The harder it is, the more respectable it is.
The harder it is, the more respectable it is.
Kindness is the noblest decency.




Confucian style


Wang Yangming did not go well in his life, his career as a young man was not smooth, he was excluded in middle age and framed in his later years.

but he continues to grow in the face of adversity

strong inside

decency is cleanly dressed and polite.

but more importantly, a person is strong inside.

it is true decency to be able to deal with all kinds of situations in life.

Wang Yangming has been very intelligent since he was a child, and his family has high hopes for him.

but Wang Yangming failed two imperial examinations in succession, and many people in the clan began to gossip.

when the list was released for the second time, Wang Yangming went to read it.

results came out, some people were ecstatic, others wailed.

only Wang Yangming stood there calmly.

someone asked him, "how did you do in the exam?"

Wang Yangming replied: "there is no name on the list."

the man said, "then you are so calm that you have no sense of shame."

Wang Yangming replied, "you are ashamed of failing the list, and I am ashamed of being moved."

this sentence runs through Wang Yangming's life. He once said, "the first lesson in the introduction to Psychology is to be unmoved."

only by knowing how to be unmoved can you achieve something.

his official career is hopeless, so he studies calmly.

on Poyang Lake, shout Zhentian


he gives lectures at ease.

the disciple once asked how to be unmoved.

Wang Yangming replied, "if you reduce your desire, your heart will be quiet."

A person can not take life's ups and downs calmly, or because there are too many desires in his heart.

Hai Rui in the Ming Dynasty was honest and honest all his life, was not obsessed with official positions, and did not love wealth.

he was demoted many times in his life, but his face never changed.

Fan Zhongyan was an honest and upright official in the Song Dynasty and was thrifty in running the family.

he demoted officials three times in his life, but he was always indifferent.

as the ancients said, "No desire is just."

desire is a loophole in the human heart, which will drag people into the abyss if they are not careful.

only by constantly practicing, abandoning superfluous desires, and living as simply as possible, can people be really strong.

self-discipline and self-improvement

decency is not only inner certainty, but also positive and optimistic in action.

some people feel sorry for themselves and sink blindly in adversity, while others quietly accumulate strength and wait for the opportunity to turn around.

decency is never given by others, but earned by oneself.

after Wang Yangming made his vows when he was a child, he began to make rules for himself and urge him to read and write essays.

I have experienced ups and downs all my life, but the habit of reading has never been given up.

he said, "if you feel trouble in kung fu during the day, you sit still." If you are lazy to read a book, read a book. It is also because of illness and medicine. "

it is human nature to be impetuous and lazy, but to practice is to go against one's own temper, which is the temper of the mind.

when he came to Guizhou, miasma was everywhere, and his entourage was sick. apart from taking care of his entourage, he still studied the Book of changes.

served for three years, he persisted for three years, and finally one day, he realized the purpose of knowing things, and his mind was born on the ground.

some people say:

"Wang Yangming does not take credit for correcting the old atmosphere and opening up a new one.


A hundred years later, Wang Yangming became another saint after Zhu Xi.

Zeng Guofan founded Hunan Army,

was laughed at by many people.

however, he withstood the pressure and made every effort to build the Hunan Army into a mainstay.

when he was Governor of Liangjiang, his former colleagues no longer dared to snub him.

writer Chi Li said: "A person's dignity and dignity come from personal struggle."

A person has won the respect of others by virtue of his own efforts, not being depressed and not giving up.

they are self-disciplined, energetic and enterprising, and regain their dignity by virtue of their strength.

such decency can never be given by others.

be kind

kindness is the noblest decency.

No matter what situation one is in, as long as he keeps a good heart, he is still worthy of respect.

Wang Yangming is full of malice of fate all his life.

but he always kept a valuable kindness and never gave up all his life.

being retaliated, he pretended to jump into the river to save his life.

when he arrived at his post, the local people could not speak the language and clashed with him.

he let bygones be bygones and helped them build houses, read and read

the locals feel a little bit by him



the world gives him malice, but he rewards it with kindness. Such nobility is the greatest dignity of a man.

after the epiphany in Guizhou, Wang Yangming put forward four keys to sanctifying mortals: determination, diligence, reform, and blame for kindness.

du Fu always had no place to rely on, but he had the world in his heart, hoping that he could "protect the poor people from all over the world with a happy face."

Su Shi was demoted for half his life, but he had no complaints, and everywhere he went was bound to be a blessing.

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the Master said, "Benevolence is far away. I want benevolence, and I am benevolent."

kindness is simple, but it is difficult. It has no threshold, but not everyone can do it.

it is a kind of brilliance from the inside out, is a kind of silent power.

No matter what situation one is in, as long as he is still kind in his heart, he deserves our respect.

the most important thing in life is kindness, kindness is the noblest decency.

Life is not as good as nine times out of ten. In difficult days, we should keep the decency of life.

Don't worry about gain and loss, don't be negative and decadent, don't give up kindness.

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