The person who is self-disciplined to the extreme is the most terrible.
The person who is self-disciplined to the extreme is the most terrible.
The only shortcut in life is to measure it with the pace of self-discipline.


has always been fond of reading a book a week. I'm glad to have a tree hole where I can tell stories. I hope I can get my uncle's guidance.

I am a typical three-minute enthusiasm. I can't do anything for a few days.

shouted about losing weight all day, but backed out after going to the gym several times.

all the fees for examination and registration have been paid, but I can't calm down and learn.

I feel decadent and can't do anything. I don't want to close my eyes when I play with my cell phone in bed at night.

also want to change themselves, want to keep working hard, but in a few days will be beaten back to the original, what should be done?

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the heat of doing things for three minutes is probably a state that everyone has!

I always feel that life is too short and should have fun in time, so I shouted, "if you get drunk today, people will not be flirtatious."

but gradually found that although indulgence is noisy and enthusiastic, but staying alone in the dark for too long will inevitably breed inertia.


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Life is like a hard journey. Sometimes it is not IQ but self-discipline that determines how far we can go.

do not indulge, do not slack off, maintain self-discipline can make people live a higher life.


those who discipline themselves are outstanding

I went on a business trip to my friend's city and made an appointment in my spare time.

I didn't expect to see her for a year. Not only did she lose weight, but her mental state was much better than before.

I remember that when I saw her last year, she was busy leaving her job, looking for a house to move, and adapting to the new environment.

the whole person looks very bad, and his forehead is covered with acne.

it turns out that during that time, friends fell into self-doubt. With a broken state of mind, she often wept silently in the middle of the night.

so she interviewed during the day, went jogging for an hour in the evening, took a hot bath when she came back, and began to prepare for the certificates she needed for her job.

"I also thought about being lazy and giving up, but luckily I stuck to it."

now, she has got her professional certificate and moved into the company she has always wanted to join.

but my habit of running every day remains the same, and I still take an hour to recharge myself every night.

think of a passage by the writer Wang Xin:

"the slow life that you see is cozy, leisurely, unfettered, and free from money, is actually a reward for self-discipline, a sweet moment in life, not all daily life."

it is true that no one is born better than ordinary people. What you see is just a belated gift from the years.

think of a classic story:

the mussel farmers wanted to cultivate a pearl and consulted a lot of sand, but all of them refused.

only a small grain of sand walked bravely towards the clam shell in the midst of mockery.

later, it turned into a beautiful pearl, and much of the sand left in place has turned to dust.

few people grasp the future, so there are always people who repent.

so don't let your best self down easily at the best age.

when you start to change every sentence "I won't" to "I can learn" and "I can't" to "I'll try", then you will make progress.

after all, trying is better than never daring to start.

how self-disciplined a person is, his life is as good as it is, and his life is as free as he can be.

if you discipline yourself, you can stand out.


those who do not discipline themselves are out

in Krylov's Fables, there is a story about a horse and a jockey.

is about a jockey who trained a good horse. He thought it superfluous to add reins to such a horse.

so one day, when he was riding out, he took off the reins.

without bondage, the horse galloped happily in the field and became bolder and bolder. as a result, the jockey fell off the horse's back and made his face black and blue.

the out-of-control horse still rushed forward, could not tell any direction, and finally rushed down the valley and fell to pieces.

isn't a small rein a spirit of self-discipline?

A runaway horse will die miserably because he loses his way; a life without self-discipline will be eliminated because he is out of control.

when I went back to my hometown a few days ago, I met a young man I hadn't seen for a long time. Once a teenager, he was also burdened with a bit of greasy.

when he was idle at work, he began to hang out in various meaningless dinners.

lie down after eating, don't bother to exercise, and stay up late without control, which makes your body sound the alarm.

"I always think that people have to do whatever they want to live. In the past few years, they have lived a very chic life, that is, they have to clean up the mess after being chic."

I listened, but I had mixed feelings in my heart.

when he was supposed to improve himself, he chose comfort and pleasure, and now he naturally runs up against a brick wall when he wants to find a satisfactory job.

tubeIf you don't keep your mouth shut, you can't open your legs, eat and drink without restraint, make your own body, and your health will naturally go from bad to worse.

on the one hand, he is anxious about the status quo and hates his lack of pride, but on the other hand, he is willing to be mediocre and has no intention of changing himself.

because of the temporary relaxation and happiness, it has left an irreparable loophole for long-term happiness.

misfortune in the later stages of life often stems from inaction in the early days.

the laziness and tiredness that you steal on the road of self-discipline will become pits that hinder you when you walk in the future.

therefore, do not let yourself fall into the quagmire of comfort, because over time, it will slowly engulf you.

what awaits you in the future can only be out.


between self-discipline and non-discipline,

the bad thing is the whole life

there is a question on Zhihu: "what is the difference between self-discipline and non-self-discipline?"

some people say, "if you come back ten or twenty years later, everything is the answer."

in fact, it will take less than a few decades, and a life of self-discipline and undiscipline can be seen in a few months.

not long ago, a report on leisure and entertainment under the influence of the epidemic showed that 81.52% of users had the habit of exercising during the epidemic, and 64.56% of users chose to exercise at home.

the epidemic prolongs the holiday, but self-discipline widens the gap in people's lives.

when you do nothing all day and play games on your mobile phone, there are always people reading, practicing calligraphy and doing sports.

when you go to the gym just to clock in and take pictures, there are always people sweating on the treadmill day after day;

when you stay up late and play crazy, there is always someone who keeps a regular schedule and exquisite skin care.

remembering that when I first got back to work, a joke was popular on the Internet:

"I didn't expect that on my first day back to work, sitting in front of the computer, I couldn't remember the boot password and almost forgot what I did."

it just sounds interesting at first, but then I think that the quickest way to get rid of a person is to keep him idle.

people all say that "blessed are idle people", but they do not realize that "leisure" is the root cause of getting themselves into a quagmire.

Matsushita Konosuke said: "the pinnacle of achievement comes from self-discipline."

there is no excellent for no reason, behind it is often countless days and nights of persistence and pay.

only when a person is "ruthless" enough to himself can he develop enough ability to control his own life.

on the contrary, an undisciplined life, like a warm-boiled frog, will gradually wear away your will.

when you want to jump out of your comfort zone, you find that you have already lost the bouncing ability to break free.

you and I are both mortal, those talents, to put it bluntly, are nothing but self-discipline.

so, people, the harder they are, the luckier they are, and the more self-discipline they are, the more successful they are.

once you break through the shackles of your comfortable soul, you will usher in the willows and flowers.

the only shortcut in life is to measure it with the pace of self-discipline.

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