The first reaction to an accident determines the height of your life.
The first reaction to an accident determines the height of your life.
Keep a higher mindset than life in order to meet a better self.





A writer once said:

"A person's first reaction to an accident hides his knowledge, insight, character and cultivation.

this reaction also determines his quality of life. "

whether a person's life is good or not lies not only in the ability to deal with things, but also in the mentality of facing problems.

Life is always live, and no one knows what will happen next.

but the way you look at things affects the temperature of life and determines the height of your life.

in case of emergency, be "steady"

I have read a sentence: "in this life, if you do not seek stability in meditation, you will fall in impetuosity."

in life, we often encounter a lot of unpredictable emergencies.

the more anxious you are, the more confused your mind will be and the easier it will be to screw things up.

A lot of wisdom in life is often hidden in calmness and calmness.

read Mr. Yang Jiang's "the three of us" and was impressed by her sentence "it doesn't matter".

the door spindle is broken and the door can't be closed. "it doesn't matter," she said with a smile.

Qian Zhongshu had a scabies on his head and was irritable. "it doesn't matter," she comforted. "

whenever her husband is depressed, she will gently advise: "it doesn't matter."

even if she was later assigned to do manual work and clean toilets, she still thought "it doesn't matter".

she is calm and calm all her life, and no matter what happens, she never seems to be in a panic.

behind the simple word "it doesn't matter" lies my husband's philosophy of "seeking stability by meditation".

as Zeng Guofan said, "everything must be dealt with peacefully and gently. If you are in a hurry, you may make a mistake."

Life is like a boxing match. The more impetuous you are, the more likely you are to lose your opponent's rational judgment.

calm down, control your emotions and deal with them calmly, so that you can see the move and laugh until the end.

it was written in the ancient motto:

"know the end and then have a decision, set and then can be quiet, quiet and then can be safe, and then can worry, worry and then can get."

only when you calm down can you get rid of the control of bad emotions and keep a clear head.

only by taking your time can you deal with the difficulties calmly and solve all the troubles in an orderly way.

people who are impetuous are hard to accomplish great things; the really strong are mostly as calm as water.

it is a person's greatest talent to be calm and calm at the moment of an emergency.

if you are in distress, you should change

Zhou Guoping once said:

"Life is inherently flawed, and life needs compromise.

refusing to compromise and having a hard time with yourself is actually a kind of foolishness and ignorance of life. "

No one in the world can have a smooth journey, and there are many unsatisfactory things in life.

always like to cut corners, will only fall into a dead knot, blindly struggle, will only add to their own jam.

sometimes what bothers us is not the difficulty itself, but the inflexible state of mind.

learn to turn, run out of water and willows, often in the blink of an eye.

after the death of writer Shi Tiesheng, a good friend once said, "Writing has a transformative effect on him."

at the age of 21, Shi Tiesheng, whose legs were paralyzed, returned to Beijing from the countryside to rest.

the favorite son of Tsinghua Middle School, who was supposed to have a bright future, is now a "loser" in a wheelchair.

when he was cornered by fate, his heart was once full of confusion and pain.

after being negative for a while, he finally accepted the reality of physical disability and began to plan for the future: writing.

40, he finally aroused widespread repercussions in the industry with the article "me and The Temple of Earth".

later, he successively published "broken pens in sickness", "recuperation Notes" and so on, which was famous in the literary world.

Destiny blocked one road, but he bluntly used pen and paper to open another for himself.

as Shi Tiesheng said:

"when the left and right are boundless, there has to be a way, and this road can no longer be done with legs, so use a pen to find it."

No one's life is always the same.

people should not only know how to move forward, but also know how to turn and constantly adjust their steps to slowly adapt to the road under their feet.

like a sentence very much: "Water to a desperate situation is the scenery, people to a desperate situation is rebirth."

try to make peace with life, and you will find that there are no hurdles that cannot be overcome, only bends that cannot be turned.

when there is a gale and showers ahead, turn around and it will be another sunny day.

if you have a bad thing, you should leave

Yi Shu told a story in his book.

when she visited her brother Ni Kuang's house one day, she saw that the green plants in his house were lush and liked it very much.

so she asked, "the potted plants in your house are so green and lovely. What's the secret?"

she thought she would share her experiences on irrigation, fertilization and pruning.

unexpectedly, Ni Kuang replied with a smile, "the secret is to throw it away and buy a new one."

recalling my brother's words afterwards, I couldn't help feeling:

"'dry throw away', such a simple truth, but few people can figure it out.

for any bad person or thing, the first thing that comes to mind is often not to turn around and leave.

but a waste of countless time and energy, more and more angry, so that reason is completely submerged. "

indeed, many bad things in life, like those hopeless potted plants, will only get worse and worse.

in the end, it will not only get into the mood, but also bring more harm to yourself.

the project didn't go well, you were depressed for several days, and you didn't look good when you met your family.

you are 5 minutes late in the morning because of the traffic jam. Without full attendance, you are not in the mood to work all day.

was splashed with mud by the car on the road, you went home angrily, and your travel plan fell through.

as the saying goes:

"A lot of injuries are one-off, and it's like pulling a saw on your heart because of your permission.

and the one who clings to the saw is actually you. "

Don't cry over spilled milk, don't wrestle with irreparable crap.

learn to get out in time in order to avoid greater trouble and injury.

take it easy on the bad things that have happened, and take it lightly on the bad things that cannot be changed.

Life is short, not entangling bad things, is a kind of attitude, but also a kind of wisdom.

if you are in trouble, let it go

after reading Ni Ping's Quotations from Grandma, many people find it hard not to like that optimistic and kind-hearted old lady.

Grandma has never read a book all her life, but she has been nourished by the land with her unique wisdom in life.

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contented and happy, she feels that she has not been able to meet great happiness in her life, but small happiness happens every day.

"people are happy only if they can let it go and let it go."

isn't Grandma's life motto a reminder to us?

there is a good saying: "Life is the trouble of running water, beating us with iron."

No one can live a carefree life when he is alive.

when I was young, I always worried about my studies and the future.

when I finally grow up, I have to worry about my livelihood and worry about my children.

when everything is on the right track, the midlife crisis comes again.

Life is not only a process of continuous growth, but also a process of walking and letting go.

I believe that many people have heard the "law of tickling": at first, I don't feel any itching, but when I scratch it suddenly, it becomes more and more itchy.

in fact, the same is true of troubles. If you keep thinking about them, you will only become more and more annoyed and worse.

put them aside and ignore them in order to live calmly and freely.

teacher Dazeng wrote an excellent limerick:

do not dispute the length is not far, light look at the fame and wealth of the world wide.

advise you not to pretend to be troublesome, and the more time goes by, the happier you will be.

people live, carry too much, inevitably tired, a thought to let go, will be all at ease.

as the saying goes, if you have a big heart, you will know everything, and if you have a small heart, you will get sick.

put aside the bad things for a while, every day can be a good day, let the troubles clear, can drink to happiness.

people will encounter

to all kinds of trouble.

We can't control the development of things, but we can adjust our mindset.

in case of emergency, you should guard against arrogance and rashness and deal with it calmly.

when you encounter difficulties, you need to turn in time and be flexible;

if you encounter something bad, you might as well wave your sleeves and go on your way.

when you are in trouble, you might as well let go of your unhappiness and relax your mind.

change your attitude towards things before you can change the height of your life.

keep a higher mindset than life in order to meet a better self and more beautiful scenery.

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