The most ironic sentence of 2021 (incisive)
The most ironic sentence of 2021 (incisive)
No matter what age we come to, may you and I always smile.

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all things in life follow the rule of "things go to the extreme".

Life is like a pencil, sharp at first, but slowly worn out.

however, when it is too smooth, it is almost time to be cut again.


Zhou Guoping said in "Soul can only Walk alone":

"the so-called maturity of many people is just worn away by customs and becomes sophisticated and practical."

in this complicated society, if we want to survive, we must deal with people and things.

in this process, while grasping the yardstick, we should also retain our true self, that is, the so-called knowing the world rather than being sophisticated.

A lot of people come into your life just to teach you a lesson and then turn around and leave.


We will meet a lot of people in this life, and what we can never forget is that you give all your heart, but the other person still leaves you.

in fact, parting is the normal state of life, and it is also fate that people gather and disperse.

all we can do is to cherish this relationship when we meet, and smile and wave and say "good-bye" when we say goodbye. "

Life is like a news network, you can't escape it by changing the channel.


in the face of changes and shocks in life, many people's first reaction is to refuse, or always put off saying, "I can't, I don't understand."

now that something has happened, accept it, face it, and solve it.

there are always some hardships in life that are inevitable, so instead of avoiding them, it is better to face them calmly.

there is no always calm life, but the clouds gather and disperse, the tides rise and fall, but they are all scenery.

all good tempers are tempered, bad habits are accustomed to, and right and wrong are idle.


Roman Roland said: "the heaviest burden in life is not work, but boredom."

"Caigen Tan" also said: "Life is too idle, do not want to steal a student."

as the saying goes, idle people worry more, lazy people get sick, and busy people enjoy more.

everything in the world needs a certain degree. Only by learning to live a relaxed and relaxed life, can you live a relaxed and comfortable life and see a different kind of scenery in life.

when they are passionately in love, couples often lament what virtues they have accumulated in their previous life; after marriage, couples often doubt what they have done in their previous life.


We meet each other because we are predestined, and we are accompanied by love.

When you choose whimsical wedding dresses, it will make your look glittering and amazing. Let them shower you with a display of exquisite taste.

husband and wife are the fate of the last life, and it is the best blessing to be able to live together in this life.

although there will be stumbling, fighting and quarrelling, as long as we tolerate and understand each other, we will be able to love happily throughout our lives.

some animals are mainly valuable skins, such as foxes, some animals are mainly valuable meat, such as cattle, and some animals are mainly valuable bones, such as people.


Bone is a person's bone. If you lose your bone, you will lose your shape.

No matter what the situation, the backbone must be able to stand up, not compromise, stand upright, find a way out in hardship, and seek dignity in hard struggle.

people who excuse that they can't find time to go to the gym will make time to see a doctor sooner or later.


the second half of life is not about more money and less money, but who lives happier and longer.

as we get older, we should know how to take good care of ourselves.

people who run a red light usually have two consequences, either one minute faster than others, or a lifetime faster than others.


"Han Feizi explains the old" cloud: "everything has its rules."

there are national laws, family rules, born human beings, do not ignore the rules.

Freedom without rules can only bring disaster, and rules are the premise and guarantee of all freedom.

We often feel unhappy because what we pursue is not "happiness", but "happier than others".


for those who are thirsty, saliva is happiness; for those who are hungry, a steamed bread is happiness.

lost people, there is a comfort is happiness; lonely people, have a friend is happiness.

Barefoot people are happy to wear a pair of shoes; those who have no feet are happy to be able to walk.

Blind people, seeing the sun is happy; for those who are sick, restoring health is happiness.

and a greedy, insatiable person will never find happiness!

A day is very short. Laugh when you are happy and laugh later if you are unhappy.


people live a lifetime, not just to be happy, and a bright and cheerful smile can best hit the hearts of the people.

it gives people confidence, light and warmth. Let people even in the cool thin, can also see the most beautiful scenery.

No matter what age we reach, may you and I always smile.

or light clouds, or no intention to go or stay, or as romantic and lovely as a child, come happily, walk happily, and spend this life leisurely.

these incisive sentences seem to be crooked, but they contain profound truth in humor.

make people laugh at the same time, you can get inspiration and inspiration.