The best way to make a man love you to the bone: "three no matter"
The best way to make a man love you to the bone: "three no matter"
Leave some space for each other, happiness will last forever.





some people say that love is simple, just stay together when you have feelings, separate if you don't feel, be simple and clear, and don't have so many bends and circles.

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some people also say that love is complicated, and how to get along is a subject of knowledge. It takes a lot of hard work to maintain a good relationship.

when you think about it, it all seems to make sense. People can always fall in love easily, but they often go their separate ways because they can't get along well.

to sum up, it is easier to fall in love than to get along.

if you want to love for a long time, you need the joint efforts of both parties. For women, the best way to make a man love you to the bone is to "ignore it".

regardless of his past

look forward together

everyone has a past, no matter who he once loved, now that it is a thing of the past, there is no need to mention it to each other.

one of the most common mistakes women make at the beginning of falling in love is to cling to each other's past and try to find out ways to satisfy their own curiosity, but the result often arouses a man's disgust and thinks that you don't trust him.

since you have chosen to be together, you should maintain enough trust in each other, no matter how rich his past love history is, as long as he is not entangled with the past, you really don't have to ask for trouble.

Life always has to look forward. In a relationship, only by learning to let go of the burden of the past and travel light, the road ahead will not be too hard.

always remember one thing: your happiness lies not in yesterday, but in every today and tomorrow.

instead of dwelling on his past, think about how to have a happy future with him.

regardless of his social interaction

give him personal space

people who love each other, no matter thousands of miles apart, their hearts are always together, while those who don't love each other, even if they hug each other, they still have different dreams in the same bed.

Love is trust, supporting and relying on each other, rather than binding and torturing each other.

many women think that as long as they tie the man tightly to their side, everything will be all right. If you don't give him personal space and keep an eye on him all the time, he won't have a chance to do anything wrong to himself.

but they forget that there is an old saying that "the heart is in the heart of Cao Ying". If a man really has a change of heart, then even if you can keep his person, you can't keep his heart.

in the final analysis, everyone is an individual. He has independent thinking, independent personality, independent social relationships, you can not only rely on your own preferences, to control him, let alone in the name of love, deprive him of social freedom.

any love, if tied up too tightly, will eventually suffocate.

regardless of his money

run your own business

many women believe in the truth that men go bad if they have money.

so they will do everything possible to control the financial power of the family, let the man hand over all his income, and usually give him some pocket money.

in fact, whether a man will change his mind has never been directly related to money.

many successful men are still in love with their rich wives for decades, and there are also many men from poor families fooling around outside.

A woman does not have to stare at the money in a man's hand, and it is naturally best for a woman to control the financial power of the family, but if a man is obviously better at managing money, he might as well let him take care of it.

what you really need to do is to run your own business well so that you have the ability to support yourself and even your family. This is the most important thing.

emotion is like sand in your hand. The more tightly you hold on to it, the faster it will be lost.

you might as well relax a little bit and take care of the things that should be taken care of while focusing on yourself.

leave some space for each other and never mind what you shouldn't do. Only in this way can love grow up healthily and happiness will last forever.


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