The highest respect.
The highest respect.
Respect is a mirror, how you treat the person in the mirror, what he will do to you.

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what is respect?

some people say that respect is rooted in inner self-cultivation, self-consciousness without reminding, and kindness for the sake of others.

respect is not only a kind of politeness, but also self-cultivation.

when you are alive, you need to respect and respect others in order to excel and respect yourself, and to win the respect of others.

the most taboo thing about being a human being is having too much sense of identity

Zhuge Liang once said, "Don't be a bitch by your wealth, and don't disobey others with your own opinions."

the more you rely on your identity, the more you feel superior, the less respected you are.

once there was an arrogant university professor who sent his works to the publishing house and occupied most of the cover just by introducing his title.

half a month later, he, who had not yet received a reply, sent a letter urging him again, but he only received eight big words from the publisher: "if the level is not enough, you can't use it." there are many of his titles on the cover.

as the saying goes, "one bottle is dissatisfied, half a bottle is sloshing."

the more truly talented and knowledgeable people are, the more modest they are, and only the shallow and ignorant will show off everywhere.

but those who are really good never have any sense of identity.

the most valuable thing about a person is that he can always be humble to others no matter how high he is.

even above people, you can keep a low profile, and even under people, you are still neither humble nor arrogant.

having no sense of identity is the greatest upbringing of being a man.

excellent people are more respectful to others

there is a folk saying: "Rip is easy to see, but imps are difficult to deal with."

the higher the level of people, the more respect for others, on the contrary, the lower the level of people, the higher the posture.

Matsushita Konosuke, founder of the famous Panasonic brand in Japan, once took his colleagues to eat a famous steak, which he ate with relish, but there was a lot left on his plate.

before leaving, he specially invited the chef to come out. The chef looked at most of the remaining steaks and asked nervously, "is the steak not to your taste?"

Matsushita Konosuke said with a smile, "your steak is really delicious, but I'm sorry, I'm a little sick in my stomach today, so I can't eat it."

how can such a person not be loved when a simple sentence gives the chef enough respect and recognition?

people who really know how to respect others, no matter where they are, will put themselves in the shoes of others.

in their minds, everyone is equal, and they will not suppress others to show off themselves, still less will they undermine the dignity of others by showing off their identity.

as the saying goes, "those who love others will always love them; those who respect others will always respect them."

the really good people all know how to respect others, and those who respect others will always deserve the respect of others.

respect is always mutual

Descartes, a famous philosopher, once said, "only by respecting others can we be respected by others."

respect is always mutual. What you do to others is what they will do to you.

in history, in the State of Qi during the Northern and Southern dynasties, there was a man named Lu Xiaohui who was friendly, talented and respectful to anyone.

even if ordinary people come to visit, he will treat them with courtesy, and when the guests leave, he will personally deliver them.

when his colleagues saw what he was doing, they could not help complaining, "you are in a high position, and the loss outweighs the gain. Why bother?"

Lu Xiaohui replied with a smile:

"if I want to take it, I must give it first. If I want to be respected by others, I must first respect others."

in this life, those who know how to build bridges for others will also pave the way for them.

on the road of life, only by helping each other and respecting each other can we go higher and further.

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respect is a mirror. What you do to the person in the mirror, he will do to you.

if you are mean, he will laugh; if you are arrogant, he will be high above, life, respect for others, is tantamount to respect for yourself.

as the saying goes, "those who come out of love love to return, and those who are blessed come back."

as a man, only by knowing how to respect others, can good luck come naturally, and there must be people to help!