The power to calm down (good text in depth)
The power to calm down (good text in depth)
Really mature people, in fact, have mastered the mystery of "stillness".

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when practicing yoga, there is a deep technique called meditation.

usually means that the practitioner is in a quiet environment, free from external interference, with a comfortable posture, remains stable for a long time, and enters a state of meditation.

the ultimate goal is to calm people down, avoid the troubles of the world, forget material desires, and achieve liberation.

Zhou Guoping said: "the best realm of life is rich and quiet."

No matter how noisy the world is, when you can be silent for a moment, you will have thousands of powers.

being quiet but not arguing is a kind of open-minded

I once saw a description of the "wise man" in a book.

it says:

"A great wise man often looks stupid. Their hearts are like mirrors, but their performance is very confused.

they will not easily say what other people think, will not rob what they want, will not be discerning about their own words and deeds, and will not compete with each other in everything.

but they live comfortably. "

Mr. Ye Jiaying, who won the Lifetime Achievement Award of the influence World Chinese Award, is such a person who does not like disputes.

in May last year, Mr. Ye, 95, donated another 17.11 million yuan to Nankai University to study Chinese classical culture.

over the past few years, she has donated more than 30 million yuan. To her, money is already something outside her body.

she does not need much fame, nor is she willing to fight for practical interests, let alone worry about gains and losses, as long as poetry is long in her heart.

when Mr. Ye, who is now in his nineties, mentions his ups and downs in life, he is always at peace, and he seems to have been relieved of some of the shackles of life.

"one cup of food, one ladle of drink, living in a bad alley." It is a portrayal of her life, and her life alone can also find a clear spring from the solitude.

there was an excellent limerick written by the master university of traditional Chinese painting:

do not dispute the length is not far, light look at the fame and wealth of the world wide.

advise you not to pretend to be troublesome, and the more time goes by, the happier you will be.

when people live to a certain age, they will understand the sentence: "time goes down the river and life goes against the current."

learn to clear your mind and find a leisurely way to deal with all the difficulties in the world.

sometimes, quitting the crowd is another way to be kind to yourself and return to peace.

as Feng Zikai said: since there is no pure land, it is better to meditate; since it is not what you want, it is better to be relieved.

No dispute is a concession to others, a relinquishment to the world, and self-fulfillment.

to be quiet but not to argue is to be bearish on gains and losses, free and easy in the world, and open-minded in all things.

quiet but not chaotic, is a kind of calm

Zeng Guofan, a famous minister in the late Qing Dynasty, was praised in many aspects of his life.

Zeng Guofan, who has been an official for many years, has always had the habit of sitting quietly for a while every day, reflecting on himself and thinking about how to be a man and do things.

whenever something happens, he will think twice before taking action.

sometimes you will burn incense and carefully consider the causes and consequences of things to find the best solution.

because of this good habit, he seldom made mistakes, and even got rid of his impatient temper when he was young.

Zeng Guofan has a famous saying, which can be called "the first essence of doing things":

everything must be dealt with peacefully and gently, and if you are in a hurry, you may make a mistake. There is nothing wrong when you are busy. Therefore, calmness and serenity is the first way to do things.

this is mostly the case in the world. People who face things with peace of mind can often avoid a lot of unnecessary mistakes.

in recent years, more and more people admire one kind of person:

when you are calm and calm in front of emergencies, you can always think of ways to deal with them all.

keep calm in the face of great events, and always be able to respond to changes with constant change.

Don't panic in front of trifles, and you can always sort out everything.

people who take things easy are very powerful and can handle all kinds of difficulties and dangers.

I wonder if you have ever heard of Texas poker?

in the game duel, if there is a slight change in the player's face, he is likely to reveal his cards and lose the whole game.

in this game, managing emotions is the key, and even the top players sometimes lose all their wealth because of a little panic.

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the final winners in the game must be those who "have a thunderous chest and face like Pinghu", and so are the winners in life.

Su Shi said: "if a gentleman takes far away, he must be treated, and if he is big, he must bear it."

Don't worry, give yourself some time, give your soul some space, and make progress in the midst of stability.

quiet but not chaotic, leaving the wisdom to deal with the world, there will be calm, natural and natural.

being quiet but not speaking is a kind of spiritual practice

there is a saying in "Silent majority" that is quite true:

"one of the main reasons why I choose silence: you seldom learn human nature from words, but you can learn from silence.

if you want to learn more, you must remain silent. "

when people reach middle age, they give up complaining and noise, and many people change their lives to "silent mode".

A few days agoThe conversation in a variety show sparked a heated discussion.

the host asked actress Yang Mi, "are you not very good at telling others about your hard work?"

Yang Mi pointed downstairs and replied:

"if you go down and have a look, everyone is working hard.

do you think the delivery man is not hard? Isn't it hard for him to go out and blanch ribs for us just now? Isn't it hard for the staff to squat on this half-day manuscript?

so why do you want others to understand your hard work, because everyone works hard. "

this is true, as there is a saying: "if you experience too few setbacks, you will feel that trifles are troubles."

the older you are, the less you want to complain about your difficulties to others, and you don't want to talk about unnecessary little things.

Silence, because no longer care, with an ordinary heart, quietly watching the flowers bloom and fall.

the past will eventually become a thing of the past. Instead of worrying about it and telling it everywhere, it is better to be at heart and laugh at everything.

the depth of the water is silent, and a man is silent.

No explanation is the best explanation; no argument is the most powerful force.

as the Japanese writer Yukio Mishima wrote: exquisite silence is above everything else.

be silent, give yourself a chance to precipitate and give life time to take root.

quiet but silent, life needs to practice silently in order to reach the highest level.

I like a paragraph written by Yu Qiuyu in Shan Ju's Notes:

"maturity is a kind of calm that no longer needs to observe others, an atmosphere that finally stops appealing to the surroundings, and a smile that ignores the hustle and bustle.

A kind of extreme indifference, a kind of thick without sound, a kind of height that can see far but not steep. "

people who are really mature have actually mastered the mystery of "stillness".

quiet to cultivate the body, quiet to nourish the mind, peace of mind, and live steadily between heaven and earth.

find a quiet place for the rest of my life, keep a meditation, and wait for a flower to bloom in the silent years.

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