The story of half a bucket of water (good text in depth)
The story of half a bucket of water (good text in depth)
If you are dissatisfied with your life, you will be perfect.

one day, the old monk gave each of them two buckets and asked two disciples to go down the mountain to carry water.

but when he came back in the evening, a disciple was dejected and there was no water left in the bucket.

it turned out that in order to pick up more water, he filled the bucket full, but halfway there, he fell down because the water was too heavy.

but another disciple wandered around and picked back two and a half buckets of water to complete the task entrusted by master.

A bucket of water will spill if it is too full;

half a bucket of water, only half safe and sound.

in fact, this is also the wisdom of dealing with the world.

Don't fill things up too much, don't do too much. Leave some leeway, leave some space, life can be complete.


you don't have to talk too much

there are some people in life who like to pat on the chest and talk about things when things happen:

"Don't worry, leave it to me!"

"I promise there will be no problem."

"I can definitely handle this."

as everyone knows, there are accidents in everything, and nothing is absolute.

anyone can say bold words, but whether it can really be done or not is another matter.

once there was a famous salesman who proclaimed brazenly that this set of books could solve all the problems raised by children in order to sell his Encyclopedia for Children.

in order to prove his story, he said to a child:

"Little friend, ask me any question and see how I can find the answer you want from the book."

unexpectedly, the child asked him, "what brand of car does God ride?"

the salesman was speechless on the spot and blushed to the root of his neck.

in fact, most of the time, like this salesman, what we swear to say may be just thoughtless words.

the speaker is unintentional, the listener is intentional, and others have already made it clear.

by then, if you fail to keep your promise, your reputation will only be greatly compromised.

Laozi once said, "credulity means oligopoly." That's what we're talking about.

people who speak too fully often find it difficult to gain the trust of others.

if you keep boasting, you will only put yourself in an awkward position.

have you heard the story of spear and shield?

there was a businessman in the State of Chu who sold spears and shields at the same time.

he boasts that his spear is invincible and that anything strong can be worn through.

boast that his shield is so strong that nothing sharp can penetrate it.

at this point, someone asked, "what will happen if you pierce your shield with your spear?"

can't help but make people smile.

you know, if you say too much, you will either brag or lie.

No one can guarantee that his own guarantee will be realized.

so, before you speak, please take some time to think carefully.

when speaking, don't say anything, leave some leeway.

if this bucket of water is too full, it will only overflow and wet your clothes.

grasp the yardstick and discretion of speaking, if you have it, you can have the room to take a step back and let yourself advance and retreat freely.


feelings don't have to be too full

once people fall in love, they are always full of love.

I wish I could hold out my heart and take out my lungs so that the other party could see it clearly.

Yes, it's right to love someone, but if you love someone too much, you will only be tortured.

Li Mo-Yu, written by Jin Yong, has been trapped by love all his life.

when she met Lu Zhanyuan when she was young, she fell in love at first sight and wanted to give all she had and give all her feelings to each other.

but what she got was an unbearable betrayal. Lu Zhanyuan got married, but the bride was not her.

since then, Li Mo's love has turned into hatred, and his feelings have become resentment.

she also changed from a light and smart girl to a resentful woman full of hatred.

if the water is too full, it will overflow, and if the bow is too full, it will break. If the relationship is too full, it is bound to be broken.

I have a friend Lin Lin who is also very affectionate.

after she married her husband, Hwa, she quit her job and devoted herself to her family.

not only do all the housework, but also the husbands are gentle and considerate and often prepare small gifts.

but what about Hwa? Every day after I get home from work, I just bury my head in my cell phone and don't even want to look at her.

day after day, Lin Lin was discouraged: "Why are you still so indifferent when I have done so many things?"

unexpectedly, Hua replied, "I didn't ask you to do these things either!"

all you give is, in his opinion, just fatigue and encumbrance.

make people feel cold?

if you love too much, you will only make yourself black and blue.

so, no matter how much you love someone, learn to stop.

if you give him five points for this bucket of water, please keep the remaining five points for yourself.


people don't have to be too full

there is a saying in Caigen Tan:

"A gentleman would rather live in everything than in want."

means that for a gentleman, it is better to lack a little in daily life than to be too perfect.

the human heart is nothing but a slap, so why covet so much?

in many cases, the more full your heart is, the more likely you are to be unhappy.

I have heard such a story:

once there was a bartender. Once, she took in a fairy and came to be a guest at home.

the fairy drank a lot of wine, but had no money to pay the bill.

on a whim, the fairy dug a well for the wine seller, and the well was full of good wine. The bartender made a fortune as a result.

after a long time, the fairy came to visit again. Unexpectedly, the bartender still looked sad.

it turns out that although the wine seller has good wine, she still complains that there is no wine trough to feed pigs.

the fairy left in a huff. From then on, there was no more wine from that well.

A lot of people in life are like this:

with one, I want two, I have one or two, and I want three or four.

greed is human nature. But you should know that if the heart is too full, you will only let yourself lose.

I remember playing go with my father when I was a child.

at that time, I was not sensible. I always liked to chase and intercept, aiming to eat more pieces, but in the end, I always lost and he won.

later, my father told me: when playing chess, you should keep your eyes open and empty the chessboard. You can never chew too much.

in fact, many things in life are like this:

when you light a fire, you can only see smoke when it is filled with firewood. When you draw water, fill up the bucket and it will only turn over easily.

as said in the movie "Wind and Cloud":

"you can't do it, you can't say it. If everything is done too much, fate is bound to come to an early end. "

the bucket of water in the hearts of the people is enough to hold three meals, relatives and friends of the four seasons, and the rest might as well be dumped.


Life is not satisfied until it is perfect

people live in the world, and everyone carries their own buckets.

some people have a lot of water, so they will feel tired when they walk.

some people have little water, so they are relaxed when they go forward.

so, whenever and wherever, please remember the story of half a bucket of water and lighten your baggage.

as a limerick says:

half of the wine is just right, and the flowers are half full bloom.

the sail is half-fan-free, and the horse is half-rein.

half a little but Rao taste, half a lot of anti-annoyance entanglement.

half of everything is fine.

if you are dissatisfied with your life, you will be satisfied.

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