The more a man loves you, the more he will have these three reactions.
The more a man loves you, the more he will have these three reactions.
The more beautiful and long-lasting love is, the less gorgeous it is.

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Love doesn't have to be so romantic and intense, it can also nourish all things in silence like the spring rain.

you can always feel what it's like to be loved in every corner of your life and every little bit of your daily life.

the man who really loves you is clumsy, afraid of you, but often wants to take care of you.

the more I love you, the more clumsy I am.

writer Li Bihua once said:

"he's courteous, he just fell in love with you. He is clumsy, that is, he loves you deeply. He took it easy, because he was tired of you. "

A man's love for a woman can be seen clearly from his attitude.

but when he loses interest in you, he becomes calm. He will often forget what you said, he will often complain that you have caused him trouble, and he will become less and less willing to talk to you.

and the man who really loves you to the bone will become a little clumsy in front of you.

in front of you, he will put down all his baggage and often show his childish side, which makes you feel angry and funny.

in front of you, he will lose all his shrewdness and make you feel that you can always read his mind easily. It's not how good you are, but that he doesn't want to deceive you at all.

in front of you, he will let down all his guard, he will give all the money to you to take care of, and always say that he is not sure, or give it to you the most reassuring.

only when he is in front of you, he is the big boy who is heartless, inarticulate and silly.

Men, the more they love you, the more clumsy they become.

the more I love you, the more I can recognize you

the stories of Zhou Youguang and his wife Zhang Yunhe, the father of Hanyu Pinyin, are always talked about by people.

the most enviable thing about husband and wife is that they have been helping each other for 70 years, but they have never blushed.

Zhou Youguang once said in dictation:

"people say that we haven't quarreled for more than 70 years, but in fact we have quarreled, but we often don't shout abuse. If we don't quarrel for a few hours, the quarrel is usually over in a few words."

out of curiosity, a reporter specially asked their daughter whether she had seen the two quarrel.

was: "where can they quarrel? their mother is coquettish and noisy, while their father is quiet and cannot quarrel."

the sentence "Dad is not loud" vividly expresses Zhou Youguang's attitude in the face of marital conflicts.

A man who is really capable will never find a sense of existence in front of his wife. His achievement is as high as Zhou Youguang, and he still knows how to bow his head in front of his wife at any time.

No one will feel ashamed to do so. On the contrary, such a man is gentle, considerate, magnanimous and admirable.

of course, not every man can do this. He must have you in his heart, love you, respect you, and love you before he will not hesitate to put down the so-called "face" and "dignity".

the more a man loves you, the more he knows how to back down, because he knows that it's not worth it to quarrel over trifles and hurt his feelings in the end.

the more I love you, the more I want to care about you

some people say that when you are with a man who loves you, you will feel like you have a father; with a man who doesn't love you, you will feel like you have a son.

I think so.

A man who doesn't love you will not take care of you bit by bit, but will worry you all the time. In a word, marry him and you will become his mother and babysitter.

and the man who loves you, holds you in his hand and spoils you in his heart, he will love you and love you like a baby daughter.

he will keep you in mind all the time and always worry about a lot of things about you, such as loving you and nagging.

when the weather is cold, if you wear less, he will go on and on like an old father.

when he is still playing with his cell phone at night, he will confiscate your "crime tools" and force you to turn off the lights and go to sleep.

he will care about you, take care of you and love you as meticulously as an old father. In his heart, you are always the most worrying.

Love is accompanied by heart

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the more beautiful and long-lasting love is, the less gorgeous it is.

it doesn't have to be romantic, it doesn't have firm vows, it doesn't necessarily have a vigorous story.

it is just a daily life of one meal and one vegetable, trivial parents.

but the man who once said he loves you will always be by your side, to protect you from the wind and rain, and to solve your problems.

he contracted most of the moving moments of your life.