The cruel truth of marriage was exposed: "your husband actually thinks you are poor!"
The cruel truth of marriage was exposed: "your husband actually thinks you are poor!"
In a good marriage, it is all about equal strength.

"where did all the money go?"

"when you do nothing all day long, all you know is to buy and buy, and my money is not from the strong wind!"

"you don't even earn enough to spend on your own, and you subsidize your mother's family?"


in many traditional families, it is still irrefutable that men go out to make money, while women stay at home to take care of their children and do housework.

for a long time, along with the sentence "I raise you", the heart of my husband has become more and more disgusted.

Women, if there is no princess life, try to have fewer princess dreams, life will go a little more steadfast.


before my friend Jiajia resigned, she was a standard elite white-collar worker. She dressed beautifully every day, worked rigorously, and was quite popular with the boss


just when Jiajia was about to be promoted, she found that she was unexpectedly pregnant, so under the persuasion of the whole family and the sweet "attack" of her husband, Jiajia chose to compromise-quit and stay at home to support the baby.

all the friends around her envied her and said that she had married love.

when we made an appointment to meet some time ago, Jiajia's state was beyond our expectation.

in theory, Jiajia resigned at home, without the intrigue in the workplace, life should be interesting, but now it seems that the whole person has no expression, but also looks tired.

she explained with a wry smile that she was happy to be raised by her husband at first, but after the baby was born, the family expenses also increased, and her husband was under more and more pressure and often came back to yell.

therefore, full of grievances can only be held back in the stomach.

in the end, Jiajia could not help sighing:

"Women still can't lose their jobs at any time. Just listen to the words that men support you. If you take it seriously, you will lose to pieces!"

Yes, good-looking clothes cost money, and expensive skin care products also cost money, but these hands have been stretched up for a long time, but they always look inferior.

as Robert Kiyosaki said: you can't understand the true meaning of freedom until you realize financial freedom.

when you encounter financial pressure in your relationship, it is bound to become a barrier between you and your relationship.

before marriage, many people think that love is bigger than firewood, rice and oil. Only after marriage do they find that a little chicken feather trivia can slowly wear away love.

in fact, no matter how happy a marriage is, it is inseparable from a certain economic base. Only when husband and wife advance hand in hand can they find the true meaning of happiness in the long-flowing life.


in the TV series "the first half of my Life", Luo Zijun, played by Ma Yili, said this sentence:

"this family is my job, and he said he would support me for a lifetime!"

I thought there was nothing wrong with this at that time, but in retrospect, how could there be such a cheap thing in the world?

are you tired of doing housework? Of course I'm tired. Is it hard to take care of the children? It must be hard.

it is impossible for those who want to be respected by others and get money with their mouths at the same time.

there is a story about a rich man who went on holiday and met a fisherman basking in the sun. The rich man asked him why he didn't work, and the fisherman asked, "what can you get when you work?"

the rich man said that if you work, you can have wealth, and if you have wealth, you can lie on the beach and bask in the sun like me.

the fisherman said, "I'm already basking in the sun on the beach. Why do I have to go to work?"

"if you work hard, you will have a chance to gain wealth, and you will have more choices in life."

the rich man said, "although we both bask in the sun, I can choose to bask in the sun on the beach, or I can choose to see the moon on the top floor of a five-star hotel instead of basking in the sun all my life on the beach in ragged clothes."

the same is true in marriage.

only when women have the right to choose can they have more say and see many scenery they have never seen before.

Women who have no choice can only indulge in a single perspective in a cubicle, consume life itself, and then get more and more anxious day by day.

divorce lawyer says:

"it is better to marry a rich man than to become a rich man herself. Women can get a real sense of security only if they are independent in personality and economy."

and money is her greatest strength.


Zhihu saw such a story:

in order to save King Arthur, Gavin, the Knight of the Round Table, volunteered to marry an ugly witch in exchange for an answer: what do women really want?

the witch's answer rescued the king: take control of her own destiny.

on her wedding night, Gai Wen, who walked into the bridal chamber, was surprised to see a beautiful girl sitting by the bed.

she said to Gavin, "I became a witch because of the curse. Because you were gentle to me before, I can maintain my present appearance half the time. You decide whether this half is day or night."

Gavin thought for a moment and said, since what women really want is to control their own destiny, you can decide for yourself.

as a result, young girls are just as beautiful day and night.

it's true that if women don'tIf you know what you want, the man who loves her will not be happy.

so I work hard to make money, not because I love money more, but because I don't want to be inferior to anyone in this life, and I don't want to be in a dilemma because of money.

A person tries his best just to have the right to control his destiny.

Women who can make money have already improved their family status as early as invisible.

when you are rich, you have the capital to buy things you like. The husband has nothing to say, and the mother-in-law is speechless.

when you are rich, you can not run out of money and provide him with the best environment and help when he needs it.

when you are rich, you will share as much as you can when your parents are old, and don't give yourself the opportunity to regret.

therefore, instead of feeling sorry for yourself and complaining about the bitterness of marriage and the unreliability of men, it is better to give yourself more weight and improve yourself.

when you can earn reassuring money, you can really take control of your life.

at that time, marriage was just the icing on the cake for you. It was fine without you. It would be better to have you.

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in a good marriage, it is all about equal strength.

Men can earn money to support their families, and women can also break out of their own small world. if their strength, status and horizons are opened, then it is difficult to maintain this relationship.

Economic independence brings not only the abundance of material life, but also the wealth of spiritual level.

when a man is rich, you can stand beside him calmly, because you deserve him; when a man is down and out, you can still accept him with open arms, because you can afford to support him.

remember, no one will be a refuge from the wind in this life, only you are the refuge you can rely on.

May you not be extremely rich in your life, but you will never make do with it because you have no money, be aggrieved because you have no money, lose love because you have no money, and regret that you have no money.