The finale of "Sister through the Wind and waves" is exposed: a woman should see through these 9 things in her life!
The finale of "Sister through the Wind and waves" is exposed: a woman should see through these 9 things in her life!
May you walk through all the rivers and mountains and be still young when you come back from the waves and the wind!

Variety "the Sister who braved the Wind and waves" finally ushered in the final battle.

the variety show, which has brought its own topics and attention before the broadcast, has become the focus of public attention this summer.

it is said that there is a show for three women, but what about the thirty women who form a women's team to compete?

Last night, the much-anticipated list of groups was finally announced:

Jinggao became the first central position to make her debut, followed by Wan Qian, Meng Jia, Li Steini, Zhang Yuqi, Yu Kewei and Huang Ling.

some people say that they have finally witnessed the glorious moment of the sisters, while others say that the most optimistic little sisters failed to make their debut, after all, "it is hard to be calm."

but compared with these, in this "ride the wind and waves", the nine principles that our sisters have taught us are actually more worthy of collection!


born a girl, braving the wind and waves in every round

how many storms does it take for a woman to grow up?

Dream, career, family, marriage, having children, each round actually has its own sadness and helplessness.

along the way, I have experienced a lot of pain, being denied, tagged, and questioned. How much courage does it take to move on and stick to myself?

is it wrong to have ambition and want to get into the first place in the first stage and the last in the finals?

Marriage is not perfect, should it be laughed at to say "no" to violence and fists?

is it wishful thinking to start anew at a time when everyone else is retiring?

born as a girl, she is constantly being hammered by "gender and age" and "life and myself".

also hit the wall for dreams, made sacrifices for the family, and wept bitterly for prejudice. Fortunately, the brave sisters finally survived the loss, survived the loss, and bid farewell to self-abasement.

everyone looks forward to a smooth life, but if not,

then, like my sisters, take advantage of the brave wind, break the fearless waves, try your best, and don't give in.

even if you leave a scar, it is the most gorgeous medal on the body!

as Ah duo said in Sister Lang, "

bravely dream and love forever is the most beautiful lesson in our life!



Age is never a yoke, it's a gift

too many people will remind you that 30 is a hurdle. But the sisters tell you that 30 years old is a fresh start!

30-year-old Jin Chen can not only wear a white dress and sing affectionately, but also dance with her own light, using her strength to interpret "We are not only beautiful, but gold shines everywhere."

40-year-old Ah duo came on the waves to sing for his beloved new folk music, like a jianghu woman with a happy grudge, a real treasure in the world.

50-year-old Zhong Liti, with a simple and brave girl's heart, is digging up her infinite possibilities.

want to infect more girls with their bravery and certainty:


I don't want people to think that they want to go home and play mahjong at the age of 50. As long as you have a dream, your life will always be full of vitality



you see, we are never trapped by age, but by our own choices.

Don't be afraid it's too late, your life can start all over again at any time, with unlimited possibilities, as long as you dare, as long as you want to!

one day, you will thank yourself for pressing the start button.

Don't hover in place without making any changes while complaining that time waits for no one.

you should remember that age is never the yoke of growth, it is not only the courage brought by fate, but also the gift of time.

the hardships, injuries and tears you have suffered in your time have become nutrients for your growth.

be a surging spray, be beautiful and lovely, please believe:

if you are not afraid of age, you will encounter more possibilities!


you just work hard, God has his own plan

sometimes, it is not IQ or ability that determines a person's success or failure, but the energy you put into it.

the audience of Meng Jia's second public performance ranked first from the bottom, and his three public performances were eliminated because of his low ranking.

although she was depressed, she did her best and didn't give up.


I want to grow, I want to be strong, I can only look directly at my problem and I can solve it



from the penultimate to the audience's first love, this is not only the audience's love and recognition of her, but also the proof of her own efforts and strength.

when the sea level is calm, it is the hidden power waiting for the next big wave.

failure is not terrible, the terrible thing is that you have never tried!

We are not born with golden keys, and we are rarely lucky to meet expensive people.

the meaning of hard work is that I have the ability to hold on to the opportunity when it comes; it is that when life is in a mess, it won't wear away the luster in my eyes.

No one can casually succeed. The so-called talent is just "one minute on the stage and ten years of hard work off the stage."

if there is a miracle, it must be another name for effort.

in this world, the result may not be satisfactory, but time will notAs long as you work hard and try your best, the years will certainly make up for you.


Don't overestimate your relationship with anyone

as the saying goes, "the extreme of wisdom will hurt, the deep love will not live long, and the strong will be humiliating."

the biggest fear in a person's life, no matter what the occasion, is to overestimate his place in the hearts of others.

in the group scene before the second public performance of "Sister Lang", Bai Bing confidently looked forward to joining Lan Yingying's team because of her previous cooperation.

she thought she was "deeply in love with sisters" and Lan Yingying would choose herself, but Lan Yingying chose Wu Xin.

Bai Bing waved to Lan Yingying with an awkward face, but she could not hide her loss in the interview afterwards.


I have always felt that the feelings of sisters are playing very well, so I may regard it as an emotional program, but today's competition makes me feel that it is a competition



to put it bluntly, the relationship between people is so delicate and fragile that it is not as indestructible as we think.

always think that if you are good to others, others must be kind to you; if you treat others as friends, they must regard you as their bosom friend.

in a relationship, disappointment is inevitable for people who attach too much importance to results.

many people come and go in life, and it is a blessing to meet bosom friends who ride the wind and waves together.

but if not, don't lose heart, rely on your own strength and move forward seriously. Believe in yourself, you can carry the thorns of the long life.

when you encounter immortal friendship, cherish this precious warmth.


it really matters who you are with

Wang Likun, who was originally a dancer, was assigned to the vocal group during the first round of public performance.

when practicing the repertoire, Wang Likun was very attentive, but in Yi Nengjing's words, "there was a kind of naivety", which led her to lose confidence as she practiced.

so during the public performance, the final result was obviously expected.

for the second time, Wang Likun was assigned to Zhang Yuqi's group. Rap, who had never come into contact with her, with the constant encouragement of Li Steiner, she blossomed like a queen on the public performance stage, blooming her wild, charismatic, domineering side.

just let the audience see that although she doesn't talk much, she is also a singing, dancing and versatile actress.

in this life, people always meet a lot of people, some people are full of positive energy, some people are full of negative energy.

some people are like a light to illuminate our way forward, while others make us doubt our own value and ability.

the older you are, the more you can understand. If people are different, they can't go the same way.

so stay away from negative people and things and get close to positive people.

only by learning from the best others can you be the best of yourself.


A person's best card is these two words

during the second public qualifying round of "Sister Lang", Zhang Yuqi practiced dancing until she collapsed, and Li Dani tried to comfort her: "you are very popular."

Zhang Yuqi is sober. "popularity is popularity, and business is business. These are two different things." It is only by relying on popularity standing on the stage that the strength faction stands on the stage. "

A person may be able to win the favor of others for a while by virtue of his good face, but just like his appearance will grow old one day, his popularity will run out.

in many cases, it is not enough to rely on popularity alone. if you want to gain long-term respect, you need to rely on real skills.

strength is the capital for a person to settle down, and it is also the best protective color in life.

with high popularity, you may go faster, but with strong strength, you can go further!

only when you are strong, will you not mind the gossip, can you win the true respect of others from the bottom of your heart, and be more worthy of those who support and love you.


looks young because of this

as the old saying goes, each other comes from the heart.

A person's appearance before the age of 30 is given by his parents, and the appearance after the age of 30 is repaired by himself.

50-year-old Mermaid Princess Zhong Liti, whose face and figure are still online, said: "I go to bed at 9 or 10:00, don't drink, don't smoke, don't stay up late, and do exercise every day, which makes my body and state of mind healthier."

Jinsha, the 39-year-old campus goddess, is still in the same condition and has a sweet voice. Little do you realize that behind her enviable figure is that she weighs calories carefully every time she eats.

Who doesn’t want to look better in her favorite modest homecoming dresses? Our collection come in all lengths and style.

it is said that time is a pig knife, but the sisters seem to be treated very favourably by time.

in fact, time is the fairest. People are not greasy in middle age, only exercise and self-discipline.

Fitness and a positive attitude are the best ways to help us get past time and stay healthy.

from today, adjust your diet, go to bed early and get up early; get rid of high-calorie snacks and exercise regularly.

when people live to the extreme, they exercise self-discipline where others can't see them.

May you and I proudly say that after many years: "years do not forgive people, and I have never spared the years."


May you have the courage to love.There is also the luck of being loved

there is a classic line in the movie Glass bottle:


people are only half born and walk the world in order to find the other half. Some people are lucky to find it quickly, while others have to look for it all their lives



but whether you are 18 or 38, when you meet true love, that is the best age.

Jinsha, who has been single for three years, said generously that she was still looking forward to love at the age of 39.

Zhong Liti has experienced two failed marriages, but she has never regretted it and has been bravely pursuing her own happiness.

not everyone is lucky enough to meet the right person at the right time in his life.

even if you have been hurt in a relationship, don't lose the courage to love.

what we need to do is to manage ourselves well, open our hearts and wait for the right person to arrive.

May you and I both express our love declaration loudly like Sister Zhang Yuqi: "Paris is not far away and the line is not long. If you dare to love, I will accompany you in all directions."


the rest of your life is long, don't panic, don't be disappointed

many people like Zhang Yuqi and think she is real enough, dare to say, dare to do, dare to love and hate.

she once teased herself at the festival. I really didn't have a good eye for men, but even if she failed, she would leave beautifully with her suitcase.

in the finals, she appeared on the stage in a wedding dress and sang "I look forward to" perfectly.


this is not the first time to wear a wedding dress, and it is definitely not the last time. May I always have you to look forward to, and may I always be hot and beautiful as you always look forward to.


when some people lament that things are changeable and time flies, Zhang Yuqi, the "silly eldest sister", has become the yearning of many people.

some roads never know what the end is without taking a walk in person; some lives never know what the end will be if they don't experience it once.

even once hit the south wall, at the price of a suit of armor, but also enough to amaze the time.

it is never the age that makes a woman, but the heart that refuses to accept the old.

as Huo Wenxi, the general consultant of the women's team, said, "people say that youth is invincible, but I think it is 30 invincible, 40 invincible, and women undefeated."

I wish you and me, but do good deeds, don't ask about the future, there is light ahead, don't panic, don't be disappointed.

Weibo. At what moment do you think this summer is over?

some people say that it is probably the end of the program "Sister through the Wind and waves".

this summer is coming to an end, and the final is coming to an end, but there is no limit in life, and everyone's journey through the wind and waves has just begun.

all the past is a preface.

May you find your own stage of life, fearless of age and waves.

May you not be an accessory to anyone, bright horse, sparkling;

May you have the courage to face the tests of life, fly against the wind and rise against difficulties.

May you go through a thousand sails, weave a crown of thorns, crown yourself, and become a king of glory.

", cheer for yourself. May you travel all over the world and be still a teenager when you come back from the waves and the wind.