The more hypocritical people are, the more they like to talk about these three words, and it's best not to make deep acquaintances!
The more hypocritical people are, the more they like to talk about these three words, and it's best not to make deep acquaintances!
In this life, what kind of person you meet, you will become what kind of person.

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there is a saying in Cai Gentan: "it is not as difficult to be close to others as it is easy to neglect the end."

means that instead of alienating and breaking up with each other in the end, it is better not to make friends with each other easily from the beginning.

therefore, when choosing what kind of person to associate with, you must see clearly the character of the other person.

people with bad character are most obviously reflected in their speech.

the more hypocritical people are, the more they like to say the following words. Don't make deep acquaintances when you encounter them, and you must stay away from them.

say something with hindsight:

"I knew this would happen"

the old ancestor said: more timely rain, less hindsight.

the hands that are handed over when others are in trouble are always better than gossip after times have changed.

people make friends, and those who are willing to fall into action are true friends.

I saw a crosstalk a few years ago, about a man who went to the county to report on a problem. Unfortunately, when he was taking the elevator, it broke down.

the elevator was stuck in the middle of the corridor, so he couldn't get up or down. There was so much chaos outside that he stamped his feet inside.

incident attracted the leaders, and one of them came forward:

"look, look, what did I say? I knew something was going to go wrong with this old elevator. I just didn't say it!"

in fact, the examples of hindsight are very common in daily life.

"I told you before, it's not going to work. It's all right now!"

"you can tell at a glance that it's wrong. Why are you so stupid? you don't have any eyesight at all."

"you are still too young to do such an easy thing. I would have done it a long time ago."

when something happens to you, they will hide and watch the hustle and bustle, have seen enough, and then come to "care".

in fact, I don't have any real skills. I can only make sarcastic remarks.

in life, you must clearly recognize such a hypocritical person and don't let him get involved, otherwise you will put all the blame on you if something goes wrong.

I met such colleagues when I worked in the former company.

in the process of designing a plan together, he seldom puts forward constructive suggestions, but as soon as the result of the judgment comes out, he will become "Zhuge Liang after the event" and make comments.

the effect is good, he will boast: "listen to me, I knew this plan would succeed."

when the result is bad, he will shake his head, sigh and say, "I told you, it won't work."

for those who take credit for good things and shirk responsibility for bad things, they just want to stay away.

in this society, no one is stupid, and some people just see through it.

those who like to play tricks, their friends will stay away sooner or later; those who like to talk after the event, no one will be willing to entrust them with their hearts.

giving charcoal in the snow is always more valuable than icing on the cake; honesty is always more cherished than adding fuel to the fire.

if you like to speak in an official tone and never declare your position:

"some other time", "Let's talk about it"

Zhang ailing said, "Life is a gorgeous robe covered with lice."

No matter how shabby the interior is, always keep a good face.

those who are not worthy of deep acquaintance seldom treat you with sincerity. They always take advantage of you under the guise of friends.

Mr. Xu, a reader, has shared his troubles backstage.

he has a "good brother" who thinks of him every time he is in trouble.

then he worked hard and worked hard for most of the day, but all he got was the other side's light sentence, "when you're done, you must invite your brother to have a good meal some other day."

but this "another day" is a long way off.

in life, such things abound: "I'll make an appointment another day. I'll talk to you later. See you later."... "

but what is the other day, and when is it?

Laozi said, "A man cannot stand without faith, and his karma will not flourish without faith."

hypocritical population honey belly sword, talk without gold, attitude is not sincere, you take him as one of your own, but he treats you as a fool.

"something Zhong Wuyan, nothing Xia Yingchun", to make friends with such people is not only no good, on the contrary, their own interests will be harmed.

so, the person who is really worth your heart to make a deep acquaintance will try to make sure that every word comes from the bottom of your heart.

and those who like to play official and speak vaguely are actually very good at pretending and are particularly hypocritical at heart. If you meet, please stay away as soon as possible!

likes to say compliments, flattery and compliments:

"you're right"

in Krylov's fable, there is a story of "the Crow and the Fox".

it is about a crow who stole a piece of meat and stood on a tree to rest, and was seen by a fox under the tree.

the fox wanted the meat very much from the crow's mouth, so he turned his eyes and praised the crow for its "physical aptitude and beautiful feathers. If it could make a sound, it would be a well-deserved king of birds."

the crow was so proud that he couldn't wait to show his singing voice, so he sang happily.

when the fox saw that the crow had been deceived, he quickly picked up the meat and went into the hole.

when I read this story when I was a child, I only thought that the crow was tooWhen you are vanity, you will lose your footing when you encounter the flattery and rhetoric of others.

it dawned on me when I grew up that everyone likes to hear words of praise, which is understandable, but when you meet someone who is always hypocritical and flattering you, you must be careful.

as Carnegie said, "flattery comes from between the teeth, while praise comes from the heart."

A flatterer likes to do it face-to-face and behind his back. He won't directly point out your mistakes and even whitewash your shortcomings to make you get carried away.

when you are friends with this kind of person, it is easy to fall into the strange circle of feeling good about yourself without knowing it, so that you make mistakes again and again.

We often say that people should be self-aware. Listen to other people's compliments and don't take them seriously.

in this lifetime, people will become what they meet.

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making a friend with a good character will benefit you for the rest of your life; if you make a friend with a bad character, you can easily be deceived, calculated, or even hurt.

reliable people are more sincere in their words, with an explanation for everything, a story for everything, and an answer for everything.

people who are hypocritical speak with premeditation, and although they speak well, they may not necessarily mean it.

so, no matter who you get along with, don't look at what he says, it depends on what he does.

in this life, I only wish to be honest and do things in a down-to-earth manner, with less routines and more sincerity with each other.

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