The four habits of living better and better, please force yourself to develop
The four habits of living better and better, please force yourself to develop
Good habits can make a man.

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Jobs once said:

"in the first 30 years of your life, you formed a habit. In the last 30 years of your life, your habits determine you. "

habits determine our character. And character determines our destiny.

good habits make a man. Bad habits can also destroy a person.

it is never the big truth that changes life, but some humble habits.

learn to develop these four habits for the rest of your life, and the second half of life will be more leisurely and powerful.

learn to be tolerant

look at everything with a normal mind

as the old saying goes, "to forgive others is to be kind to yourself."

learn to see everything with a normal mind, and don't always have emotional ups and downs.

there is a famous story in psychology:

A narrow-minded fruit store owner is very angry.

one day, the boss scolded the employee for a little thing. The employee was very angry and went home to quarrel with his wife.

the wife was so puzzled that she was so angry that she lectured the children who were playing. The child was taught a lesson for no reason and was so aggrieved that he kicked it when he saw the cat next to him.

the cat, which had not been provoked by anyone, was suddenly frightened and jumped into the road. A car came along, and the driver quickly avoided it, but hit the fruit stand and hurt the owner of the fruit store.

it was originally the boss's bad mood that seemed to vent out, but the error turned into a vicious circle, and finally blamed it on himself.

if the boss knew at that time that to forgive others is to let go of himself, then trouble would not have been found in the first place.

tolerance is not only a habit, but also a realm.

people who are fussy about everything always feel aggrieved and break out at any time when something goes wrong.

when you learn to be lenient to others, you feel that everything can be tolerated and your mind is open.

always pay attention to your health and take care of your body

there is a question on Zhihu: what is the most important thing when people reach middle age?

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A highly praised answer is just two words: health.

our lives have been in a hurry for decades, and we have been chasing ideals, fame and wealth all our lives. Many people are busy on this road, but forget that the body is the capital of the revolution.

I have seen such a news that a 27-year-old mother of two suddenly died of overwork.

people look back on her habits and find that everything has already formed a vicious circle.

because I have to stay up late to take care of my baby, I get less than five hours of sleep a day. The children are so noisy that they can't have a mouthful of hot food, so they can only have some cold food left over. I am too busy to exercise, so my physical fitness is getting worse and worse.

coupled with a long period of insomnia, she can only relieve it by playing with her cell phone.

she put her children first, her family second, but her health last. In the end, a tragedy happened.

there are many examples of this around.

sales friends, do not eat breakfast, deal with a bite at noon, in the evening with customers on the wine table, drink to the ground for a list, vomiting again and again.

I didn't earn much money, but I was hospitalized for half a month because of stomach perforation.

my colleagues in the media often work late into the night with a serious irregular heart rate. One day after work, I fell directly at the door of the company. If the security guard didn't find it, the consequences would be unimaginable.

there is a saying in the Queen of decapitation:

"the gift given by fate has already marked the price secretly.


excessive consumption is doomed to be punished.

only by taking care of your body can you enjoy the rest of your life.

know how to stop loss in time

growing up, we have always believed that persistence is victory. But in fact, sometimes, the right choice is far more important than blind persistence.

Lin Yutang once said, "it is better to give up wisely than to cling blindly."

Sister Ma, my neighbor, told me her own story.

when I was 28 years old, my family introduced a date to my family. The man was very talented and gentle. The two are from the same family and get along well with each other. After being together for half a year, they have reached the point of talking about marriage.

but once the man drank too much and came back late. Sister Ma complained to him. The man said nothing and slapped her in the face.

Sister Ma decided at that time that she must not marry him.

after the man woke up, he knelt down and apologized to Sister Ma, and her friends all advised her that it was hard for a man to find such a good partner on the spur of the moment.

but Sister Ma firmly disagreed, and the two broke up.

I often hear such words:

"after knowing each other for such a long time, how can we break up and break up?"

"if you're all married, just be patient."

"since all the children have been born, you can't divorce casually!"

it is precisely because we are always afraid of losing that the efforts we are not willing to make are wasted, but in the end they are always consumed and wasted.

not knowing how to stop loss in time is like gambling. If you lose a car, you always feel that you will win back an apartment.. If he loses an apartment, he always thinks he will win back millions.

as we all know, there are no winners in casinos, and it is common to lose everything in the end.

Yakos said: "90% of the misfortunes in our lives are caused by unwillingness."

whether it is a good relationship or money, we should learn to stop loss in time, have the belief to stick to the end, and have the courage to break a wrist.

know how to cherish the people around you

although the world is big, no one should be kind to you. Even parents should know how to be grateful, and those who are not parents should cherish them even more.

have read such a sentence:

I treat you not because you are good, but because I am good.

I treat you not because you are good, but because I want you to treat me in the same way.

my friend Xiao Lin said that he had met such an intern colleague.

bring him breakfast. He thinks it's easy for you. Give him a lift after work. He thinks you're on your way.

help him finish his work. He thinks you are an old employee. If you don't help me, who will help me?

Kobayashi himself is from an intern and knows that interns really need help.

but the problem is that he always takes it for granted that you are nice to him.

since then, Xiao Lin never offered to help him again.

it is not natural for others to be kind to you. It is because they cherish this affection that they are willing to be tolerant and tolerant.

this is the relationship between people. When a heart is broken many times, it becomes numb.

when a person is disappointed and saves enough, he lets go.

when two people cherish each other, they get closer and closer. Anyone who takes an inch will come to an abrupt end.

remember a very popular passage:

Please cherish the people who send you umbrellas on rainy days and those who are willing to give you a hand when something happens. Don't wait to lose it before you learn to cherish it. Because some people get lost and never come back.

habit becomes natural.

in fact, those who live a thorough and leisurely life do not have good habits because of excellence. It is because they have formed good habits that they become excellent.

from now on, take the first step!

make a little progress every day, it is inevitable to embrace happiness.

, may we all form good habits and achieve a better life for the rest of our lives.