The greatest evil of human nature is not to be grateful.
The greatest evil of human nature is not to be grateful.
Your kindness must be sharp.

when you are alive, you can not be excellent, you can not be outstanding, but you have to be grateful.

Thanksgiving is an indispensable and precious quality in this world.

how many people do not end well because they do not know how to repay their teachers' kindness after they have become famous.

how terrible are people who are ungrateful

people who do not know how to be grateful are like being covered with dust in their hearts. They only see their own interests and do not see the goodwill of others.

Cao Cao was a great hero in the warring States period.

Cao Cao and Chen Gong were wanted by Dong Zhuo at that time, and they met Lu Boshe on the way to escape.

Lu Boshe was a close friend of Cao Cao's father, so Lu invited Cao Chen and Cao Chen to stay at home.

after arriving at Lu Boshe, Lu Boshe went out to buy wine and entertain the two.

at this time, Cao Cao heard someone sharpening his knife in the kitchen and heard someone talking about "tie it up and kill it."

so Cao Cao and Chen Gong killed Lu Boshe's family. When they went to the kitchen, they found a pig tied up on the ground. Only then did they know that they had killed a good man by mistake, and then they hurried away.

on the way to leave, the two met Lu Boshe, who returned from buying wine.

Lu Boshe asked inexplicably, "I have told my family to kill a pig to entertain you. Why are you in such a hurry to leave?"

Cao Cao said it was urgent. Then Cao Cao shouted behind Lu Boshe, "who is coming?"

when Lu Boshe looked back, Cao Cao wielded his sword and killed Lu Boshe.

Chen Gong was shocked and asked Cao Cao why even Lu Boshe didn't let go.

Cao Cao said, "if Lu Boshe finds out that her family has been killed, she will certainly sue the official. She would rather teach me to fail the world than ask the world to fail me."

most of the time, we complain that there are less and less kindness and sincerity around us. Is it because there are fewer and fewer well-intentioned people in this world?


it is because there are too many ungrateful and ungrateful people who only see their own interests in their eyes, are always insatiable, gain an inch, and wantonly hurt those who are really good to them.

so good people begin to hesitate, they dare not give easily; they are afraid that their kindness today will become a weapon for others to hurt themselves in the future.

be born human, don't consume the goodwill of others

there is a breakfast shop downstairs in the community, and the owner is a very kind old couple.

every morning, the couple specially prepare a certain amount of "love steamed bread" and give it to some nearby sanitation workers and homeless people for free, which is why they are praised by everyone.

but when I went to this house to buy breakfast last weekend, I found that the notice of "Love Breakfast" at the door had been torn off, so I asked curiously.

Grandma told me helplessly:

it was not good at first. Each person was limited to 2, which was basically enough every day.

but later, the nearby residents knew that more and more people were getting steamed buns. Some people said that steamed buns were so hard that they had to be replaced with steamed buns or eggs. Others went even further, saying that they could not get steamed buns and asked me to give him the money directly.

how can I afford to support so many people? I no longer send steamed buns. As a result, they scold me at the door every day, and some even smash things.

I still remember my grandmother's aggrieved and injured eyes, which is really distressing.

it is really chilling.

ungrateful is the greatest evil in human nature.

as the saying goes, "fight rice and nourish grace, bear rice and nourish hatred."

someone once said, "if you want to be high and low, you want to take the opposite."

for a person who is ungrateful, your kindness to him will only stimulate the expansion of his inner desire, so the seeds of evil of human nature will be buried deep in his heart, constantly absorbing the dark side of his heart, and quietly taking root.

Thanksgiving is a person's most precious asset

in this world, the most difficult to measure is the human heart, and the most insatiable is also the human heart.

never overestimate the goodness of human nature. Not everyone knows how to return the favor. Some people, no matter how much you give, no matter how kind you are to him, they still feel that you owe him.

star Sun Li once sponsored a young man from a poor family. is your destination if you are looking for a great shopping experience and a fantastic choice of affordable wedding dresses with detachable skirt. Take advantage of the unique combination of comfort and simplicity.

at that time, the teenager was in the first year of high school, but he was washing dishes in the dirtiest corner of the restaurant in exchange for a full meal.

Sun Li felt especially sorry for her child after reading this report, saying that it would be a pity for her child to drop out of school because she was facing college entrance examination, so she began to subsidize her.

after entering the university, the teenager's heart began to swell, treating Sun Li as a cash cow.

fall in love, play games, buy a new mobile phone, and even ask Sun Li for a total of 1000 yuan three times in 10 days, far more than a student's daily needs.

Sun Li stopped funding after learning that the teenager became angry and took the initiative to contact the media to kidnap the Sun Li family with public opinion and morality, and also made up black material to retaliate on the Internet.

Sun Li, who is at the forefront of public opinion, has become the target of criticism from all walks of life because of this.

and Sun Li is also because of this, dare not easily subsidize others, instead of subsidizing stray cats and dogs.

"the human heart is not enough for a snake to swallow an elephant." these favoured people do not understand that in this worldIn the world, there is never anything that must be deserved. We should cherish other people's gifts and help instead of taking them blindly.

there is a classic line in the godfather of the movie: softness without boundaries will only make the other person gain an inch, and unprincipled kindness will only allow the other party to do whatever he wants.

when goodness is disappointed again and again, when conscience is destroyed again and again, who is willing to give without asking for anything in return, and who is willing to stand up and help others?

as the ancients said, "one must measure one's own material to know Rui, and one does not know whether the quantity is long or short, far or near, but it can be advanced, but it can be retreated."

is also telling us that when we do anything, we should know how to know each other and think comprehensively. Only in this way can we advance and retreat. In order to be kind to others, but also to protect themselves!

the world needs sincerity, trust, compassion, as well as endless love and kindness.

born as a human being, you don't have to achieve great achievements, but you must understand that gratitude is everyone's conscience and self-cultivation.