The nobility in the bones (good text in depth)
The nobility in the bones (good text in depth)
Being considerate is not only a kind of kindness, but also a kind of self-cultivation.

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nobility is not the elegance and calmness revealed from a person's bones, rather than wearing such gorgeous clothes and attending such a grand party.

the nobility can be summed up in the words of the writer Liang Xiaosheng:

self-cultivation rooted in the heart; self-consciousness without reminding; kindness for the sake of others.

cultivation rooted in the heart

self-cultivation is the accumulation of a person's heart over the years, and it is reflected in all aspects of everyone's words and deeds.

the ancients used to praise those with self-cultivation as gentlemen:

"A gentleman with bandits is like learning from each other and polishing like grinding."

A gentleman is as gentle as jade, elegant and cultured.

A person's nobility never depends on how much wealth he has or what high position he is in, but on his inner self-cultivation and leisurely manner.

Mr. Ye Shengtao, a famous educator, once gave his children such an example:

A father asked his child to pass him a pen. His child handed it over casually, and the pen was in his father's hand.

Tao Xingzhi teaches children that self-cultivation is reflected in these details. From these small places, one can see a person's self-cultivation.

the true nobility depends on a person's demeanor and temperament, and it is the embodiment of a person's mind and ideological realm.

although it may be congenital heredity, it is more likely to be acquired.

it cannot be done overnight, nor can it be done overnight.

this kind of upbringing may be that they are willing to squat down to wash their parents' feet; it may be that they are not flattering to the top or being harsh on the bottom; it may be decent and dignified, being kind to others, and so on.

A person worthy of respect, his self-cultivation is reflected in this bit.

self-awareness without reminding

A truly noble person, his self-cultivation has become a part of daily life, even if no one reminds him, he will perform it consciously.

Yan Shu, a famous writer in the Northern Song Dynasty, was known as a "child prodigy" at the age of 14.

in the imperial examination, the final examination questions were written by him and were instructed by many famous teachers.

if this test is successful, he will rise to the top and have a bright future.

but he asked the examiner to give another question and tell the truth that he had practiced.

when the emperor knew about this, he came up with a more difficult question to test him, and he lived up to expectations.

A truly noble person, his self-cultivation and character are deeply engraved in his bones, even if there is no one to supervise and inspect, he will always be strict with himself.

the ancients said, "A gentleman must be careful of being alone."

means that a gentleman is more cautious and self-disciplined when he is alone.

caution alone is a reflection on the value of life and a self-requirement for a pure soul.

caution alone is a wake-up call to ourselves, there will be no harvest in the days of publicity, and the noble soul comes from the requirements of ourselves.

there is no need to remind the supervisor that he can still exercise self-discipline and introspection. This is the self-cultivation and temperament one should have, and this is the noble quality worthy of respect.

considerate kindness

as the old saying goes:

"to seek personnel is like one's own business, and one's afterthought is examined; to seek one's own affairs is like personnel, and then it is clear to see it."

means to treat other things as thoughtfully as your own, to be careful about other people's affairs, and not to be perfunctory just because it has nothing to do with yourself.

being considerate is not only a kind of kindness, but also a kind of self-cultivation.

Cheng Tang was the monarch of the Shang Dynasty, and his bearing and self-cultivation has always been praised.

he is good at thinking about others, even birds and animals.

when he saw the hunter hunting, he couldn't bear it, so he let the hunter's net remove three sides, leaving only one side, and said, "only those who deserve to die, come into my net."

Cheng Tang cherishes life in the world, not only for human beings, but also for themselves and others to care about every fresh life and benevolence for every life.

the kindness of being considerate is reflected in life.

many people understand the truth, but what can be done is rare.

most of the time, we are used to thinking about problems from our own point of view, while neglecting others.

when we drive, we hate pedestrians on the road, and when we walk, we hate drivers.

as employees, we feel that the boss only pursues interests, we become bosses, and we feel that employees have no sense of responsibility.

always think about things in their own position, everything is not going well with people and things. If you look at it from another angle, you will find that there are surprises in life.

the weakness of Human Nature says:

"people who think only for themselves are hopeless. They are uneducated people, no matter what education they have received."

knowing how to think of others is like putting a spring in your heart. No matter where you go, others will feel the breeze blowing on your face, which is quite warm.

so-called nobility has nothing to do with class or wealth.

it is more about compassion for all things and a sympathetic attitude towards personnel.

it is self-cultivation rooted in the heart, self-consciousness without reminding, and kindness for the sake of others.

it is reflected in all aspects of life, reflecting the sparkle and gloom of human nature through details.

it goes deep into the bone marrow and melts into the blood.

it is both temperament and pattern.

May we all become cultured people and have noble souls.

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