The second half of life is about health.
The second half of life is about health.
All the work in the world is physical.


some time ago, a comparative photo of Han Han circulated on the Internet.

after not showing up for a long time, he has become a fitness expert.

finished running 5 kilometers in 18 minutes, which is equivalent to the level of national third-class athletes.

after rummaging through his Weibo, I realized that the reason for such a change was that his body could no longer bear it.

continuous film work and daily pressure made him suddenly begin to lose weight, and in just a few months, he lost more than 40 jin.

his body sounded the alarm at him, and Han Han was so frightened that he could only pick up the sport of running again and start exercising.

how much does it cost us to recognize the meaning of living?

Don't wait until you get sick and your body can't help warning us to realize that we have been so ashamed of our bodies along the way.

nothing in the world is more important than health. If you lose your life, you really have nothing left.

Youth is not capital, health is

think of an Arabic maxim:

"there are two things that are lost before their value, youth and health."

but youth is gone, vitality is gone, wisdom is gone, grace is gone. If you lose your health, even if you are still young, what is the use of being young to you, what is the use of wealth to you, and what is the use of time to you. "

Yes, life is so fragile in the face of illness and death, what's the use of being young?

Li Jiaqi, 28, is the first brother with goods in the live broadcast industry.

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anyone who knows him well knows that he is a "desperate Saburo", setting a record of 389 live broadcasts for 365 days a year.

however, just a few days ago, Li Jiaqi, who was supposed to be broadcast on time, suddenly stood up.

because his body is really unbearable, he, who has always been dedicated, was unable to broadcast live for two days in a row.

stay up late until the wee hours of the morning every day for three years without a rest, constantly talking caused him to suffer from severe bronchitis, every day to carry a spray, put beside "help".

working in black and white for such a long time is undoubtedly a serious overdraft on the body and spirit.

how many people, like Li Jiaqi, feel young, so they should work hard and make money desperately.

it's just that some people take it as their wings and pick higher stars, but more people we can't see fall on the road of chasing dreams:

A R & D worker died suddenly in his sleep for 48 hours;

an editor-in-chief suddenly fainted on the subway platform and died unfortunately.

an engineer died of overload after working continuously for 34 hours.


once upon a time, we thought death was a very distant thing.

but when things really happen around you, you find that life is so fragile that you never know which comes first, tomorrow or accident.

try your best to do your job, but don't sell your health for the rest.

money, it is possible to make a profit after spending it; if you are frustrated in the workplace, you may make a comeback; but if you break down, you can only repent.

losing health means everything goes back to zero

have seen such a story:

there is a depressed young man who complains about his poor life and the injustice of society to him. Many people hide when they see him.

he was puzzled, so he went to the master for advice, but complained to the master as always.

after listening to this, the master meditated for a moment and said, "I'll give you a chance to get rich. Do you want it?"

the young man nodded excitedly and said yes.

the master said, "I'll give you 120 gold in exchange for your hands. Will you change them?"

the young man looked at the master in surprise and quickly shook his head and refused.

the master continued to ask, "is the price low?" What if I give you 12000 gold to return your hands and feet? "

the young man couldn't help saying, "No matter how much you pay, I won't sell it."

Master smiled and said, "that's right. Do you still think you are poor?" You have something more valuable than 12000 gold. "

indeed, the body is the capital of everything.

once you lose your health, why talk about splendor, wealth and fame?

but unfortunately, there are always people who don't understand.

Last year, there was a short film that went viral all over the net. in less than five minutes, it poked the hearts of many viewers.

every scene in the video is based on real life experience.

the protagonist of the story talks about health preservation, but his body is "committing suicide": staying up the longest night, wearing the most expensive mask; having a cup of health tea after eating junk food; never going downstairs for a run, but holding a bunch of fitness cards.

this kind of self-deceiving "health preservation" does not do any good except to bring people a little psychological comfort.

think carefully about movies, games or singing, it is nothing more than sensory enjoyment, after that moment, it is a cloud.

the only thing that steps on the ground is your healthy body.

Health is a responsibility when one reaches middle age

everyone is equal in the face of birth, old age, sickness and death.

yesterday it was him, today it is her, and I don't know who it will fall on tomorrow.

for outsiders, this is a few days at most.The topic will soon be forgotten, but for loved ones, it is a pain that is difficult to heal in a lifetime.

Last week, I attended a colleague's funeral and came back in low spirits.

my colleague was just over 30, and he was supposed to be in the prime of life, but it was only during the medical examination that he was found to be terminal cancer and died in a hurry in less than a year.

when his mother heard the news, she fainted on the spot and was taken to hospital.

the wife also cried so much that she was heartbroken, leaving a young daughter crying for her father, which made people look really uncomfortable.

when people reach middle age, they will gradually understand that a person's body belongs not only to himself, but also to his family.

if the body collapses and the disease is plagued by illness, it is not only painful for oneself, but also brings mental and material burden to the family.

do you remember a classic line from the movie "I'm not the God of Medicine"?

"40,000 a bottle. I've been sick for three years and ate for three years. In order to buy medicine, my house has been gone and my family has been dragged down. Who doesn't have a patient? can you guarantee that you won't get sick for the rest of your life? I don't want to die. I want to live. "

having not experienced life or death, we all take health for granted.

it was not until we unfortunately saw the impermanence of life that we found that the decency we managed to maintain was vulnerable to illness.

everyone, old and young, should understand that only family members will pay for your health.

for your family, they don't care what you've achieved or how much money you earn, they just want you to be healthy for the rest of your life.

you must cherish yourself so much that you can protect all those who love you and those you love.

even if you have thousands of helplessness and all kinds of pressure, don't exhaust your body no matter how difficult it is.

set aside a little space in the full itinerary and put health first, if not for yourself, for the sake of your concerned family.

A lifetime is not long, learn to surrender to the body

Life is like a marathon.

maybe when we were young, we were all the same and had enough stamina to pursue everything we wanted.

but it is only in the second half of life that the gap between people really opens.

the more good you are at conserving your strength, the more you can hold on until you cross the finish line.

for example, the writer Bing Xin, known as the "old man of the century", paid special attention to her health because she was in poor health when she was a child.

she loves sports, walks, and often climbs mountains and wades. Even in old age, keep exercising your head, waist and limbs after getting up in the morning and before going to bed.

at the age of 85, Bing Xin was still writing her long memoirs.

it is only when an octogenarian has a healthy body that he has the spare power to put his words into practice.

all the work and life in the world, in the end, is physical strength.

Health is the foundation of realizing all the possibilities of life. Without health, the beauty of life is in vain.

keep exuberant energy and sufficient physical strength so that you can continue to chase towards the light.

the world is great, and the health is the best. In your limited life, don't rush to race against time, rest when you are tired, rest when you are sleepy, eat more fruits and vegetables, and adjust your state of mind.

only learning to "surrender" to the body and paying attention to one's own health is the best way to achieve it.

encourage each other!