The highest level of self-discipline is to love yourself.
The highest level of self-discipline is to love yourself.
Although self-discipline is very hard, it will give you back a hot and free life.

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have read a sentence:

only you can change yourself. Do the right thing every day.

I quite agree with you.

in fact, doing the right thing every day is what we often call "self-discipline".

when you learn self-discipline, you can become what you want to be.

be self-disciplined about your feelings and be serious about your life

once, tie Ning, a nearly 40-year-old writer, went to visit Bing Xin, a great figure in the literary world.

Bing Xin asked, "do you have a boyfriend?"

tie Ning replied, "haven't you found it yet?"

Bing Xin said, "Don't look for it, you have to wait."

so tie Ning waited for Watson, a famous economist, at the age of 50, and met someone who had worked together for a lifetime.

the "wait" here is not to let you stand high and wait for the pursuit of others, but to do your own thing, live your own life, and don't interact with others casually because of panic and anxiety.

one day, time will give you the right lover.

what is extreme self-discipline?

this is it!

Don't start a relationship casually because of loneliness, and don't gamble with your life's happiness.

my cousin is in her thirties this year. When she comes home for the Spring Festival every year, she will be arranged by her aunt for several blind dates. She thought that her aunt would stop for a while this year, but she changed her aunt to an online blind date.

she never refuses a blind date, but after talking, she feels that she doesn't like it and will never make do with it.

on the third day of the Lunar New year, I went to my aunt's house to pay New year's greetings. After spending a day with my cousin, I finally understood her.

when the elders talked at home, my cousin took me into her room, picked up the tea tray and began to make tea.

the room is not big, but it is very warm, with a lot of books, a lot of flowers, a lot of travel photos, and many handicrafts and special furnishings.

she taught me how to taste tea and shared with me the good books I had read, the good scenery I had enjoyed, the good movies I had seen, and the interesting people and things I had met.

her overall state is very relaxed and she is not anxious at all. There is light in her eyes and heaven and earth in her heart.

cousin said, "I live so hard to meet the best of him."

I know that during the Spring Festival this year, you, like my cousin, were forced to participate in many matchmaking games, but what I want to say is:

aren't we so serious about life and so self-disciplined about our feelings in order to wait for the right person?

We would rather lack than abuse, do not easily start a relationship, is not in order to find equal people?

We work so hard, not to make do, but to meet good people and people who grow old hand in hand.

if you don't like it, don't make do with it. If it doesn't fit, don't make do.

believe me, cherish every heartbeat, be self-disciplined to your feelings, and be serious about your life.

you must find the right person and enter the marriage hall happily with your own love.

the more self-discipline, the better, and the better, the closer to success

"the Road that few people take" says:

"only self-discipline is your important means of solving life's problems."

I think so.

self-discipline can help you get out of confusion and succeed.

during the Spring Festival this year, the most @ classmate in our junior high school Wechat classmate group is "Li Xing". With a number of excellent short videos, he became a local household name last year.

the monitor said in the group that we only saw his sudden success, but we didn't know how much he had paid.

these years, he is strict with himself, does not smoke, does not drink, does not party, and specializes in his career.

interview ten passers-by on the street every day, write a long article every day, and update videos every day.

365 days a year, non-stop.

in order to find the most beautiful face in the street, he keeps walking, and he is always the one who ranks first in the Wechat movement.

in order to present the most moving scenes, he filmed and cut films day and night, and it was common for him to go to bed in the early hours of the morning.

it is because of his earnest efforts that he tells the story of our city so vividly and fascinating.

Li Xing said that in this process, he was also confused and self-doubted, but he clenched his teeth and stuck to it, and now he only feels enjoyable.

thinking of the writer Yan Geling, she said--

"I have served in the army and have discipline requirements on myself. When you know self-discipline, those difficulties are nothing."

that's what she asked for.

she gets up at four or five o'clock every day to write for five or six hours. No matter how busy she is in writing and work, she will persist in swimming and running, even when she is waiting for her friends to meet.

so we see her books or film and television works based on her books every year or two.

you see, behind all excellence is ascetic self-discipline.

there is a sentence in Queen Joanne, which is very clear:

you stay in bed in the morning, so if you sleep an extra ten minutes, you will lose to those who get up ten minutes earlier.

Don't relax at any time, remember to take the time to exercise, read and make progress.

Please believe that the more self-discipline, the better, the better, the closer to success.

your dreams, as long as you use themLaw and persistence in watering will eventually blossom and bear fruit.

if you want to be invincible, you must live a life of self-discipline

there is a short film in Canada called "the Last Ten years of Life", which is very touching after watching it.

it shows us what kind of outcome these two distinct lifestyles, self-discipline and undiscipline, will eventually lead us to.

in the last ten years of life-

some people wear their own sneakers to ride bicycles to see the scenery, while others can only wear ward slippers and wheelchairs.

some people travel around in good health, and some people get sick and take medicine every day.

some people share the happiness of their families with future generations, while others are terminally ill and can only be taken care of.

some people talk and laugh with their loved ones, and they are happy and happy. Some people can only be taken care of by their loved ones, and both parties are affected.

whether to exercise, self-discipline and non-self-discipline, the life is really very different.

he says it all benefits from keeping exercising. Exercise is like eating is a part of life.

even if he is busy at work, he still exercises every week. In order to facilitate exercise, he is equipped with a lot of fitness equipment at home, such as dumbbells, pullers, treadmills and so on.

even if he is on a business trip, he will take a puller to practice and do a few push-ups and sit-ups.

by the age of 80, most people will have problems such as visual and auditory impairment, slow reaction, memory loss, sore waist and legs, but Zhong Nanshan said that these have no effect on him, and he can still undertake daily work.

at a press conference, Academician Zhong Nanshan shared his health experience:

exercise and exercise;

attach importance to mental health;

Don't eat too much.

the difficulty of a self-disciplined life lies in persistence. When persistence becomes a habit, everything will be much easier.

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as the saying goes, "people who are not self-disciplined look old, people who are self-disciplined are always the same."


Don't go to bed with enough to drink and eat, don't stay up all night playing cards, don't waste time on useless things.

you can chat with your family and keep a good mindset at all times.

you can exercise more and keep your body healthy and light.

No matter men or women, if they want to survive, they must live a life of self-discipline.

self-discipline is outstanding, and non-self-discipline will only lead to being out

always believe that only self-discipline can be outstanding, and non-self-discipline will only lead to elimination.

emotional self-discipline can lead us to true love;

self-discipline in learning can make our original dream come true.

physical self-discipline can give us a healthy physique.

self-discipline is hard, but it will give you a hot and free life.

, may your self-discipline begin in your heart, be in love, and be as self-disciplined as sunrise and sunset, forge yourself and reap freedom.


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