The farewell of adults is silent.
The farewell of adults is silent.
If you want to say something, say it in time; if you want to love, love steadily.

an uncle

sometimes we like a song, not because of how good the melody is or how good the lyrics are, but because it often sings emotions that we can't tell.

such as, fall in love, separate, meet again, miss, love but not, get but not hesitate …...

every sound, every sentence, is like telling your own story.

the sound of nature spreads slowly and washes in the heart, which can not only let people enjoy the beauty of music, but also heal the soul and smooth the folds of the past.

so, in the coming month, Uncle will be in our new column

meet you all!

the weekly playlist warms your ears.

Today, the first song we want to enjoy is Yang Qianli's "if I go on".

I hope that while listening, we can all find our own notes from the songs and better understand the deep meaning contained in the tactful tunes:

cherish every moment and bravely seize every opportunity that can be said.

listen to Yang Qianfu's "if I go on", there is a remarkable comment below:

for many years, I thought I had let it go, but listening to this song, I could not help but assume a lot of possibilities. If I could have said it at that time.

knowing that everything has already been settled, we still ask for an "if":

if you can start over, if you can choose again, if …...

but the obscurity of fate is that no matter how you sigh and feel lost in the years, those memories that pass by will never be seen again.

and we are also on the road away, learned to take care, learned to say goodbye.


"if we could say it at that time,

does not have to miss "

"if you want something, let it go. If it can come back for you, it will always belong to you."

I don't know how many people have believed this sentence.

as a result, they moved forward all the way, hesitating and hesitating in the face of loss and parting, and relieved themselves again and again that the next stop would be full of willows and flowers, and would be lost and regained.

but for some people, you can bump into them as soon as you turn around, while for others, when you look back, there is no one waiting.

during the May Day holiday, my friend Xiao Nai ran into his ex.

the two began to fall in love in college and planned to get married as soon as they graduated, but unexpectedly, they parted ways completely because of their future problems after graduation.

Xiao Nai's parents think she is safe to go home as a girl and take an examination as a civil servant.

but Dawei is determined to stay in the big city.

therefore, when Xiao Nai said his parents' advice, Dawei's face suddenly changed, but in the twinkling of an eye, he pretended not to care and said, "if you want to go back, you can go back. It's no big deal." "

in fact, it's not that he doesn't care, he's just embarrassed to ask for retention.

and Xiao Nai doesn't have to go home, he just wants to know the other person's attitude.

but no one has taken the first step towards compromise. In this way, you did not ask, she did not say, missed the opportunity to make peace in the standoff. And this time we meet again, Xiao Nai already has another him by his side.

I think the biggest regret in love is not that the one you love doesn't love you, but that you clearly love each other and don't compromise and open your mouth, so that you miss it.

but love needs to be expressed, not to be guessed by the other person.

people come and go on the train of life.

after people leave for a cool tea, we always lament that if only we had met later or earlier.

but in many cases, love is not lost to the timing of appearance, but to those who can not say the explanation and retention.


if we were less stubborn at that time,

will there be a better ending?

when our youth is drifting away, there is a saying:

ufeffufeff We are in a hurry, but we are lonely and tired; we are full of pride, but we are covered with bruises and bruises. You think that the journey of youth is the same destination, who knows it will be called indefinitely.

We always like to miss the people and things that have been lost, but we often forget to cherish them at the moment of experience.

or maybe we all know the importance of cherishing, but do not understand the true meaning of cherishing.

I remember that when Stephen Chow and Zhu Yin met, one career was like a fish in water and the other was in full bloom. They know and love each other at their best age.

it is a pity that in the mixed entertainment industry, there are too many misunderstandings between them.

the twists and turns were mentioned, and both of them kept it a secret.

when Zhou Xingchi was interviewed by "seeing" many years later, Chai Jing gently and thoughtfully asked him that there was a relationship in front of you, and you seemed to have lost it.

he replied with a smile, "I'm not lucky enough."

after a moment of silence, he added:

"if I could start over, I wouldn't be so busy."

but for the rest of my life, where are there so many ifs?

We always think, wait a minute, when you are ready, when you pluck up your courage, and then tell the whole story when the time is right.

but some people, once lost, are gone forever. Even if you become an earthly hero,Wearing a suit of gold armor and stepping on colorful auspicious clouds, he can't get it back.

Yang Qianli sings in "if I go on":

I want to cry if you can stay awake for a while

accompany me like I first met. I was not afraid of tiredness

but if you can go on


how can I love each other so foolishly

maybe life has always been like this--

only after losing, will you understand what is more important; only in regret will you know how naive you were in love?

it turns out that love is to learn more compromise, more understanding, and less stubbornness.


"if I go on.

regret can also be less "

there was a variety show in Japan, and the program asked old people to send a video to themselves when they were young.

the theme of one issue is: "what would you say to your young self if you were given the chance?"

in the program, 76-year-old grandfather Hideo Qiu Yuan said in a letter to himself:

"Hello, Xiufu, I am 76-year-old you!"

"are you all right? You will meet a girl in the company, a super-small, super-cute girl-Xiaohuasao. "

"you have always been unpopular with women, so you doubt whether you are worthy of her, so you have been hesitant to confess."

as he spoke, his expression became sad.

"if you have love in your heart, you must act now!" Because. Two years later, Xiaohuazhai will die of illness, and you will be extremely regretful and extremely sad.


he waved to the camera as if the person he loved could really be seen on the other side of the camera.

Hua, I love you.


until the end, he sincerely told the audience, "go after the person you like, and don't hesitate to say anything you want to say."

because you don't know which word or thing, once you don't say it and don't do it, it will become an irreparable regret.


I was very moved when I saw a picture on the Internet.

the passenger station is closed because of the heavy snow. A young man burst into tears when he heard the news. For some reason, his girlfriend was breaking up with him recently, and he promised that he must hurry back to save each other that day.

however, the ticket was refunded due to a heavy snow.

We don't know what the final outcome will be. Did he catch the plane? Did he speak his heart to the one he loves? Did the girl he loved come back to him?

but these may not be that important.

because there are always an endless stream of accidents in life, it is better to try, act and pay as much as you can, and regret is better than regret.

the most unbearable thing in life is waiting.

Life is too short for us to think and hesitate too much, so we rush by. Life is so long that we can fall and stand up and wake up again.

so, you might as well be bold, love someone, climb a mountain, chase a dream.

what you want to say, say it in time; if you want to love, love steadily.

live up to each other and leave no regrets.

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an uncle

this is the end of today's music sharing. Thank you for listening.

take advantage of this leisurely summer weekend, you might as well relax, soak a glass of lemonade, lean on the sofa and listen to the song recommended by your uncle.

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