The first step out of the trough: have a good sleep
The first step out of the trough: have a good sleep
Simply sleep, inadvertently become a luxury.

recently, the workload has increased and the pressure has increased, which seems not unusual at all.

when I got on the phone with my cousin last night, she suddenly asked me, "how are you doing at work? are you still sleeping well?"

I don't know when, "did you sleep well" became the standard greeting like asking if you had eaten or where you were going when you met?

it seems that no one ever asked me that when I was a child.

I read these words from her moments: "I wake up every day feeling uncomfortable. I don't know if it's because you sleep in the wrong position, or because you're an adult."

indeed, in adulthood, simply sleeping becomes a luxury.

Don't make it harder for yourself at the trough

my cousin suffers from insomnia these two days.

she just got a new job at the bank and didn't get used to it.

with a lot of work at the end of the year and the final accounts at the end of the year, my cousin brushes the work group every 2 minutes even after work.

she forwarded me an article that day. What I saw the next morning, when I saw the message, it was 1:30 in the evening.

I took a breath: at this point, are you still working?

later I learned that my cousin's recent insomnia was still the cause of anxiety.

when people are in adversity, it seems that a casual thing can touch our sensitive nerves.

after preparing the materials for a day, the customer asked for rework and was restless;

when I heard that my old classmate had been promoted to supervisor, I stood still and secretly worried.

thinking of rising house prices and medical expenses, it is difficult to fall asleep even if you lie in bed.

I like Shakespeare's words very much: "there is nothing good or bad in the world, all because of thought."

one netizen said that when she was most short of money, she earned 50 yuan a day by handing out leaflets, which could cover meals for several days.

because I am poor, I can only refuse my colleague's invitation to carpool and walk to and from work.

every time he turned down the dinner party, he became known as a "loner".

she passed a florist on her way from work, found a beautiful angle, took a picture and posted it on moments.

then say to yourself, "it's all right, get some sleep. Tomorrow is a new day."

there is no plain sailing in the world, but fortunately, there is nothing that can't be taken care of.

let it go, there is scenery everywhere, put down, wild flowers everywhere fragrance.

learn to self-regulate, those hard things, sad things and complaints, for you, can become light and light.

getting out of the trough starts with a good state of mind

recently, a video blogger collected thousands of negative energy quotes from fans.

"I. It's ugly. "

"boring, useless, stupid, annoying."

"I will never be good enough."

it seems that life is day after day of discontent, one trouble after another.

Wanna buy a flirty short black bridesmaid dresses and flaunt your luscious curves? Do it now and enjoy the incredible shopping experience.

but in fact, let go of those self-blame and complain less, and the situation will be very different.

think his life must be terrible?

but this person is the entomologist Lubichev, who has numerous titles in his life, studying insects, biological taxonomy, dispersion analysis, and even philosophy, and has published more than 70 academic works.

the Strange Life written by Granin based on him has so far been a bestseller at home and abroad.

you might guess that he squeezed out all his sleep time and lived an ascetic life.

in fact, he sleeps for 10 hours a day, reading books, watching opera, walking with his wife, and even writing letters to his book friends.

even in the most difficult times, Liubichev maintained a good state of mind during his illness, slept well, and kept track of his work and life after getting up.

Haruki Murakami has a saying: "it's no good staying up late at all." It's better to get into bed as soon as it gets dark and wake up with the sun in the morning. "

it's really comfortable to get a good night's sleep.

when the poet Wu Aung lost his job, he was anxious and in a bad state. Later, she simply gave up and slept at home for a month. She described the feeling as a dry sponge gradually filled with water.

because of all the tiredness, they are at peace of mind, and disappear when they fall into a dream.

sometimes we are trapped not by life, but by emotions.

A bad mood is like a miasma. The more you can't get out of the trough, the harder it will lock you up.

only by letting it dissipate naturally in your sleep can you climb high and usher in your Shi Lai Yun Zhun (Lucky Dumplings).

so why compete with yourself? Superfluous thoughts, should put, headache things, should forget it.

it's really great to sleep well in times of trouble

American media man Huffington had dinner with a man who boasted that he had only slept for four hours the night before.

what she was thinking was, "if you could sleep an extra hour, the conversation tonight would be much more interesting than it is now."

knowing how to adjust your state of mind and get a good night's sleep is actually far smarter than working under heavy load and making yourself dizzy.

and for people in trouble, sleeping well is even more of an ability.

people are at a low ebb. If you are really upset and can't sleep, you might as well try these little things:

have a cup of hot milk

sit in front of the sofa in the evening with a glass of hot milk in your hand.

wait until the temperature of the cup reaches the palm of your hand, drink it slowly, and a fragrant cup of milk seeps into your body through your throat.

in just a few minutes, the whole person seemed to have quieted down.

take a hot bath

Water vapor pervades the air, and warmth spreads all over the body.

the tiredness accumulated for a day dissipated with the smoke, and the troubles were washed away by hot water.

all the things that seem to be entangled suddenly disappear.

meditate for 5 minutes

all the complicated chores boil down to the breath.

breathe carefully, eyes only look at this moment, the heart is no longer bored.

listen to light music

sit at the desk, pick up a good book and put on a beautiful melody.

you only need to feel a beautiful article, but you don't have to memorize it.

you just need to immerse yourself in the melody, but you don't have to be sad or happy with the lyrics.

the years are flowing slowly, and the soft poems and fresh music melt into the blood and turn into a shallow smile.

chat with your family

Happiness is just someone who understands and has company.

have a chat with them and talk from the bottom of your heart.

Don't talk about work, don't talk about difficult things, all the words in the evening are very gentle.

say a word of gratitude, say "I love you" unexpectedly, and the world is beautiful when you close your eyes.

get enough sleep and feel better, and slowly you will find that you are really great.

May you have a good night's sleep tonight

"there are three things that help ease the toil of life: hope, sleep and smile."

in life, no one can escape the anxiety, confusion and tension of the trough, and no one can escape those who are exhausted.

but remember to eat well and sleep well, always smile and hope.

when you are upset and only feel tired, take a rest and give yourself some time to straighten out your mood first.

it's not too late to start again tomorrow morning and leave the valley.

, may you have a good night's sleep tonight and let go of your worries and fears for the rest of your life.