The cruel truth of marriage: with whom, really different!
The cruel truth of marriage: with whom, really different!
A good marital relationship should be that you are good, and I am not bad.



time people

many people spend their whole lives looking for their own partner.

when I rarely meet, I am willing to hide the light and live unlike myself.

but in the final analysis, the best love relationship is not 1mm ltter2, but 1mm 1mm.

you are not my subsidiary, and I will not give up anything for you.

because of this love, we all want to be better people and give each other a better future.

just like the character that Uncle would like to share with you today--

Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin


I hope that after you finish reading this issue

, you can get a new understanding, learn to take your time in marriage, become a better yourself, and harvest better love.

all encounters are causal

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none of the romance in the world can escape the word "fate".

and the accidental encounter between Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin coincides with that sentence--

is not only an accidental coincidence, but also a fatalistic necessity.

both Liang Lin and Liang Lin are scholarly families, and their parents have made friends with each other, and they have long had the good idea of knot Qin and Jin dynasties.

when Liang Sicheng was 17, his father Liang Qichao asked him to go to the home of his old friend Lin Changmin to meet Lin Huiyin, the youngest daughter of the Lin family.

A teenager in love understands his father's intention and speculates in his heart:

what kind of person is this Miss Lin? Will you be stylishly dressed, wearing silk satin shirts and trousers and wearing a big braid that is glossy?

unexpectedly, when Lin Huiyin came up to him, the big boy was almost stunned:

she wears two little braids, she loves to laugh, she has a good face, her eyes are clear, and she is so cheerful that she can't take her eyes away.

even if the beautiful woman is old after many years, Liang Sicheng can still smile and recall the scene at that time.

he said: "when she turned around to say goodbye, she was as elegant as a little fairy."

everything is destined to plant seeds here and wait for the situation to sprout in the future.

cause of death, there is a fixed number

however, the forced twist is not sweet, and the forced marriage is not smooth.

after all, the two are still too young, and fathers, nurtured by new ideas, do not want to see this pair of children tied to shackles by a piece of marriage book before they have seen the vastness of the world.

they should first go their own way, and then go to the road of marriage.

during the trip, Lin Huiyin met Xu Zhimo, who was ten years older than himself, and the other party launched a fierce pursuit of her.

according to the saying of catching wind and shadows, Lin Huiyin was also moved at this time. But in fact, all this only made her feel terrified.

she admires Xu Zhimo's talent, but has no intention to accept his feelings.

maybe the feelings in the world are unclear and unclear, but Lin Huiyin, who is warm and rational, is convinced:

Xu Zhimo is very good, but he is not a good man after all. She has to move on before she can embrace the fate that really belongs to her.

so she decisively cut off this impossible relationship, went back to her country, and rushed to her own heaven and earth.

after returning home, Lin Huiyin and Liang Sicheng began to have close contact.

they date in Beihai Park, sneak into the empty library on Sundays, read books, relax, and talk about romance.

they visited the Tai Temple together. As soon as they entered the temple gate, Liang Sicheng disappeared. Lin Huiyin was surprised when he heard someone calling her name loudly from the tree.

she looked up and the handsome young man was laughing at her.

they also talk about ideals and ambitions. Lin Huiyin is unwilling to be the "lady" in the boudoir. Her ideal is to be an architect, measuring every brick with her hands and looking at every plant and tree with her feet.

and it was under her influence that Liang Sicheng embarked on the road of architecture:

"she has just returned from England, and during the conversation, she said that she would study architecture in the future. I didn't even know what architecture was at that time. Huiyin told me that it is a subject that combines art and engineering technology. Because I like painting, so I also chose architecture as a major. "

it can be seen that the combination of soul and ideal is destined to be their perfect match.

since they both graduated from college, the two have held a solemn wedding.

it is said that on his wedding night, Liang Sicheng asked Lin Huiyin, "Why me?"

and Lin Huiyin replied, "the answer is very long. It will take me a lifetime to answer. Are you ready?"

No one ever thought that such a joke would come true.

meet in heaven, stay with others

however, although they regard each other as the answer for a lifetime, many people around them are not optimistic about the relationship.

after all, Lin Hui has numerous suitors because of his excellent talent and appearance, while Liang Sicheng is a little dull and does not seem to be good at words.

even Liang Sicheng's classmates said:

"Sicheng can win her heart, and even we classmates are proud of it." You know, she has as many admirers as crucian carp across the river, and the competition is fierce. "

how can two people who don't seem to match go on hand in hand?

the answer is simple: tolerance and tolerance.

it's not that you haven't blushed. Although Liang Sicheng was jokingly called a "chimney", the chimney was occasionally blocked and there was a dispute.

once, they had a big quarrel, and before they made up, Liang Sicheng had something to go south, leaving Lin Huiyin sad.

as a result, the more they think about it, the more they regret it. Liang Sicheng was still on the train, so he hurriedly sent two telegrams to settle. Lin Huiyin lost his temper and was willing to bow his head and admit that he was not. A family war, and it went away.

and more often, different temperament, can also be missing a corner, and then complement one corner.

both of them are obsessed with architecture. Lin Hui has a lot of ideas and is casual, so he often gives up his ideas in a big picture, and waits for the arrival of the dead line, he is still in a mess. At this time, Liang Sicheng will use accurate and beautiful drawing techniques to help her draw inspiration into perfect drawings.

Lin Huiyin, a talented woman in the eyes of outsiders, posed like a little girl and personally prepared to eat and reward her husband.

this natural tacit understanding has long gone beyond the friction of different temperament.

comments from friends:

"the two of them work together to form a perfect combination, a balance of temperament and skill, a rare combination of miracles."

after all, marriage has never been an one-man show.

there is no perfect lover in the world. If you keep rubbing and sawing, then love will not last long.

only by accommodating and understanding each other can love go further and further.

A good marriage is neck and neck

looking at the stories of Liang Sicheng and Lin Huiyin, you can easily feel a kind of chess match love.

when they were studying abroad, the two were going to study architecture together, but who knows, the architecture department of Pennsylvania does not accept girls.

because Lin Hui was not convinced, he first studied the department of fine arts, and then took a course in architecture. But in just two years, she transferred to the architecture department with excellent grades. Her homework was praised as "unassailable" and even she was hired as a teaching assistant.

and Liang Sicheng is no less than that.

together with Lin Huiyin, he traveled through 190 counties, inspected 2738 ancient buildings, and wrote one imperial masterpiece after another, regardless of the hardships of the road and the hardships of life, which can be called the pioneer of contemporary Chinese architecture.

one of them is quiet, the other is lively and enthusiastic, very much like Guo Jing and Huang Rong written by Jin Yong.

riding a little donkey and holding a surveying and mapping pen, he dared to take the sky as the table and the earth as the stove, wandering all over Greater China, recording countless beautiful scenery and places of interest.

in this evenly matched love, there is no need to be humble, do not look up, each other sparkle, live into the best appearance.

when they wrote books, most of them were Liang Sicheng who wrote the skeleton, and then Lin Huiyin's brilliant brushwork embellished the fresh blood and flesh.

Liang Sicheng even changed the quip at that time, "the article is good for yourself, but the wife is good for others."

"the article is good for the wife, and the wife is good for yourself."

the blatant show of love is full of appreciation and sweetness.

as the Little Prince says:

"the best love is not to look at each other all day long, but to look at the distance together and walk together."

Lin Hui died of illness in 1955 at the age of 51.

Liang Sicheng, who had almost never shed tears in her life, took her by the hand and cried bitterly.

daughter Liang Zaibing recalled:

"I feel that their relationship is so close at this time. At the moment of their parting, no outsider (not even me) can disturb their farewell. "

since then, Liang Sicheng personally designed a tombstone for his wife and wrote "the Tomb of architect Lin Huiyin."

throughout Liang Lin's life, from childhood to helping each other, in addition to that unswerving love, there is no lack of mutual support and mutual achievement.

because of love, appreciate each other's talent and tolerate each other's temper.

because of love, we move forward together and run towards the light.

to put it bluntly,

A good marital relationship should be that you are good, and I am not bad.

when two people are equal in strength, they can not only watch the scenery hand in hand, but also write down their own movements.

an uncle

time people

that's all for today's character interpretation. Thank you for listening.

good love must be the agreement of the three values and mutual appreciation before we can go hand in hand to the white head.

what are your feelings and views on marriage? Or if you have any stories you want to see, you are also welcome to leave a message in the comments area.

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