The three people closest to you are the most important people in your life.
The three people closest to you are the most important people in your life.
Cherish the dignitaries in life, firm and soft, sunny and progressive.

there is a popular saying on the Internet: "your level is the average of the five people you have most frequent contact with."

it really matters who you are with, because you are what you are with.

if you walk with a wise man, you will be full of experience; with a superior person, you will be extraordinary.

these three kinds of people closest to you are the nobles of life. If you meet them, you must cherish them!


positive energy person, so that you will not be depressed

David Hawkins, a professor of psychology in the United States, spent 30 years studying and found that

Energy has a great influence on people. When you get along with people who are full of positive energy, his magnetic field will drive everything around you to be orderly and beautiful.

and if you are in a negative energy environment all the time, it will also attract a lot of bad things, making the people and things around you disorderly and bad.

there is such a story:

in ancient times, a scholar surnamed Wei went to Beijing to take the exam.

the scholar woke up puzzled, and happened to pack up his things when a friend came to visit, so the scholar told his friend his dream.

after hearing this, the friend frowned and said, "growing vegetables on the wall is in vain, and wearing a bamboo hat for an umbrella is superfluous. I'm afraid this is a bad sign. You'd better give up taking the exam this time!"

after hearing this, the scholar was depressed and kept sighing at home!

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before long, another friend came to visit and saw that the scholar was unhappy, so he asked why.

the scholar told his friends about his dream again.

unexpectedly, my friend said with surprise and delight:

"growing vegetables on the wall is a high school; Dai Dou Li is to be prepared for an umbrella." Brother Wei, just don't worry about taking the exam, and there will be good results! "

when the scholar listened to his friend's words, he felt reasonable, and his bored mood was swept away in an instant, feeling relieved, so he relieved and actively prepared for the exam, and finally won the flower exploration.

different mindsets often lead to very different results. If you often get along with positive people, you will become positive.

as the old saying goes: enter the room of Zhi orchid for a long time without smelling its fragrance, enter the abalone for a long time and ignore its stench.

the influence of environment on a person is quite important.

when you get along with positive people, you will be full of energy, your way of looking at life will become positive and optimistic, and your life will naturally become more and more successful.

get along with negative energy people, you will, for a long time, you will not feel that you are troubled by bad emotions, because you have become a depressed and depraved person.

only by staying away from negative energy and getting along with people with positive energy, you will not be depressed and your life will be turned upside down!


those who appreciate you know whether you are cold or warm

the sea of people is vast, people will meet all kinds of people in their life, but very few people really know how to appreciate you.

Gao Shan Liushui Yu Boya, Yaoqin bosom friend Zhong Ziqi.

according to legend, Yu Boya has loved music since childhood. His piano sound is beautiful and the melody is elegant and moving.

many people come here, but Yu Boya always feels that very few people really understand the sound of his piano.

one year, Yu Boya took a boat along the river and stopped on a hill. Qin Xing made a masterpiece and played one song after another.

when Boya was immersed in the sound of his piano, he found a woodcutter in tune with music.

Yu Boya asked curiously, "can you understand the sound of my piano?"

the woodcutter said, "I only know a thing or two."

Boya drum, imagine in a high mountain, the woodcutter said, "it's like Mount Tai standing in front of my eyes!"

imagining the running water, the woodcutter said, "the endless river is right in front of me!"

Yu Boya was so surprised when he heard this that he did not expect to meet someone who knew how to appreciate himself. This person was Zhong Ziqi.

then Zhong Ziqi died of illness, and Yu Boya stopped playing the piano for the rest of his life.

in Zengguang Xian Wen, it is said that there are only a few bosom friends to drink wine, poems to the meeting, acquaintances all over the world, and bosom friends.

Yes, only those who appreciate you will know that you are warm and cold, understand your joys and sorrows, and see your unique beauty.

what is understanding?

is that regardless of the ups and downs of the outside world, I still know you love you;

is that no matter how much you sow discord, always believe you and accompany you;

is to support you silently no matter how cruel the reality is.

in front of them, you don't need to cater to them, and don't keep a low profile to please.

both sides need only one look to understand each other's desire to stop.

the best relationship is to always appreciate each other's good and understand the sufferings of both sides.

A friend all over the world is not like a bosom friend.

if you can meet the person who understands the sadness behind your silence and appreciates the sparkle in your ordinary life, whether it is husband and wife, friends, parents, children, it will be worth this life.


the person who criticizes you is your noble person

there are two famous painters in Paris. They are bitter enemies. They often criticize each other publicly, and neither of them is convinced of the other.

once, one of the painters painted day and night in the studio in order to catch an international competition.

when the work was about to be finished, a friend came to see him and painted.The family was polishing the expression of the character at that time.

my friend was about to open his mouth when the painter suddenly shouted, "my damned enemy will pick bones in the eggs here again!"

the friend asked him curiously, "since you know he will criticize you in this place, why don't you draw it well?"

the painter smiled and said, "I just want to hear his criticism so that I can get more inspiration."

later, the painter's opponent died unexpectedly, and after no one went head-to-head with him, he really never painted any more amazing works in the world.

as the saying goes, "good medicine is good for disease, but good advice is good for deeds."

there is a person around you who often disagrees with you, but you will always reflect on yourself and keep improving. Over time, you will naturally stand out.

in fact, those who dare to criticize you bluntly are those who love you the most and know you the most.

when you were young and ignorant, you were criticized and guided again and again by your parents to teach you to distinguish right from wrong and go on the right path.

when your work is frustrated and negative, it is your lover who is by your side, giving you warning and encouragement and helping you regain the strength to move forward.

when you are complacent and get carried away, it is your friends who risk breaking up and admonish you to be modest and prudent, not arrogant and impatient.

along the way, many people flatter you, but few speak up, many call them brothers, and few really walk away.

those who are slick and sophisticated will not criticize you unpleasantly.

if you meet someone who is sincere to you and tells you not to take detours, you must be regarded as a bosom friend.

it is said that people will meet 8263563 people in their lifetime, will greet 39778 people, will be familiar with 3619 people, and will be close to 275 people.

the mountains and rivers are long and the road is long. Who walks into your life is determined by fate, but who can stay in your life is decided by you.

for the rest of your life, may you know how to streamline your social circle, leave friends worth meeting, cherish the dignitaries in life, be self-disciplined and humble, firm and soft, and sunny.