The three levels of self-discipline, which level are you on?
The three levels of self-discipline, which level are you on?
Those who are self-disciplined are outstanding, while those who are undisciplined are out.


there is a popular post on Zhihu that millions of people follow: "what does self-discipline bring you?"

A highly liked answer goes like this:

those who exercise self-discipline are outstanding, while those who are not self-disciplined are out.

the state of many people is intermittent self-discipline and persistent laziness. Temporary "beating chicken blood" is useless. Long-term and continuous self-discipline can solve most of the problems in life.

self-discipline is really difficult, and those who can do it become winners in the eyes of others.

level 1: people with self-discipline don't want to be too comfortable

people who really want to be better will constantly break through their "comfort zone".

everyone likes the state of comfort and comfort, but be careful, it may also be a trap for people to fall into the state of warm boiled frogs and life begins to stagnate.

my friend started out as a grass-roots job in a bank. She was nearly 30 years old and longed for a bigger breakthrough in her life, so she decided to take the civil service examination in her spare time.

work is very hard, often busy until more than nine o'clock in the evening to go home, there is little time to read and review, and the civil service examination competition is fierce, she has no choice but to put all her eggs in one basket.

I learned to go to bed at zero at night, got up at five in the morning, and kept reviewing for three months.

only when you see her state with your own eyes can you know how determined and persevering she is.

the beginning of self-discipline is painful, no one can easily have an open life, the process must be full of lonely persistence, giving and not being understood.

when you want to make yourself uncomfortable, congratulations, there will be more signs of improvement in your life.

actor Deng Chao opened his popularity in front of the nation because of the variety show "running Brothers," but in acting, he worked harder, dared to endure hardships and self-discipline, which won the favor of the great director.

in filming the film "Shadow" directed by Zhang Yimou, he played two roles each. in order to enter the role and meet the requirements of the director, he lost 20 jin during the filming period. he ran, exercised and suffered hunger every day. Even Sun Li said sadly, "Deng Chao, don't lose weight any more."

to break through your limitations and achieve your desired goals, self-discipline is an essential step.

persistence in loneliness and hard work in suffering will lead to success one day.

level 2: people who are self-disciplined have clear desires

what is self-discipline? one writer has given a definition:

"self-discipline means having a goal and direction, doing things actively, unswervingly carrying out the plan, and finally achieving the results you want."

it's not the alarm clock that wakes you up every day, it's the dream.

when you really want to do something, there is a desire to succeed, there is a desire to be stronger and better, self-discipline is not passive for you.

Liu Xiaoguang, a veteran professional, once shared a case. He knew an executive who grew up from a very low starting point. He graduated from a technical secondary school. Because of his poor family circumstances, he began to work in a factory to subsidize his family.

not reconciled to his life, he had to work for people in the factory, so he read and reviewed while working, and was admitted to an undergraduate course in the self-examination and later to a graduate student in a famous university.

period, he taught himself English at school and passed a senior interpreter in Shanghai.

Liu Xiaoguang said that all this was hard for him to achieve while working. This kind of self-discipline and the grasp of time efficiency can be called abnormal.

Don't say you don't have time to improve yourself, or try too hard.

there is a saying that is to the heart, but to the point:

"all human suffering is essentially anger at one's own incompetence."

self-discipline is the most important way to change pain. Only through self-discipline can we become steadfast in the face of problems and gain wisdom from pain.

level 3: turning self-discipline into habit is not far from success

it is not difficult to exercise self-discipline for a while, but it is difficult to stick to it for a long time.

when self-discipline becomes an instinct engraved in the bones, life will shine.

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Franklin, an outstanding writer, said:

"I have never seen a man who gets up early, diligent, cautious and honest, complaining about his bad fate.


good character, good habits, strong will and self-discipline will not be defeated by the so-called fate.

there are signs of everyone's success.

as a best-selling writer who has been writing for more than 20 years, Haruki Murakami has been living a life of extreme self-discipline.

since 1982, he has regularly got up before 5 o'clock every morning, wrote at his desk for a few hours, and then went out for a long run.

it has been uninterrupted for more than thirty years.

Haruki Murakami said:

"long-distance running is a kind of training for yourself, through running to develop the habit of self-discipline, exercise their willpower, in doing other things, the use of self-discipline has become an easy thing.


how to make self-discipline a habit?

self-control gives three useful tricks.

delayed gratification: it is difficult for people who do not have the ability to delay gratification to have the ability of self-discipline.

because sinceLaw means giving up immediate enjoyment and comfort and working for a distant goal.

having fun in time seems to be a temporary pleasure, but it is irresponsible to yourself.

know what you want, and the current effort is for a greater return that will make us better engaged in the present.

plans are not full: plans that are inflexible usually last only three days.

develop effective self-discipline and don't be greedy at first.

for example, running in a hundred days, from walking for 10 minutes a day to walking 30 minutes a day, to running three times a week, is a gradual effort for the brain to adapt to changes.

motivate yourself: continuous positive feedback is a long-term motivation.

self-discipline is generally divided into three stages: excitement and eagerness to try in the early stage;

the middle stage is the painful endurance, even the bottleneck stage;

when self-discipline makes a good change in life, the later stage of self-discipline becomes enjoyment.

motivate yourself in the process, and you will insist on seeing the huge reward behind.

there are some things that others cannot take away, such as thinking, figure, and self-discipline.

writer Wang Xin said:

"the slow life that you see is cozy, leisurely, unfettered, and free from money, is actually a reward for self-discipline, a sweet moment in life, not all daily life."

Don't make yourself too comfortable, have a clear desire, and let self-discipline become a habit of persistence for a long time.

Don't believe in lazy freedom. True freedom is the right of choice that self-discipline gives you.


question: "how powerful is a life of self-discipline?" ".

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