The stupidest thing in the world is to take it too seriously.
The stupidest thing in the world is to take it too seriously.
A lot of haggling is against yourself and is asking for trouble.

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someone asked the Zen master, "is there anything you need to do to practice?"

the Zen master said, "eat when you are hungry and sleep when you are sleepy."

he asked, "this is the case with most people. Is this what master's kung fu is like?"

Zen master:

"is not the same. Others refuse to eat well when they should eat, but they have to think about it in every way; they should not sleep peacefully when they should sleep, and they still have to worry about everything. So I'm different from them. "

eat when you should eat, sleep when you sleep, this is life, that is Zen.

the story of the Zen master tells us that a lot of troubles in life are caused by oneself and asking for trouble.

We can take everything seriously, but we can't take it too seriously, because haggling leads to pain.

Don't take the villain seriously, because the loss outweighs the gain

the Master said, "it is difficult for a villain to support. If he is near, he will not be a grandson. If he is far away, he will complain."

in the face of villains, do not take them seriously, stay away from them and avoid dealing with them.

if you can't avoid it, it's the wisest choice to maintain a dull relationship with them.

at the same time as Tang General Guo Ziyi, there was a villain named Lu Qi and a prime minister named Yang Yan.

Lu Qi's official position in the imperial court at that time was not very high, and his practice was not correct in the minds of the people.

and Guo Ziyi was the prime minister at that time, her status was very honorable, and she was the object of Lu Qi's courtship.

after Guo Ziyi knew what he was thinking, when he visited, she immediately put on her royal clothes and received him ceremoniously.

the family did not understand. Guo Ziyi explained, "this little man is very good at ingratiating himself. If we offend him, he will definitely retaliate if he gets promoted later."

Let's talk about Yang Yan of the same period, who is upright and most disdain to associate with treacherous people.

he and Lu Qi are prime ministers, and they should have been

get up to eat, but Yang Yan often finds an excuse to eat out alone, avoiding his deskmate with Lu Qi, so Lu Qi holds a grudge.

later, Yang Yan's official career was difficult, all because Lu Qi got into slanderers.

talented and upright people, just because the villain risked his life.

and villains is not a contest between people, but a contest between bottom line and bottom line, moral character and moral character.

the villain is immoral and too serious, he tends to lose the big because of the small, and the loss outweighs the gain.

as Lincoln said, "instead of arguing with the dog and being bitten by him, it's better to let him go first, or he won't cure your bite scar even if you kill him."

you don't have to be too serious about everything. If there is something you don't like about the surrounding environment and personnel, you don't have to show your edges and corners too much and show that you are different from others.

not showing up with joy and anger is a way to protect yourself. Pretending to be confused is the natural and unrestrained philosophy.

Don't take the past seriously, because it's worthless

there is a question on Zhihu: "Why do people indulge in the past?"


below there is a high praise answer: "my mind is always thinking about the past because I am not satisfied with the reality."


We often say, "the past is the past, but some people are unwilling to give up, the hurt, the grief, the humiliation, and the glory of the past."

and then I have been addicted to it for a long time, and I can't get by even if I think about the past.

in the movie "I am not Pan Jinlian", Li Xuelian offered to divorce her husband in order to have a second child. As a result, her husband acted as a fake, treacherous and married another woman.

Li Xuelian felt aggrieved and angry. Although she didn't want to remarry, she insisted on asking her husband for an explanation.

the husband refused to admit it, so he went to Li Yuhe for no result, so he sued Li Yuhe and went elsewhere for help.

but the divorce is fake and the divorce certificate is real.

as a result, the scum man said angrily: you are Pan Jinlian, and she gritted her teeth and continued to sue.

sued dozens of

years, a bunch of people told me that they were trembling, that they were miserable, that others had lost their jobs and gave up their lives.

Li Xuelian's tragedy undoubtedly arises

because she met a scumbag. But the tragedy lasted all her life because she had to take it seriously with the scum man and the past.

people should learn to stop losses in time, for the established facts that can not be changed, we can only learn to accept that life will not become tolerant because of your misfortune.

Smart people know how to let go of their obsession with the past, to take it seriously, not to dwell on the past and the present, but to focus on the future.

Don't take reality seriously, because life goes on

Hegel once said, "everything that is realistic is reasonable."

some people are born with gold keys, live in luxury houses and spend a lot of money.

and some people live in dilapidated houses as soon as they are born, worrying about their livelihood all day long.

but life, if you take it seriously, you lose.

for the cold winter, the best way to keep warm is to accept and get used to the cold.

Don't take reality seriously, not in the cold winter.Will go on their own, but life goes on.

I remember that a video of Huang Bo's interview became popular.

he said: "I used to meet all kinds of people, all kinds of careful machines, all kinds of things."

No one spoke to you after you went? But now (famous), surrounded by good people, each is brimming with smiling faces.

Miss Huang, are you tired? have a rest. Mr. Huang, what would you like to eat and drink? what can I get you? Mr. Huang, you are working too hard.

Life is like this, helpless and realistic.

when you are strong, the whole world will be kind to you;

and when you are the weakest, there are the most people who bully you and are the most likely to be wronged.

Make you look more flatterring in our black flower girl dresses! Your will be elated by your enchanting look.


this truth sounds utilitarian and realistic, but it is the law that this society has always silently followed.

one netizen said: "when I just graduated, I didn't understand why others worked so hard."

after consulting an upperclassman, the upperclassman told him: in every family, there is always a generation that needs to work hard.

I think so.

the people who now hold the golden key may be the result of their parents' hard work.

if you don't take responsibility, your parents will take it;

if you don't work hard, your partner will work harder;

if you are not diligent, your child will be more diligent.

therefore, instead of wasting time and taking reality seriously, it is better to let go and move on, and life must go on.

the six ancestors once said, "you cannot get it in the past, you cannot get it now, you cannot get it in the future, you must grasp the present."

the biggest thing in life

sadness is not losing too much, but caring too much.

not confused, not trapped in love, not afraid of the future, do not think about the past.

so, all right.