The way you stay at home has exposed the feng shui of your life.
The way you stay at home has exposed the feng shui of your life.
The self-discipline of staying at home alone is the top feng shui.

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there is a question on Zhihu: how can I make a qualitative change in my life?

A highly praised answer is: make good use of your time at home.

"people stand because of their homes, and they have to keep them because of their homes. People support each other and feel heaven and earth. "

people spend almost 2/3 of their lives at home. So it's really important how you spend it at home.

A person's eyebrows can be camouflaged and a smile can lie, but not when he stays at home.

so in a sense, what you look like at home is what your soul looks like.

your room hides your fengshui

some time ago, my roommate moved out, it is said that he was fired by the company.

I'm a little confused: after all, every time I met him downstairs, he was dressed in a suit and tie.

however, I soon understood why he was fired:

I have met this roommate several times in my room, and every time he looks untidy and sleepy.

once, I went to borrow something from him, and the moment he opened the door, there was a pungent smell in the room.

on the floor, sweat-stained white shirts and suit trousers were curled up scattered; on the table, oil stains from takeout food mottled the originally white table.

there are piles of brand-new MBA review materials on the messy bed.

there is a saying in the Book of Rites: "A gentleman is careful to be alone."

it is difficult for a person to go long-term if he only floats on the surface and shows it to others, without anything deeply rooted in his heart that he really wants to stick to.

after all, really high-level people live exquisitely in front of people and live well after them.

I have a female friend who is now the chief financial officer of a company.

every weekend, when we are still getting some sleep, she has got up early and finished a whole set of yoga; while we are still thinking about where to play, the flowers and plants in her house have been half trimmed.

when I am in a bad mood, I always like to run to her house, not because her house is big and luxuriously decorated, but because the orderly cleanliness allows me to quickly calm down and think about the meaning of life.

some people say: "the way a person stays at home is most likely to expose his level of life."

I couldn't agree more.

how many people, the front is exquisite, clean and decent, but the queen is sloppy, lazy and muddling along;

how many people, who are bright white-collar elites outside, have become messy "room" beauties who don't even like to wash their personal clothes at home.

they do not know that there is a high level, called "exquisite in front of people, exquisite after people";

they don't understand that the self-discipline of staying at home alone is the top feng shui.

people who are really good are the same outside and at home.

the time you are at home is the best value-added period

some people say:

"if you want to know whether a person is good or not, look at what he does at home."

it is true.

it is also the weekend, some people stay up all night playing games, while others are reading, writing, fitness and yoga.

it is also a holiday. Some people do nothing and waste their time all day, while others carry their backpacks and go on a walk-and-go trip.

the older you get, the more you find out:

the difference between people is not in their education or intelligence, but in the way they stay at home.

some time ago, my friend Chenchen posted a moments:

"when I successfully landed, I finally lived up to my efforts."

the picture is a notice of the result of the judicial examination. I was shocked.

A good friend works in a Fortune 500 company and is the absolute backbone of the company's business. He is so busy at work on weekdays that he can even find time to prepare for the judicial examination.

We didn't know until we happened to talk about this problem a few days ago:

it turns out that she has been at home for half a year since the beginning of last year, but she has not been idle at all.

running exercise, planting flowers and grass, reading, reading newspapers, cooking yoga. Plus regular study for 8 hours a day.

I asked her, "aren't you tired?"

she smiled and only replied: "compared with the tiredness of doing nothing, I enjoy the tiredness of my busy body."

hearing this, I finally understand why the gap between me and her has widened over the years.

while I am still obsessing about where to play on weekends and where to go on holidays, my friends are reading, studying and improving themselves.

when I was still complaining about the plot in the film and TV series and feeling sorry for the idol in the spotlight, my good friend had already won the judicial exam.

she told me with action: when a person lives in the world, the most terrible thing is not physical busyness and fatigue, but mental emptiness and boredom.

and learning to make use of your time at home is a great soft power.

suddenly remembered a line from "the first half of my Life":

"people, you can't be too idle. You have to have something to do. You can not only relieve worries and boredom, but also give yourself a hand at a critical moment."

Yeah, good life.You can't be too idle.

and when you stay at home, it is your best value-added period.

the way you look at home is your mental appearance

there is a saying in Cai Gentan: "most of the festival meaning of the blue sky and day comes from the leakage of the darkroom room."

among them, "dark room leak" refers to being alone at home.

so the gentleman is careful to be alone, because it is impossible to pretend to be at home alone, which is the spiritual appearance nurtured by years of habit and months of experience.

in this era, appearance can be reshaped and spirit can be reborn, but only the appearance of spirit is in daily practice.

I have many friends who like Chen Daoming.

I didn't understand it at first, until one day, I read his "do something useless", which describes him at home:

I have played the piano very well since I was a child, and I love it from love to love. As long as I am at home, I play for two or three hours a day, and for four or five hours when I am in high spirits.

after entering middle age, I became infatuated with painting. I had no school and no rules. Grind the ink, spread the Xuan paper, hold the paintbrush in hand, then open the map, recall the places you have been filming over the years, and then splash ink on the landscape.

now I like to copy ancient books such as the moral Classic with a brush. It's interesting to read it silently while copying it.

this actor, whom Mr. Ji Xianlin called "competent for a professor at Peking University", is modest and elegant in front of people, and he never forgets self-discipline and self-discipline.

and this may be his personal charm.

Choose tiffany blue prom dresses to get your desired appearance. We are here to help you make a perfect choice.

do not bully the darkroom, do not deserve the leakage of the room, repair both inside and outside, and be the same on the inside and outside.

writer Liu Liangcheng said:

"the home in one's heart is not just a house of one's own, but the life spent in this house for many years."

Yes, the self-discipline at home is positive, and the mind of spending time at home is desolate.

therefore, high-level people often know how to make good use of their time at home and straighten out their mental appearance.

Yan Geling writes for 6 hours at home every day;

Qian Zhongshu's home is full of all kinds of books;

Li Ruotong developed six abdominal muscles at home....

they tell us in action:

the way you stay at home is your mental appearance.

and your mental appearance is the best feng shui in life.

the Japanese writer Ozawa once said, "your face has exposed your life experience."

and I would say that the way you stay at home has exposed the feng shui of your life.

at home, after eating, sleeping, sleeping and eating, life can only be slaughtered like some kind of quadruped.

only by reading, studying, working hard, striving, changing and adding value, can the road of life become wider and farther.

May you not be loose when you are out or indulge when you are at home for the rest of your life.

May you live a fine life in front and a nice life in the queen, discipline yourself and live a wonderful life in the muddy life.

encourage each other.


by: Li GE. Source


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