The longest relationship between people
The longest relationship between people
Cherish to deserve to have, care about will last a long time.

A writer once said:

"if you go, I won't send you; if you come, no matter how hard it is, I'll pick you up."

the most comfortable and lasting relationship between people is mutual trust, mutual respect and common treasure.

the older you are, the more you understand, which makes people have a first acquaintance, rather than make them feel bored for a long time.

Trust each other, and love lasts long

"if you have no faith, you don't know what you can do."

if trust is lost between people, it will be a cold society.

what maintains affection and trust is the sincere giving between the two parties.

if you want to take it first, you must give it first.

only by covering the liver and courage and mutual benefit, can we trust each other more steadily and strongly, and inspire more possibilities.

this is true of love, and so is friendship.

there is such a story in ancient times:

A young man was sentenced to death. He wanted to see his mother again before he died.

so his best friend went to prison for him and asked him to go home to see his mother.

everyone thinks he is stupid. If the young man runs away, he must be the one who will die.

on the day of the execution, when everyone thought that the young man had slipped away, to everyone's surprise, he came back to be punished.

the story spread to the emperor, who was moved by the affection between them and finally pardoned the young man.

people who trust each other are acquainted with each other by life. It doesn't come out of thin air, it's about character.

only by comparing your heart to your heart can you deliver your heart.

only by walking upright and standing upright can one go higher and farther.

think of others and respect each other

"those who respect others, people always respect them."

only when you know how to respect others can you win respect for yourself.

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this is a classic picture.

in this picture, whether you see 6 or 9, the key lies in where you are.

but the reality is that we are used to looking at things from our own point of view.

you are a customer and think the merchant is too profiteering; you are a businessman and think the customer is too picky.

when you drive, you want pedestrians to obey the rules; when you walk, you want the owner to be courteous.

when you work, you feel that your boss is impersonal; when you are a boss, you feel that your employees are not active.

facts have proved that if you always stand in your own position and look at others, you will always draw an one-sided conclusion.

people who are considerate of others and are willing to really consider each other's feelings can create good interpersonal relationships.

if you can think of others, compare your heart to heart, and have more understanding, understanding, respect, contentment and letting go, your life will certainly be more mature, happy, acquired, happy and relaxed.

because life is an echo.

A gift of roses gives a fragrance to the hand.

those who love to return, and those who are blessed are blessed.

you have me in your eyes, and I am willing to think about you.

you help me once, I will remember you for the rest of my life

"the grace of dripping water is reported by Yongquan."

keep in mind the help of others, and learn to be grateful for their support.

Qi Baishi, a famous contemporary painter, has a painting called "sending charcoal in the snow", which is talked about by people, and the story behind it is deeply moved.

in his early days, Qi Baishi had just arrived in Beijing, and his paintings were considered too vulgar to sell at all, resulting in hunger and cold, eating and sleeping in the open.

once, by chance and coincidence, he met the famous Mei Lanfang at that time. Although he only met once, Mei Lanfang admired him very much.

one day, Qi Baishi went to a birthday party for a big shot. Many celebrities came and went, but no one noticed Qi Baishi, which made him very embarrassed.

until Mei Lanfang arrived, he found Qi Baishi's figure as soon as he entered the door, and greeted him and introduced Qi Baishi to everyone.

with the help of Mei Lanfang, Qi Baishi's paintings are becoming more and more famous.

but after becoming famous, Qi Baishi did not forget Mei Lanfang's kindness and specially drew a "charcoal map in time of snow" to Mei Lanfang to express his help in times of difficulty.

Mei Lanfang wanted to learn to draw grass and insects, but Qi Baishi gladly agreed and carefully taught what she had learned all her life.

people know each other by fate, meet in love, cherish each other, and respect each other in virtue.

"do not remember what you give to others, but remember to receive kindness from others."

cherish to deserve to have, care about will last long.

in this world, people are unfathomable and true feelings are hard to get. It is a lifetime blessing to have a long-term relationship.

people who love you are willing to spend their whole life by your side. If you encounter it, please cherish it.