and smile.

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there is a saying in the Book of morality: the husband only does not argue, so the world can not fight with it.

when there are three thousand troubles in the world, they are often held back by the word "struggle".

sometimes, haggling and arguing about everything will only be counterproductive and fall into a quagmire of irritability.

on the contrary, if you change your attitude and live your life with an indisputable attitude, you will find that if you have peace of mind and broaden your horizons, you will have light happiness in life.

in life, the more you fight, the more you lose

Life is like a balance, both gain and loss are doomed.

if you go too far, you will lose something.

my friend Aze has a deep understanding of this.

not long ago, she was washing dishes in the kitchen.


hear the child

the sound of crying rushed to the living room and found that the child's hand was stuck in the vase.

the vase is narrow at the top and wide at the bottom, and once the hand is reached in, it is very difficult to take it out.

A Ze tried various ways to help the child take out the stuck hand, but without success.

when there was nothing she could do, she thought of a bad idea: break the vase.

considering the priceless value of the vase, she hesitated for a moment. But

listening to the child crying louder and louder, Aze had to smash the vase with pain.

the child's hand was finally taken out, but it was still clenched into a fist and could not be opened.

in panic, Aze checked the child again and again to see if he was hurt.

it turned out that the hand could not be pulled out, not because the mouth of the flower bottle was too narrow, but because the child was always clinging to one yuan and was reluctant to let go.

it's a pity that I missed a priceless antique vase because of one yuan.

but think carefully, in reality, is it often difficult for us to let go of our desires?

like a child, he fights over the twisting of the bar, picks up the sesame and loses the watermelon.

is reluctant to put it down, fight blindly, mess up his life, and finally get stuck in

behind bars,


try your best



Life is only a few decades, what is there to argue about?

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fight on the job, lose your job; fight at home,

consume emotion

; when you fight outside, you lose your manners; when you fight for money, you forget your original heart.

one day, you will understand:

it should be mine, so you don't have to argue, but it's no use arguing over and over again.

therefore, instead of making every effort to persevere, it is better to have nothing to fight for and nothing to ask for, and you will often get more.

undisputed is the great wisdom of life

not arguing does not mean cowardice can be deceived, still less does it mean compromise.


contending with others is a kind of profound realm of dealing with people.

there is a saying in Caigen Tan: "where the path is narrow, leave one step with the pedestrian; when the taste is strong, minus three points for people to taste." This is a method of extreme happiness related to the world. "

once there was a chess player who was famous all over the country. According to legend, he had never lost chess with others.

one day, when he was studying chess games in the chess club, a guest came to visit: "I heard that you are the most knowledgeable person in the world, so I specially want to ask you a question."

the chess player said, "what question would you like to ask?"

the guest pointed to the chess box and asked, "do you see how many pieces there are in this box?"

the chess player thought for a moment and said, "180 sunspots and 181 whites, a total of 361."

when the chess player's disciple heard this, he trembled with anger and wanted to come forward to argue with him.

the chess player stopped his disciple and said calmly, "it is true that my chess skills are not as good as others."

when the guests heard this, they left with satisfaction.

the disciple said angrily, "that man is clearly here to find fault today. Why don't you get angry and argue?"

the chess player replied, "Why bother if you know he's here to make trouble for no reason?" If you don't go along with him and keep arguing with him, can you leave so readily? "

Life is impermanent, and it is useless to argue. There is no need to argue about everything and explain it clearly.

sometimes, even if you win, you lose.

after all, there is no absolute winner in all arguments.

just as the Historical Chronicles said: "all the battles are defeated, the big ones get hurt and the small ones die."

arguing blindly will only consume emotion, waste time, and end up hurting both sides, physically and mentally exhausted.

if you don't want to figure out why, then life is too tiring.

it would be better to have peace of mind when you come, and always have an indisputable heart.

not thinking about others, regardless of others' mistakes, not only forgiving others, but also letting go of themselves.

this is where true wisdom lies.

when you see through the world, let go of the so-called disputes and keep your inner indifference, you will have less trouble and more leisurely.

for the rest of my life, be calm and at ease

what is the purpose of fighting over and over again in this life?

people live for the rest of their livesA relaxed, comfortable and peaceful one.

sometimes, the reason for living tiredness is not that life drags us down, but that we want too much.

in ancient times, there was a man who felt that his life was very heavy and that his life was too stressful, and he wanted to find a way to extricate himself, so he went to a Zen master for advice.

the Zen master first gave him an empty basket and let him carry it on his shoulder, then pointed to the rough stone road ahead and said, "every step you take forward, bend down to pick up a stone and put it in the basket to see how you feel."

the man did what the Zen master said. When he came to the end of the road, the Zen master asked him, "how do you feel all the way?"

the man replied, "I feel heavier and heavier."

the Zen master said, "when we came into this world, everyone carried an empty basket." However, when we take every step forward, we will pick up something from this world and put it in it, so we will get more and more tired. "

the man asked, "is there any way to lighten the load?"

the Zen master asked, "are you willing to give up fame, wealth, power, etc."

the man was silent after hearing this.

the Zen master continued, "everyone's basket is filled with what he has found in this world." However, you pick up too much, if you can not give up some, then your life will be more and more unaffordable. "

there is no tiredness in life. All obstacles are caused by too many desires and asking too much.

you know, fighting and fighting are all troubles. The more you fight, the more you tend to lose, and in the end, you will become more unhappy.

if you abandon too many desires and troubles, return to simplicity, learn to be content, and let yourself get out of "can't fight" and "can't get".

when you let go of your worries, you can keep a trace of calmness and calmness in your heart.

as Bai Luomei said:


A game of chess in life, there is nothing we can do about winning or losing.

when you are lost, you are mostly in the bureau, and when you are enlightened, you are already outside


if you look at everything in the mortal world with peace of mind, it will be simple and clear. If you look at the world with a complex state of mind, you will be fascinated by the phase of the world. "

when you reach a certain age, you should be more pessimistic and relaxed about everything.

there are fewer disputes about gains and losses, less entanglement in winning or losing, let nature take its course, and can take its own chances.

the five tastes of life are mixed, and life is disturbed one after another, so try to make your life easy and happy, free and easy.

you should know that there is no insurmountable hurdle in life, there is no river that cannot be crossed, look forward and correct your mindset, and everything will be as you expected.

May you and I go through the ups and downs of the world and the baptism of the years, and truly achieve: do not argue, do not quarrel, do not show off, frown and smile at ease!

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