The person who has the utmost self-discipline is the scariest.
The person who has the utmost self-discipline is the scariest.
The process of self-discipline is difficult, but the life of self-discipline is beautiful in the end.





what is self-discipline?

the word is particularly fond of on the Internet, and there are a variety of interpretations of it.

in fact, the meaning of self-discipline is very simple, that is, be a little harder to yourself, and then your life will be a little higher, a little higher.

self-discipline is bitter, but it is also worth it, because those who have self-discipline to the extreme have an open-hanging life.

so, don't stop, keep running, it will be dawn and the rain will stop.

the biggest gap between people is self-discipline

people are equal, but there are differences.

people encounter many opportunities in this life, and everyone wants to win the opportunity to stand out, or to maintain the lead, or to overtake around the corner.

but in the face of opportunity, how to do is far more important than how to say.

the way to accelerate life faster than others is both common and rare, which is the ability to exercise self-discipline.

A professor once did such an experiment:

he found 30 children aged 7 to 12 and locked them in a classroom.

there are candies on the table in the classroom. The professor told the children that he had something to go out and that he would come back in two hours to eat with them.

after the professor left, several children could not contain themselves and went over to pick up the food and eat it with relish.

, other children came to eat one after another, and two hours had not arrived, and only a few children in the classroom had not touched the candy yet.

30 years later, those who ate immediately after the professor left generally lived in poverty. They were arrogant and regarded as stubborn, jealous and easily frustrated in the eyes of others.

while most of those who eat in nearly two hours earn better, and they have better social skills, stronger social competitiveness and reliability;

and the one who never left his seat started his own company with an annual income of millions.

in life, most of us are performing passively, pushing and walking, or even pushing, without any subjective initiative.

but self-disciplined people are very conscious, as long as they make good rules and agree on things, they will meticulously finish them according to quality and quantity.

therefore, for most people, the gap between the successful and the successful does not lie in the disparity between fame and wealth, but in the ability to execute.

when you have your own goal and work toward it consciously, success is just around the corner.

the more self-discipline, the more freedom

Freedom does not mean indulgence, but the ability to restrain yourself.

there is a question on Zhihu: "what is your deepest misunderstanding?"

the answer with the highest likes is

thought that freedom means doing what you want to do, but only later found that those who discipline themselves will have freedom.

self-control is a rare quality of a person. if you lose the guiding role of self-control, you will eventually destroy yourself because you can't control your behavior.

on the other hand, if you are a person who can really control yourself, then you will have a correct understanding of the world because you have good control over your behavior.

Google has a senior engineer named Matt Katz.

he made a 30-day change plan for himself, doing something he couldn't stick to every day. For example:

Guaranteed quality, low price, fast shipping and great customer service, not enough for merely a red and white wedding dresses? We are here to help you look glamorous.

go to work by bike every day, walk 10000 steps a day, take a picture every day, and write a 50, 000-word novel.

No TV, no candy, no Twitter, no caffeine.

it can be said that this plan is full of challenges, and those who do not have self-discipline will not be able to finish it.

but Matt stuck it out.

30 days later, the fat otaku engineer disappeared. He began to like to ride a bike to work from the bottom of his heart, and even completed a hike on Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa's highest peak.

Western philosopher Kant believes that

"True freedom is not self-control, but self-control, and self-discipline is freedom."

if you indulge in pleasure and do whatever you want, you will be free for a while, but you will lose your self-control.

and when you achieve the extreme of self-discipline, you will understand that your cruelty and persistence to yourself is the greatest treasure on the road of life.

the process of self-discipline is difficult, but the life of self-discipline is beautiful in the end.

those who discipline themselves are outstanding, while those who are lazy are out

A person, the more self-discipline, the better.

as the saying goes:

"No effort, no gain". The more you work hard, the more you will naturally gain.

without self-discipline, any achievement you dream of is nothing but paper talk.

adults can only be ruthless to themselves and let themselves suffer, otherwise the world will never show mercy for you.

as we all know, Kobe Bryant is a basketball legend. In his 20-year career, Kobe Bryant has won numerous awards and set many historical records.

there are numerous young people engaged in basketball, but only a small number of people can enter the NBA to become superstars, and there are only a handful of successful people like Kobe Bryant.

A reporter once asked Bryant: "Why are you so successful? "

Bryant asked, "have you ever seen Los Angeles at 4: 00 in the morning?"

the reporter shook his head and said he didn't know.

Kobe scratched his head and said:

"every day Los Angeles is still in the dark at four o'clock in the morning, so I get up and walk on the dark streets of Los Angeles.

A day has passed, the darkness of Los Angeles has not changed at all; two days have passed, and the darkness has not changed at all.

more than a decade later, the darkness of four o'clock in the morning on the streets of Los Angeles has not changed, but I have become an athlete with strong muscles, stamina, strength, and a high shooting percentage. "

there is a good saying:

"your self-discipline will one day become the road under your feet, and the laziness that has been stolen will naturally become a pit in the road."

Why are self-disciplined people always envied?

because he has done what ordinary people cannot do, and has become everyone's ideal state.

is the so-called Heavenly way to reward hard work, we must believe that all the persistence in the world will eventually have a flowery result.

therefore, a successful life is nothing but self-discipline.

on the stage of life, we are the protagonists of our own destiny.

May we all have enough self-control to make our own lives our own decisions.



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