There are four things you don't borrow, but if you borrow a family, you fail.
There are four things you don't borrow, but if you borrow a family, you fail.
Whether you borrow from others or lend it to others, you should consider it carefully.

Chang Haolang read


in daily life, it is inevitable that there will be human exchanges, but some things can be borrowed and some things cannot be borrowed.

personal contacts, money can not be borrowed

No matter what the relationship is, just talking about money will hurt your feelings.

A former colleague, because he had a good relationship in a department, once borrowed money from me and said that he would pay it off within three months, so I lent him 1000 yuan.

three months later, I sent him a message, and he said yes, let me send the account number.

at that time, I also thought this guy was good, so I just returned it.

as a result, there was no message for many days.

later, the eldest brother who owes me money disappeared from my life, couldn't be reached on his cell phone, and Wechat was blocked.

after a long time, another colleague asked me if I could get in touch with him. It turned out that I owed him three thousand and never paid him back.

there is a sentence in Qian Zhongshu's feelings:

"call it a friend before borrowing money, but your uncle after borrowing money, and he will become your benefactor when he pays it back."

I think so.

it is sometimes difficult to borrow money or not.

I can't get it back when I borrow it. After all, I earned it hard. If I don't borrow it, my feelings for many years will fade.

borrow money depends on the relationship, owe money depends on the character.

in life, whether you borrow money from others or lend money to others, you should consider it carefully.

Human contacts, houses can not be borrowed

although it is "fun to help others", you can help others if you can, but if someone wants to borrow a room, you have to be careful.

in the TV series "settling down", Fang Xijin showed the client around the house and was scolded by the old lady and his gang as soon as he entered the door.

Fang Xijin called the landlord, Mr. Gong, and found out that these people were his distant relatives, and the old lady was his great-aunt.

A few decades ago, Aunt Tai's husband died of illness. She turned to Mr. Gong's great grandfather, who was kind-hearted and took them in.

in this way, his family has lived here for 40 years.

this time, Mr. Gong was eager to sell the working capital of the house, but the family claimed that they also had a share in the house, and that selling the house had to be approved by them.

Mr. Gong had no choice but to invite Grandpa to discuss it. The family said that it would be calculated according to the number of people, 10 million per person, which adds up to 70 million.

when a person gives his kindness to someone who is not worth it, instead of being grateful, he takes an inch.

personal contacts, cars can not be borrowed

people often say, "cars and wives don't lend out."

that's what he said, but usually relatives and friends borrow a car, don't borrow it, they are all acquaintances, if they borrow it, it's hard to tell if something goes wrong.

Uncle bought a car a few years ago. Once, my cousin borrowed a car to take his wife and children to the city to play. As a result, there was an accident on the road.

because the car was fully responsible, he finally lost NT $10,000, plus the maintenance of his own car, which cost 15000.

Uncle's car is insured, and the insurance company pays about NT $10,000, while my uncle pays for another NT $5,000 for the maintenance of the car.

they are all from their own family, so my uncle can only admit it by himself.

because of this, the two families are still very unhappy.

later, as long as someone came to borrow a car, my uncle firmly refused to borrow it.

in life, many people do not refuel their cars after they have borrowed their cars, and they will continue to borrow them next time. If they do not borrow them, they will hold a grudge.

so instead of saying so, you might as well say no the first time.

personal contacts, credit cannot be borrowed

to borrow credit is to guarantee for others.

when I was young, I had an uncle who often went out and wandered around. Once he came back to the village and asked to borrow the ID cards of his parents. The reason was to increase his own performance, and his parents didn't think much about it.

as a result, after the young uncle borrowed the old couple's ID cards, he took out a high-interest network loan, borrowed money and gambled, and finally lost all his money.

the online loan company urged the loan and found the parents directly.

Fa's parents were forced to return the money, but they no longer had anything to do with him.

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Credit is very important in the information age.

if you break your promise, not only your own reputation will be affected, but also serious disasters may occur.