The more you refuse these requests of the opposite sex, the more he loves you.
The more you refuse these requests of the opposite sex, the more he loves you.
Good love is to make you a better self, not to lose yourself completely.




the sweetness of love often makes people lose their minds.

many people would rather give up their careers, time and circles and put all their eggs in one basket in order to stay with their loved ones.

however, giving everything you have may not necessarily get what you want, and the more you listen to a person, the less he will cherish it.

as the writer Su Cen said:

"if you take a person too seriously, it's easy for him not to take you seriously. When you never have the heart to refuse, the other person will start to snub you. "

you have to pay attention to the way to run a good relationship, and sometimes rejecting these requests of the opposite sex makes him love you more.

refuse to establish an intimate relationship too quickly

there is a lyric in Tornado:

"Love comes too fast, like a tornado, there is no time to escape without the storm."

in today's era of fast-food love, there are always some young men and women who hastily establish a close relationship when they don't have a clear understanding of each other.

thought everything would be as good as imagined, but as a result, he plunged into it and was black and blue all over.

just like in Ode to Joy, Qiu Yingying, who is simple, lovely and a little silly, fell in love with her boss, Director Bai, but she was invited to eat fast food twice and took the subway a few times.

even before the two officially confirmed their relationship, Qiu Yingying agreed to the cohabitation invitation of Director Bai. As a result, she was cheated out of money and color, which affected her happiness all her life.

together too soon, there is a risk of not knowing people clearly; things that are too easy to get are not destined to be cherished.

in any relationship, we should correct our attitude and understand the truth of "something to do and something not to do".

Don't hand it over to yourself easily because of a whim or the soft and hard bubbles of the other party. If you meet someone who is not a beloved, your reputation will be damaged and your body and mind will be hurt.

only by being sober enough, rejecting unreasonable demands and keeping your bottom line, can you win respect and deserve to be loved.

reject excessive dependence

getting along with the opposite sex, being overdependent or being dependent is a disaster.

in an intimate relationship, in addition to women unconsciously relying on their partner, many men also slowly rely on their loved ones in their lives.

moderate dependence can shorten the distance between each other and enhance the relationship, but once excessive, it will inevitably lead to the imbalance of the relationship and it is difficult to stably go far away.

when the TV series "A Tree of Peach Blossom" was broadcast, many netizens said that the male host Luo Yaohui was a proper "bottle man" who married and decorated the house, bought household appliances, washed clothes and cooked meals, and paid for his living. It's all run by his wife.

he had a car accident and his wife stayed at the bedside to take care of him. On the contrary, he spoke coldly, often being unreasonable to his wife like a child, and could not be separated for a moment to meet all his demands.

the blooming kindness and compromise, Luo Yaohui's over-reliance and ungratitude finally led to their divorce.

the best state of two people together is not over-bearing or attachment, but being able to support each other and achieve each other on the premise of maintaining their independence.

good love, with not only the determination to share joys and sorrows, but also the righteousness of treating each other with all sincerity, can love each other on the long road of life and hold hands with white heads.

refuses to give up his independent circle

Love is fascinating and easy to get lost.

when many women get married, they become gentle and virtuous wives and meticulous mothers, focusing on their small families.

gradually I have less contact with my parents, less relationship with my friends, no more hobbies, and even my career has been delayed.

the tedious life day after day, the parents-in-law and the husband's occasional complaints and disputes will inevitably make you want some breathing and relaxing space, but then you find that you have no one to complain and regret.

Love is never the whole of life.

you can love someone wholeheartedly, but don't give up your independent circle for him and devote all your time and energy to men and family.

because once he changes his mind and abandons you, you lose not only your love, but also your friends and the ability to live alone.

what's more, women who are independent and keep pace with the times are always more likely to attract men's attention.

return the focus of life to self-cultivation and strive to improve yourself, so that you will be full of self-confidence and charm, and your relationship will be more energetic.

good love makes you a better self, not a complete loss of yourself.

May you be a wise person for the rest of your life, not trapped by love, not disturbed by others, see through, and live a beautiful life.

, good night.

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