The new Wechat function comes online: all relationships fade slowly.
The new Wechat function comes online: all relationships fade slowly.
I'm glad you could come. I'm not sorry you left.

an uncle

the friendship of adults is lost all the way.

I don't know when those who used to be good friends disappear into the crowd quietly.

No matter how much I miss it, there is no turning back.

Open the address book, there are only cold numbers and quiet chat boxes, and you can no longer find anyone to talk to.

at a certain age, drifting away has become the norm of life.

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feelings keep losing, friends keep away.

but rather than adding regret in my heart, my uncle hopes that everyone can watch the ordinary people go cool and learn to bid farewell to each other with dignity.

so, in today's

column, Uncle wants to share with you a song from Eason Chan's "Best Bad Friends".

I believe that after listening to this song, you will know more about the true meaning of letting go and cherishing.

drifting away, life is normal

A few days ago, I read about netizens @ Platycodon grandiflorum.

Kikyo has a high school deskmate who was once her best friend. The two ate and slept together and never quarreled.

after graduation, everyone will go their own way, come and go, and there will be less contact.

at that time, Wechat's new feature had just been launched, and she suddenly had a whim and wanted to take the other person's avatar.

but unexpectedly, at this time, she found that the other party had already deleted her friend unilaterally.

I have to sigh: the world is impermanent and countless people gather and disperse.

Friends who used to laugh and cry together are left with embarrassed and polite greetings when they meet again after many years.

I once said that Tian Chang Di Jiu (Eternal Dumpling) 's feelings don't exist until those days are gone and there are no books.

as in "Best Bad friend":

the old bosom friend is at the end

can't become an old friend

remembering one of the issues of Kangxi coming, someone asked Xiao S, "when do you think your friend is farthest?"

Xiao S's answer only caused saddening:

"when I saw her wearing clothes I had never seen before, she took pictures where there was no me, marking things I didn't know and commenting on people I didn't know.



Yes, admit it or not.

any emotion in the world is like two intersecting lines.

at some right moment, we meet and know each other, but once the time fades away, everyone will have their own new world and meet their own new friends.

when the time comes, you have to understand:

for some people, to say goodbye is to say goodbye. Some things, the past is the past.

even if the warmth between each other is still there, there has been a long river of years, full of ups and downs, no one can overcome.

when the distance is far away, the heart will fade

Eason Chan sings in "Best Bad Friends"

ask me if I have it and I don't have it

the excuse to avoid all the time is not a feud

in fact, most of the time, good friends are drifting away, which is because of any grudges?

people come to different worlds and have different lives. Because of the sentence "being pushed to follow the flow of life", the two people who were so close at first came to the end of going their separate ways.

in fact, no one can blame each other in the end, but when the distance is far away, the heart will fade away.

before watching "Please refrigerator", there was a scene that was very touching.

Chen Qiaoen, unusually, said frankly in the program: "Xie Na is no longer my best friend."

when Chen Qiaoen and Xie Na met in Weiwei, they were originally a pair of famous best friends in the entertainment industry.

when she is sad, she sings KTV with her all night; when she is happy, she plays with her and laughs with her.

No matter how good a friend is, he can't stand the ruthlessness of time. There is always a time when feelings fade.

it turns out that since becoming a mother, Xie Na has focused all her thoughts on her family and children.

they see each other less and less, and even if they rarely find time to hang out together, Xie Na will say that she wants to go home as soon as possible.

Chen Qiaoen understands this, but he is inevitably lost in his heart.

Life is a pocket that can only hold a certain number of things.

sometimes two people walk around, and with their different fates, the people around them are bound to change.

one does not ask, one does not say, the intersection fades, and then it breaks up.

there is a realistic plot in the bankrupt Sisters.

Max takes in the homeless Caroline, but Caroline will leave one day.

before moving, Caroline promised that they would be good friends for life.

but Max's answer is very sad:

"in the first week after separation, we may still find time to have a cup of coffee every weekend. After a few weeks, there are other things you don't come, and I have things that don't come. And then for the next 60 years, we won't see each other again. "

the good things in the world are not strong, and the colored clouds are easy to disperse and the glass is brittle.

Adult friendship is a fragile thing, and once you lose the support of intimate distance, it is easy to break to pieces.

this is a cruel thing.

smile at parting and let go respectfully

in the first week after separation, we may still squeeze out time, and we will meet 29.2 million in our lifetime.People, but the chance of knowing each other is less than 0.000049.

you know, companionship is only accidental, parting is the norm.

there is no banquet that never ends. For those old friends who are drifting away, it is best to keep it, but forget it.

learn to laugh at parting and let go respectfully, so that each person will go his own way and find his own direction.

have heard such a short story:

once upon a time there were two eggs that were known when they were not broken. They get along well with each other and are good friends who say everything.

but one day, they come out one after another.

one, became a crocodile, one, became a bird.

Flying birds bring their favorite bugs and want to share them with crocodiles, but that's not the taste of crocodiles at all.

even though the hearts are still connected, for a long time, they lose their common hobbies and experiences, and only the good memories of the past support their feelings.

they can't keep up with each other, so they have no choice but to go their separate ways.

the crocodile said, "I wish you a clear sky forever."

the bird replied, "May you ride the wind and waves forever."

although their lives no longer intersect, they are still deeply grateful to each other and have spent the best time with them.

as the song says:

actually stepped into my universe

even if you get along with a crack

fate decides that we can never get together again

but it used to be so thick

in life, things go wrong, and no one can resist parting.

there are always some people who will pass by your life, accompany you through a short journey, and become a part of your character.

but it doesn't matter, whether the ending is good or bad, as long as you cherish the present time and open your heart to each other wholeheartedly, there is nothing to regret.

this is the end of my life. In the face of parting, say to him:

I'm glad you could come. I'm not sorry you left.

an uncle

this is the end of today's music sharing. Thank you for listening.

it is the weekend of the week again. I hope that after listening to this song, you can calmly face the weakening relationship and cherish meeting, laughing and saying goodbye.

you are also welcome to share your favorite songs or lyrics that have moved you with your uncle in the message area.

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