The greatest cleverness of a man is to bow to stupidity
The greatest cleverness of a man is to bow to stupidity
The greatest self-discipline of adults is to learn to bow to stupidity.

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in the TV series "Alliance of military Advisers", Sima Yi had a line that impressed me very much:

"wouldn't it be more stupid to go head-to-head with stupidity?"

in this life, it is inevitable to keep company with stupidity, so we should learn to bow to it. "

in life, we often encounter all kinds of stupid people and things.

always stumble to the end, pestering endlessly, not to mention the benefits, but also pull down their own level.

it is best for yourself to learn to bow to stupidity.

compete with stupidity, you will always be the loser

at an industry gathering not long ago, a self-media friend told a bad story.

Last year, she wrote an all-night manuscript on the theme of analyzing a domestic play with a good reputation.

I didn't expect that two minutes after the article was posted, several bad comments flooded into the comment area.

moreover, these provocative comments all come from the same account:

"even domestic dramas can be praised by junk writers. I'm afraid they don't collect money, do they?"

"Don't look at the content, just look at the title and know it's a bad article!"

"if you have such an aesthetic, it's simply Low. If you have nothing to do, you'd better watch more American TV dramas to improve."

she felt aggrieved, so she explained to her backstage:

"I respect everyone's aesthetic differences, but you can finish reading the article before you discuss it with me."

unexpectedly, the man refused to speak well at all, but intensified his personal attack on her.

my friend was so hot that he argued with him across the screen.

but every word of the other party carries a gun with a stick, and the exit is a dirty word, and she is no match for a girl.

tossed back and forth for more than an hour, and finally he was only able to block each other into the end.

but that day, she was so angry that she had a headache and didn't sleep well all night.

afterwards, she concluded helplessly, "how stupid I was to be entangled with such an unreasonable person for so long."

my friend's experience reminds me of a passage I read on the Internet:

"there is a person in the world who likes to drag you into a whirlpool of negative emotions to deal with him.

when you struggle with such people, you lose nine out of ten, because in them, there is no reason at all. "

in life, we often encounter attacks that come from no reason.

there are always some people who regard criticism as an instinct and slander as a casual meal, so they like to quarrel with others.

go head-to-head with such people, haggle over things, and you lose.

there is a good saying:

"better argue with a wise man for a year than with a fool for a second."

because you reason with him, he will only mess with you; if you tell him the truth, he will only pretend to turn a blind eye.

in the end, not only lose time, bad mood, but also make yourself exhausted.

the cleverness of a man is to bow to stupidity

what is the biggest consequence of competing with fools?

there is a passage in "mumbling":

"someone taunts you bitterly, and you respond to him immediately.

someone looks down on you for no reason, and you immediately despise him contemptuously.

someone shows off in front of you, and you immediately double to prove that you are better.

if someone is indifferent to you, you will be cold and distant to him at once.

look, the people you hate can easily turn you into the one you hate the most.

this is the greatest harm done to you by the enemy. "

having a hard time with bad people will only drag yourself into the mud in the end.

to bow to stupidity is not cowardice, but a mind and wisdom.

in the recent hit "Great Rivers 2", Song Yunhui, played by Wang Kai, was secretly rumored that there was something wrong with his style of life.

the other party even wrote a letter to his father-in-law and wife, accusing him of being negative.

the father-in-law lost his temper and specially invited the factory director and others to come to the house to clarify for his son-in-law.

also proposed to find out the rumor-monger and give him some color to see.

Song Yunhui replied:

"it's not strange, it's weird and self-defeating. It is the wisest way for such a person to make a fuss about nothing and ignore him as if he does not exist. "

Lincoln, who was also vilified for no reason, also said:

"instead of fighting for the way with a dog, let it go first."

because it's not honorable to beat a dog, but it's bad luck to be bitten by a dog. "

there are many "garbage people" in life, just like that barking dog.

the more you listen to it, the more it screams and becomes fiercer, and if you get entangled, it will inevitably be bitten back.

sometimes, if you don't wrestle with it, it's not fear, but it's unnecessary.

as the saying goes: the general has a sword and does not cut flies; the general runs on the road and does not chase the rabbit.

ignoring it and staying away from it is the best way to deal with stupidity.

Don't go head-to-head with stupidity is the best accomplishment

there is a problem in Zhihu: how to reduce the majority of lifeCounting troubles?

the highly praised answer poked the heart: "Don't argue with ignorant people, don't get angry with stupid people."

gaze into the abyss for too long, and the abyss will return to gaze.

in this life, no one has a problem with anyone, but he always has a problem with himself in the end.

No entanglement is not forgiveness of stupidity, but fulfillment of yourself.


@ Miss Zhu

, I drove home one night and found that there was no parking space nearby.

he thought he might as well stop at the entrance of the alley for one night. Anyway, he will go to school at five o'clock in the morning and will not delay others.

so he parked his car on the path next to the alley, confirmed again and again that it was not in the way, and then went back with ease.

unexpectedly, he and his wife were woken up by a crackle at the door in the middle of the night.

he vaguely put on his clothes and went to open the door. Without saying anything, he began to curse.

he was stupefied for a moment to find out that a neighbor had been drunk and accidentally hit the car when he came in from the entrance of the alley.

he hurriedly said several "apologies" to each other, saying that he would move the car right now.

did not expect that the other party still did not forgive, followed him swearing all the way.

even threatened to find someone to teach him a lesson tomorrow.

Dreaming for a perfect red lace evening dress to add to your wardrobe? Pick your best fashion and will stand the test of time.

but as if he didn't hear me, he moved the car and went home to sleep.

when he talked about it while chatting with his friends, the people present praised him for being able to stand it.

but he replied with a smile:

"when I was young, I fought with him a long time ago. Now when I think about it, why should I find myself unhappy?"

my mood and sleep are more important than relieving the moment of anger. "

there is a good saying:

"Don't punish yourself for other people's mistakes, don't pay for other people's stupidity.

otherwise, he will not lose a hair, but you will fall into purgatory. "

when you meet someone who is messing around, instead of arguing with him, you might as well wave your sleeve and go on your way.

has been vilified by others, instead of wasting a lot of breath to clarify, it is better to be yourself and let time prove everything.

not to fight with bad people, not to compromise with each other, but to learn to love yourself.

Life is only 30,000 days, so why waste your time on insignificant people?

instead of hurting both sides, it is better to stop the loss in time; instead of entangling it endlessly, it is better to laugh off.

in the ancient temple on Mount Emei, there lived an eminent monk who had lived for nearly a hundred years.

someone came all the way from far away to ask him the secret of longevity.

the eminent monk smiled and replied, "never argue with a fool."

after hearing this, the eminent monk replied to him without anger and annoyance: "Yes, you are right."

the greatest self-discipline of adults is to learn to bow to stupidity.



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