The biggest regret in the world is that I didn't say goodbye.
The biggest regret in the world is that I didn't say goodbye.
Cherish the present, now the spring is just right.




an uncle

sometimes, we

I always think that death is far away from me.


Farewell and separation are other people's

things have nothing to do with you.

however, life is short and fate is impermanent.

maybe one second you are talking and laughing with someone, and the next second you are separated from him forever.

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only then will you find that the distance between death and yourself is only a thin line.

you just don't know when you're going to face it.

however, uncle also wants to say, don't be afraid.

although we can't resist death, we can learn to treat it well.

learn to say goodbye to death in order to live and live better.

in this week's

column, the movie list of Uncle's "Farewell to death" series, I hope to recommend one to death

A born movie-- "rejuvenation".

I hope you will have a better understanding of the meaning of death when you finish reading it.

some parting from life and death are caught off guard

A few days ago, I found a letter from Xie Na Nian on the Internet.

the girl wrote in her letter that when she was dreaming one night, she suddenly dreamt about her grandmother who had been dead for many years.

in the dream, she was only 21 years old, and the whole family sat around for a reunion dinner. Grandma came over with a bag of money and said it was a dowry for her.

she woke up with tears on her face and realized that she would never be able to meet her grandmother again in this life.

Dreams shine into reality.

five years ago, on the third day after Grandma died, when the family was packing up their belongings, they found a plastic bag under the bed.

there was a thick wad of money, old and new, and they counted it out to a total of more than 8000 yuan.

Grandma kept it from everyone and secretly saved it for her.

you know, grandma has always been "stingy". Usually, even if she loses more than ten yuan in mahjong, she has to be annoyed for more than half a day. And this is almost Grandma's life savings.

the girl thought that her strong grandmother would live a long life and watch her grow up and get married.

I didn't expect that a sudden myocardial infarction could take the life of a loved one so quickly.

fate is ill-fated and the world is unpredictable.

in the world, there are some parting between life and death, which is always caught off guard.

it forces you to admit how powerless you are.

because, no matter how hard you break your heart, some people will never come back.

in the movie rejuvenation, Benjamin was a dying old man when he was born.

wrinkled skin, often accompanied by all kinds of aging.

therefore, as soon as he was born, he was treated as a freak, thrown into a nursing home, witnessing all kinds of deaths in life:

maybe one day, I found a chair empty in the hall;

it may be the music that wreaks around every morning, suddenly disappears;

maybe he woke up from a dream and found that the room next door was suddenly empty, and soon new people moved in.


death is a regular here.

from entering the door to dying, people are like being a guest and leaving.

sometimes, before you even have time to say goodbye, some people never see you again.

the clutch of the human world is like the white clouds in the sky, coming and going like flying, gathering and scattered.

even if we are no longer willing to admit it, we have to admit:

Life is the most fragile thing, and it can't stand a little destruction.

maybe it's just a gust of wind, a rain, an accident, a choice, it can kill people.

there is nothing big in the world except life and death

for death, you don't know what real pain is until you have experienced it.

there used to be a hot topic on the Internet, asking: "good friends who have passed away, what are the last words left?"

some people say that it is the sentence at the high school graduation dinner that says, "I hope you all get what you want and have a bright future." However, the boy who was looking forward to a bright future died in a car accident on the third day after dinner. His life forever stopped at the age of 17.

some people say that it is the sentence "Sister, I have 1 yuan, I'll buy you what you want to eat" before my brother went out. However, she waited neither for a lollipop nor for her brother.

others said that it was a netizen who knew in the game and said, "there's something wrong. I dropped the line first." However, the friend who had never met was buried in the mound by the earthquake, and the gray avatar in the game never lit up again.


there is a saying: only when it is gone, do you know what is gone.

when you have no one to talk to on the phone, no one to play games with, no one to talk to, you may understand what is most precious to you.

in this world, apart from life and death, there is nothing big.

all the so-called discord and troubles are worthless in the face of death and farewell.

it's a pity that by the time you realize this, it's too late.

have you heard the story of Sanmao and Jose?

this pair of world-famous fairiesCouples once lived in deep love with halibut.

they thought they would live like this in this life. Keep each other and help each other, a dream of white head.

however, on an ordinary day, Sanmao learned the bad news: Jose had an accident while diving and never woke up.

and before that, they had just experienced a cold war and had not even had time to say goodbye.

Sanmao has been heartbroken ever since, and she wrote in tears:

"there are no more ghosts and cries, the worst has come, nothing more."

she remembered the twelve wishes she had read silently in Jose's arms when the New year's bell struck twelve:

"May man be long, may man be long, may man be long."

but fate is cruel after all. What she wanted for a long time could only be turned into empty talk.

after Jose's death, Sanmao left a big empty hole in his heart, which never healed all his life.

maybe, as it says in rejuvenation:

"We are destined to lose our loved ones. How else would we know how important they are in our lives?"

but I still hope that accidents will never happen and death will never happen.

in this way, we will have more time to love the one we should love and do what needs to be done.

Don't regret if there is no if in life

in the movie "rejuvenation", there is a passage like this:

Daisy was in a car accident when she was crossing the road with her friend.

long after it happened, Benjamin recalled:

if only one thing had not happened at that time, the outcome might not have been so tragic.

if the van leaves a few minutes earlier;

if a friend's shoelace is not untied;

if the taxi driver doesn't stop for coffee;

if the alarm clock had been set five minutes earlier;


but recollection is just recollection after all.

Life is not a movie and cannot be replayed.

all we can do is to do everything we want to do before it happens, and don't leave any regrets.

Yu Dan once told a story of his own experience.

when she was on a business trip to Nanjing, she became acquainted with a friend, General Geng. Because of the same love of history, the two hit it off at first sight.

General Geng took her to visit many places of interest, and his two-day business trip was delayed to a week.

Yu Dan had no choice but to say goodbye to Boss Geng: "I must go, or the trip will be completely delayed." Boss Geng smiled and said, "there is one last place to take you to. The second mausoleum of the Southern Tang Dynasty is very close."

Yu Dan always liked to copy Li Houzhu's words, but he really didn't have time, so he had to put it off and said that he would go next time.

it took several years to procrastinate like this.

equals Dan went to Nanjing again, and when he called General Geng, he was answered by his secretary.

the secretary told her: boss Geng has just been gone for a week, lung cancer.

Yu Dan Leng was on the spot. When he made a New year's greeting, he made an appointment that "We must go this year". How can we say that he passed away?

she felt so heartbroken that she never went to the Tomb of the second Master of the Southern Tang Dynasty again.

I have to sigh that I was fooled by fate.

most of the time, we always think that the future will be long, and there are many things we can do later.

but no one could have guessed that a turn would be someone else's life.

in life, most good things are not firm, and colorful clouds are easy to disperse glass brittleness.

some people, if you don't see them now, may not be able to see each other for the rest of your life.

there are some things you miss now, and you may never come again.

so please don't leave yourself any regrets before it's too late.

if life is short, be sure to cherish the present

I like that line in the movie very much:

"whether it's too late or too early, it won't stop you from becoming the person you want to be. There is no time limit for this process, and you can start whenever you want. "

every inch of human life is a fluke from heaven.

Don't wait for a long time to come. If you have any friends you want to see, hurry up to see them. Otherwise, when you think of it one day, you may find that some people have no way to keep the appointment.

if you have a family that cares, treat it well. Give him your tenderness and time, otherwise, you will regret today every day in the days to come.

now, spring is just right, and the one you love is by your side.

We still have plenty of time, please be sure to cherish the present and be gentle with them.

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