The finale of "just 30" is exposed: people should see through all their lives, these 12 heartbreaking truths!
The finale of "just 30" is exposed: people should see through all their lives, these 12 heartbreaking truths!
May you go through a thousand sails and say frankly: don't be afraid of thirty, but that's all.

Thirty has finally come to an end.

this TV series, which has caused controversy throughout the network since its inception, has been talked about by the public.

Thirty-year-old girls from three different classes vividly interpret the joys and sorrows of this age. Now that the finale is exposed, people are even more saddened:

Xu Fengshan fireworks factory exploded and was jailed. Gu Jia sold his house to pay his debts. Then the two divorced,

Gu Jia

left Shanghai with his son and went to Chashan to set sail again.

after precipitation and reflection, Zhong Xiaoqin ended her brotherly love and remarried Chen Yu sweetly.

Wang Manni was not with the blind date director, but also refused Haiwang's compound request to go abroad for further study and be beautiful alone.

many people say that they see their own shadow more or less in them, not because they are too deep in the play, but because life is like a play.

the heartbreaking truth revealed by this play is worthy of our deep consideration!


in the adult world, there is no easy word

No matter what class you are in, it is not that simple. The brilliance of outsiders is nothing but clenched teeth.

A family of three who set up stalls run through the streets of the city every day to make a living.

although Manny, the king of drifting in Shanghai, did not have to worry about eating and drinking, the landlord had no choice but to move away quietly as soon as she opened her mouth to raise the rent.

Zhong Xiaoqin, a local girl, seems to be living a safe life, but no one knows that she and her husband have become "roommates".

Gu Jia's husband is considerate, her son is lovely, and she lives in a room with a river view that everyone envies, but she is thinking about the future and working hard about her children's choice of school and the fireworks business at home.

even in the luxurious wife circle, everyone has his own feathers and it is not easy.

Children are used to reporting good news but not bad news, and dare not declare the tiredness and collapse of their work and the bits and pieces in their marriage.

and parents have also learned to lie, reluctant to give up their children's money, for fear of causing trouble to their children, and will always be physically strong to open their mouth.

everyone has their own troubles and troubles, but life is not easy, and life has to go on, because behind him is not only his own life, but also the ardent expectations of his parents, wives and children.

but there is nothing better than to be alive. We always have to beat something we don't like in order to get what we desire.


when people reach middle age, they have to learn to recognize properly

when people reach a certain age, they must learn to bow to life, rein in their temper and take good care of their health.

in the play, although Xu Fengshan is the boss, he has the arrogance of an artist in his heart, and disagrees with his clients every time he disagrees, thus offending the old clients who have been working with him for many years.

but the operation of the company costs money, a large number of employees have to support behind, the family mortgage has to be repaid, and daily expenses have to be spent one by one.

when you think life is easy, it's just that someone is humbling for you.

people who have experienced great winds and waves will become more rational, will not be slaves to their emotions, and will not overdraw their bodies at will.

compared with Wang Manni, who only knew how to work hard and finally fainted in the rented house, Gu Jia was undoubtedly wise.

while taking care of her family, she knows that she will keep fit no matter how busy she is, stick to yoga and maintain a healthy diet.

in fact, the age of 30 is like a hurdle. If you don't cherish it, your body will go downhill slowly.

when we are middle-aged, we are old and young, and often shoulder great responsibilities.

it is a blessing to love us and the people we love.


Marriage has never been an eternal haven

Chen Yu said, "it is said that marriage is a safe haven. I married you to relax and worry."

I don't want Zhong Xiaoqin to break his words: "if you want to avoid the wind, who will be the port?"

indeed, marriage is not an one-man show. It requires two people to understand and support each other.

if only one party is working hard and supporting hard, then the balance of this relationship will be out of balance sooner or later.

you can't hide in the shell of marriage, just lust for comfort, sit on the sidelines, and make no contribution to the family.

A truly happy marriage requires two people to paddle together and ride the wind and waves.

in fact, a broken marriage will not wear away your brilliance. What consumes you is a heart that is unwilling to communicate and unwilling to grow.

there are no two completely suitable people in this world, only two hearts that accommodate and tolerate each other.

the only reason for the past friendship between husband and wife is that I am sick, you cook a bowl of porridge for me; if you are tired, I will give you a shoulder.


A marriage with no sense of boundaries will have an affair sooner or later

even if Gu Jianeng can avoid making eye contact, he can't prevent Xu Fengshan's final derailment.


because Xu Fengshan has no sense of boundaries in the process of getting along with the opposite sex.

A female subordinate made him a bento and bought oranges worth 25 yuan each. he did not know how to avoid suspicion and even praised him several times.

after the "green tea" Lin cast an adoring look at him, he gladly accepted this sense of admiration, and even ate ice cream and watched fireworks together.

in the face of the woman who plotted evil, Xu Fengshan did not deliberately keep his distance, but gave the other side to constantly test him.A chance at the bottom line.

choosing to get married means trust, loyalty, responsibility and responsibility.

how many marriages are ruined by a lack of a sense of boundaries.

if you love someone, please give him a real sense of security to keep a good balance with the opposite sex.


the pain of the original family has to be healed on its own

Zhong Xiaoqin was pregnant. Chen Yu's first reaction was not surprise, but fear.

he is afraid that he can't afford to be a father and give his children a better life.

but in fact, when the light comes in, you have to learn to embrace it.

Gu Jia, who is also from a single-parent family, learned to carry everything on her own after her mother died at the age of 13.

because of the influence of native families, the former dare not have children and are afraid to follow in their own footsteps, while the latter strive to become strong.

Austrian psychiatrist Adler once said a wise saying: "Happy people heal life with childhood, and unfortunate people cure childhood with life."

although it is difficult to be really strong, you must believe that even if you are stuck in a quagmire, one day you will get out of the mud and bloom like a lotus.


what is more chilling than cheating is cold violence

the marriage between Zhong Xiaoqin and Chen Yu, one likes to raise fish, the other likes to keep cats;

one likes Youtiao with clear porridge for breakfast, and the other likes milk with bread.

they eat at the same table, but there is a clear distinction.

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obviously two people live together, but they live more lonely than one person.

when Zhong Xiaoqin encountered a problem, he wanted to communicate, but Chen Yu refused to communicate and refused to change. Even if he responded, it was only a few cold explanations.

in marriage, what is more exhausting than cheating is endless cold violence.

although the body is unharmed, the heart is already riddled with holes.

it is never an earth-shaking event that defeats marriage, but details that add up.

there is a long way to go in life. If the person who works together for the rest of his life can't put this relationship well, then he would rather be alone than be disappointed in ignoring him.


every mom is actually a tough guy

there is a saying: "A woman is weak, but a mother is tough."

but no woman is born a mother, and her child is a qualitative change in their life.

as Gu Jia said, "on the first day of my month, I suddenly felt that Gu Jia was dead and that it was Xu Ziyan's mother who survived."

in order for her son to go to a good kindergarten, Gu Jia put down her posture and repeatedly courted Mrs. Wang, who could help her child enter the kindergarten.

carrying shoes for Mrs. Wang more than 20 floors barefoot, it's not that I don't want to lose face, but since the day I became a mother, the child has become my biggest weakness.

when her son was bullied by other parents, the 30-year-old hit someone for the first time.

"because there are more precious things than decency, there are people who want to protect."

I heard that God could not be everywhere, so he created a mother.

these may be caused by maternal love and forced by life, but in any case, every mother is the greatest patron saint of her children.

Don't mess with mothers, they are all ruthless, can bear the responsibility, but also can afford to live!


parents' positive values are the wealth of their children's life

the greatest wealth that parents can leave to their children is not money or housing, but the values that soothe their hearts.

A mother of the family committee encouraged parents to vote for a child in kindergarten to drop out of school because of a seizure.

Gu Jia not only supported letting the child stay, but also patiently explained to his son the cause of his partner's illness, and demonstrated with her husband how to help others.

when his son did not like equestrian, Gu Jia did not force the child, but impatiently communicated with him and encouraged the child to try.

under the guidance of his mother, Xu Ziyan changed his attitude and began to study hard.

French scholar Podas said: "people's concepts and standards are deeply influenced by parents and are rooted in their minds."

the child is too young to form his own speculative ability. It is the parents' idea that determines his attitude towards the world and affects his view of life.

parents have their own values, and only the children raised can stand among the crowd.


Don't overestimate yourself and don't underestimate others

Gu Jia took great pains to blend into his wife's circle, but when she thought she was going well, she didn't want to be set up by Mrs. Li and transferred a tea factory with expired qualifications to her.

there is an old Chinese saying, "as a man, don't overestimate yourself."

sometimes what can really hurt you is not the unkindness of the other person, but the imaginary friendship in your own heart.

Don't overestimate your place in the hearts of others because of the sporadic benefits of the past, otherwise all expectations will eventually turn into disappointment.

people, don't take yourself too seriously, but don't underestimate others at the same time.

A customer with plain clothes came into the store and other shopping guides said bluntly that they were a waste of time, but Wang Manni did not look down on others and still received them patiently.In the end, he won a million dollars.

when people walk in the world, the most important thing is to have a humble heart.

Don't look down on others, don't look down on yourself, and don't covet temporary interests. Only if you can keep your one mu of square field, can you live a brilliant life.


Don't rush to forgive those who hurt you

Wang Manni was framed by her colleagues. She directly splashed a glass of water and warned each other with cruel words. When she found that she was deceived by a scum man, she took off her clothes and broke off on the spot.

Gu Jia was set up by his wife and stepped back on her domineering door. When she found that her husband was having an affair, he resolutely chose to divorce.

in the face of injury, they are not in a hurry to forgive, because they know that to connive at evil is to ignore good.

No bottom line forgiveness may lead to no bottom line harm.

once read such a sentence, be grateful to those who have hurt you, it is they who make you strong.

but malice is malice. Why should we pull it out when others have stabbed us with a smile?

you don't have to pretend to be magnanimous. what you should be thankful for most is yourself who didn't give up after the injury.


it is the parents who have worked hard all their lives to take us to the end

three different protagonists have the same parents.

Gu Jia's father doesn't want to bother his daughter, so he chooses to live alone.

Wang Manni's mother is worried about her daughter's hard work, so she makes telephone inquiries every three or five times.

although Zhong Xiaoqin is married, his mother often comes to cook for the couple.

as Gu Dad said:

"our sons and daughters are debts of our previous lives. If we don't have the ability, let's be a good ferry and send them wherever we can before we close our eyes.

this may be the true portrayal of most Chinese parents.

when he was young, he ran about for his children, and when he was old, he still cared about their happiness. All his life, he was working as a boat to ferry children.

in their eyes, as long as they are there, no matter how old they are, a child is a child after all.

their concern for and preference for their children is unmatched by anyone.


the kindness you sow will grow into a tree that protects you

Gu Jia is a wise woman with vision, courage and pattern, but at the same time she also has a soft part in her heart.

in the face of the female secretary who made love to her husband, Gu Jia fired her and gave her an extra two months' salary and letter of recommendation.

some parents encourage everyone to unite and force the student with epilepsy to drop out of school, but Gu Jia chooses to support the child to stay.

the tea factory was cheated, and Gu Jiayuan wanted to stop the loss, but because he could not bear to leave the tea farmers and children, he gambled all his wealth again to continue the tea garden business.

some people say that Gu Jia is the winner of life that everyone envies, but ignores her helplessness, frustration and frustration.

but no matter how hard the process is, Gu Jia can always save himself from danger again and again.

if there is really a noble person, then this "noble person" must be herself, and it is her kindness and sincerity that supports her self-achievement.

Beethoven once said, "those who act kindly and nobly will be able to bear adversity."

born human, unable to avoid suffering, endless rugged, there is no shortage of strong and brave people in this world, but only sincere and kind-hearted people can complete the whole journey.

there is a question on Zhihu: when did you begin to realize that life is not easy?

one netizen replied: when I eat balsam pear, I don't feel bitter, because life is much more bitter than balsam pear.

Yes, the essence of life is that there are all kinds of difficulties after a thousand difficulties.

maybe an earth-shaking event at the age of twenty is not worth mentioning at the age of thirty.

at the age of thirty, he laughed it off at the age of forty.

there is a gap in every stage of life, when it is over, everything is fleeting.

May you cut through difficulties, have the courage to face the life of chicken feathers, and prop up your own days;

May you ride through the wind and waves, hold your lover's hand, and successfully step through all kinds of obstacles in your life.

I wish you to go through a thousand sails and say openly: don't be afraid of thirty, but that's all.

May you live the most rustling self at every age, 20 without confusion, 30 wishful thinking, 40 little joy, 50 knowing destiny, and the rest of your life.

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