The way adults end a relationship
The way adults end a relationship
People come and go, the tide goes, it is always normal.

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I saw a somewhat mournful news in moments yesterday:

"what makes me sad is not that you are in love with others, but that others have replaced me so easily." For me, no one can be you, but for you, everyone can be me. "

I suddenly want to relive "I'll see you later".

the film was released on my birthday in 14 years. There were a lot of people when we went to the cinema, but the atmosphere in the cinema was particularly silent.

I remember that when the line said, "We have heard countless things, but we still have a bad life," the girl sitting next to me sighed gently.

she has two movie tickets in her hand, but the seat next to her is empty.

in the world for many years, we have experienced many farewells, separation is indeed a very natural thing, so regret has become everyone's memories of the heavy color.

used to feel that when we were together, we must say good-bye when we were so vigorous and separated.

but the relationship between people and people is sometimes really fragile, one day, a moment, quietly dissipated in a dull day.

I have seen a topic on Weibo before: do you want to tell each other before you delete your friends?

of the more than 100,000 people who took part in the voting, more than 90% of them chose it without being informed, but just deleted it silently.

when I was a child, I shouted with great fanfare, "I will never play with you again". I often pull a corner of my clothes and share a piece of sugar, and then fix it again. I didn't understand that sentence until I grew up:

"the way adults end a relationship is not quarrel and collapse, but silent alienation.


it turns out that some people will make you look forward to tomorrow, but it will never appear in your tomorrow.

when Ni Ni and Feng Shaofeng were together, some people said that if one day they were separated, they would pronounce their names upside down.

later, they really pronounced each other's names backwards, putting an end to three years of love in this way.

A little bit of banter, a little bit of dignity, hiding those quarrels and hysteria.

but I think they must have thought about other possibilities for each other, especially for a while after their separation.

in other words, everyone who leaves love to continue his journey probably has to experience such emotions.

Qiu Chen said in "wonderful work":

"the breakup is not a fireworks display at the grand closing ceremony, but the endless emptiness and apathy after all the fireworks are gone.


so I often see some stories in my messages, and there are always people who extend their memories longer than they spend together.

but, ah, any separation is not for no reason.

it is not so much that I can't let go of each other, but rather that it is not so easy to let go of my habits and persistence, as well as my unwillingness and reluctance to give up on myself who loved me vigorously.

it is difficult to be sad, but it will pass eventually.

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is destined to be separated, so don't continue to miss the scenery along the way.

when we grow up, we all seem to lose the ability to "repair feelings". We gradually lose our "emotional freedom", and we become more and more mature, sensible, calm and appropriate.

sometimes I feel that this is a less brave thing, but sometimes I also feel that there is nothing wrong with being light.

people come and go, and when the tide rises, it is always normal.

cherish it when you meet it, let it go early when you miss it, and go around in a round. it's always yours, not yours, so don't make it difficult for yourself to keep asking.

this day, after all, must be lived in the future, not before.

I'm glad you can come. I'm not sorry you left. The rest of your life is a long way away. Take care of each other and be well with each other.

, based on the present, look at those who have been around all the time. May you often overlap, wish, and cherish for the rest of your life.


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