The tearful moment of browsing Douyin: the man who loves you most in his life is not a lover, not a son, but …...
The tearful moment of browsing Douyin: the man who loves you most in his life is not a lover, not a son, but …...
Thank you for loving me.

A few days ago, I saw a small video on Douyin and was moved.

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is a passage that the father said to the bridegroom at the wedding scene on the day his daughter got married.

"Today, I will give you my best treasure,

before I give it to you, I just want you to know,

how hard it was for God and me to get her ready,

after hearing this, many of the guests present could not help but turn red in their eyes.

Yes, is there any daughter in the world who is not a princess in the palm of her father's hand?

since she was born, her father has protected her all the way and gave her the best of himself.

for him, the day of his daughter's wedding was as uneasy and uneasy as it was when she was born 30 years ago.

on that day, he became a father, and on that day, the apple of his eye was about to become someone else's wife.

so, behind this advice at the wedding, there is actually his most ardent hope:

Dad, I hope you can do well in your life.

I often hear people say:

fatherly love is like a mountain.

that's because the mountain stands tall but silent, like the father who lifts silently behind you.

may not be by your side all the time, sharing every success and joy with you, but as soon as you turn around and bow your head, he will always be there.

I saw a short film about a father and daughter.

the girl's father is a bus driver and his daily work is very busy.

too busy to forget her birthday, miss sending her to school, and miss many important moments when she grew up.

in her heart, she has some complaints about her father.

she didn't understand why her father refused to pay more attention to her when she was his only daughter.

until she overheard the voices behind the silence from her mother.

she suddenly realized that her father had never been absent from her growth all these years.

my father became so busy because he couldn't bear to see her squeeze the bus with her piano on his back every day, so he wanted to work hard and make more money so that he could buy a car to pick her up.

Father did not forget her game, he secretly went to the orchestra to watch her performance;

even, the first trip is to accompany her in the exam.

he has never made any public expression, but he always wants to give his daughter the best of everything he can.

fatherly love is like a mountain, often silent and extremely heavy.

even if they carry the Jack and ten thousand loads of stone on their shoulders, they still want to leave the best to their children.

although they never say, as long as you listen carefully and look carefully, you will find that his love has never been absent.

in this world, everyone has been so clumsily loved, and it is the father who can give you this love.

I have heard a song called "Prose Poems written by Father".

there are no gorgeous words in the whole song, and the plain and simple language reflects all the thoughts and love for his father.

in the comment section of this song, there is a very heartbreaking reply.

"my father doesn't have prose poetry. His hands are full of cocoons."

when he was a child, his father worked dozens of miles from home. At that time, my father lived at work most of the time and came home only once a week.

every weekend, he waits for his father's return at the entrance of the village, because his father will give it to him when he comes home


favorite snacks.

slowly, it became his father's habit to give him something.

when he was a child, he was a bag of candy or a few cookies. When he was reading, he gave him a coat and a nutritious meal in spite of the wind and rain.

when he is older, he will be quietly stuffed with money, for fear that he will work too hard alone.

later, when he was old enough to start a family, he didn't want to talk to his family because he was aware of his family's financial situation.

however, when he came home for the Spring Festival, his father gave him a card and told him to take it.

"Dad doesn't have any skills, but he can only give you these. Save some more for yourself, buy a house in the city and live a good life."

but when he went back and looked carefully at the amount in the card, he was really surprised.

it turns out that his father gave him all the capital for his old age and borrowed a lot of money from others.

in order to pay off the debt, the man, who had been busy all his life and finally reached the retirement age, went to the construction site to work as a porter.

seeing his father's dusty figure and mottled white hair on his head, he was only full of guilt and heartache.

when we were young, we always thought that our father was invincible, until we broke his bent body and eyes full of wrinkles, and finally realized that it was because of love that they were willing to give without asking for anything in return.

people always grow up, will more and more understand the father, they use all their strength, leaving only a silent figure, to carry the child carefree first half of life.

he is the one who carries the weight in the hard days, the one who covers you in the cold wind, and the one who is willing to hold the stars for you in the dark.

he is covered in mud, but he never cares.

No matter how tortuous and difficult life is, he will always straighten up and play your hero.

philosopher Krishnamurti once asked in his book:

you understandWhat does it mean to love someone for nothing?

you love a tree, a bird, a pet, you take care of it, feed it, love it, even if it doesn't give you anything in return and doesn't follow you, you still love it. Can you understand this kind of love?

True love is not suspicion, not taking. It is patient and kind, willing to give, but asking for nothing in return.

just like the father named Li Zhifeng in Henan.

17-year-old daughter Li Chenxi was sent to hospital for skin burns, but he was "perfunctory" to his daughter, saying that he was too busy to go to the hospital to see her.

when his daughter's operation was successful, Li Zhifeng told the doctor:

"if your daughter needs it, it's okay to give her all the skin on the other leg.


Dad, he can endure all the pain in the world, as long as it is for his children.

A child will probably never know how many wind and frost swords he has fought for you who said to you, "I'm fine."

their love is always heavy but silent, but it is the man who never says "I love you" who loves you the most.

Life is not long, leave more time and care for the man who loves you most, even if you just take the time to go home a few times and talk to him about work and life.

make him feel that you still care about and depend on him as much as you did when you were a child.

perhaps this is the comfort that fathers need the most.

an uncle

Today is Father's Day,

the comments section shares the warm-hearted story between you and your father.

Uncle will choose the five book friends who moved me the most.

give me a surprise gift.

wish all fathers in the world:

Happy Father's Day, happiness and health!