The biggest difference between women and women is not their appearance, but their appearance.
The biggest difference between women and women is not their appearance, but their appearance.
No matter what figure you are, you will be your life!


get a joke on Weibo, it's very interesting.

"my wish at the beginning of the year was to lose 10 kilograms at the beginning of summer, but now I have only 20 kilograms left to lose."

although it sounds dark and humorous, I have to say that this is the current situation of many people.

while hanging up the flag in his mouth, he worked hard and acted in vain. In the end, self-discipline is just talk.

know a friend Amy.

at the beginning of the year, she swore her name under the question "what is the experience of losing weight", saying that she would come back to change the answer when the weight loss really came down.

in a flash, less than half a year later, she gained weight instead of losing weight, so she could only hold the fat on her stomach and say goodbye to Mei Mei's little skirt.

I feel very confused. Because in my impression, Amy has 100, 000 points of action to lose weight, saying that he will go on a hunger strike, drink only some water and eat an apple every day, and run two kilometers on the treadmill.

as a result, Amy smiled bitterly and waved his hand and said, "Don't mention it."

it turned out that in this way, she felt happy after the first day; on the second day, she felt a sense of achievement; but on the third and fourth day, she felt dizzy.

in the end, he simply gave up and ate too much, and the weight he finally lost rebounded.

this has been repeated several times, although it has been defeated again and again, but nothing has been achieved.

so he went on a hunger strike and ran ten kilometers at any time. But it's okay to do it twice at a time, it's really daunting for a long time.

in the final analysis, self-discipline should be a healthy habit, not a forced injurious behavior.

when you presuppose the premise of "living in bitterness", you have already lost half of it.


I have seen an American study.

the researchers spent six years tracking 14 contestants who had participated in NBC's weight loss Reality Show.

but guess what?

although they tried their best to lose weight, as soon as the show was over, 13 of the 14 contestants were beaten back into a "round" shape at the speed of light, some of them even heavier than before!

it turns out that too painful weight loss methods, more or less hurt their bodies, so that they can not carry out normal metabolism, no matter how much they want to lose weight, they can not stick to it.

We always envy other people's A4 waist and long legs, but do not realize that self-discipline in the wrong way will only damage the body!

weight rebound is a trivial matter, and there may be hair loss, gastrointestinal discomfort, endocrine disorders and so on. Wait until then to regret, it will be too late!

so what is the correct method of self-discipline?

maybe the story of Japanese writer Haruki Murakami can give you some inspiration.

he was also easily fat and was once addicted to pleasure, until one day he woke up and thought he could no longer go on like this.

how does he do it?

the answer is simple:

create a sense of pleasure.

he likes to eat, so he will not choose to go on a hunger strike, but to carry out strict meal management, with a fixed number of calories for each meal.

moreover, he insists on jogging for an hour every day, enjoying solitude during running and drawing inspiration from writing.

it took 30 years to achieve what it is now.

in fact, people are born with inertia. If there is only suffering but no sweetness, no matter how much perseverance will be exhausted.

only by mastering the correct method and state of mind can you feel the real relief of self-discipline.

whistle and reward yourself on the road of self-discipline so that you can easily reach the destination you want to go.


I have a colleague, Suwen, who has been busy losing weight in order to show his arms and legs in the summer.

it was fine at first, but she is a big foodie, fishing for three days and drying the net for two days, and the numbers on the scale are not moving at all.

Su Wen is so anxious about this that he even comes up with a way to go on a hunger strike, but how delicious is it in the world? She can't hold on at all.

I often hear her sighing: if only there was a way to lose weight without getting fat.

Don't say, there is!

well, it took me some time to finally

mint health

Don't get me wrong, light fasting ≠ fasting. Moreover, light fasting is much easier than fasting!

method is simple, within a week,

choose 2 days to light fasting

(about 500 kcal /day for girls and 600 kcal /day for boys)

, you can eat normally for the remaining 5 days.

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No wonder Su Wen couldn't put it down, and the great cause of weight loss, which could not be persisted, could continue.

I have to sigh that human wisdom is really endless.

it's not just this 5' 2 light meal,

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