There is a feeling called "enough."
There is a feeling called "enough."
Grow up in love, but also strong in the regret of love.

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A few days ago, I saw such a heartbreaking sentence on the Internet:

"all unexpected encounters in life are like a long-planned separation.

We all start with strangers, and the story ends with familiar strangers. "

there is a feeling in this world that after vigorous love, it ends in a hurry, leaving endless sorrow and regret.

dare not think of, can not meet, even if more unwilling and reluctant to give up, but also can only silently restrain themselves, bury this feeling deep in the heart.

as I get older, I gradually realize:

it turns out that you can't fall in love to the end, and not all stories have a happy ending.

not all beginnings have endings

writer Zhang Xiaoxian once said:

"I think love can fill life's regrets, but it is love that creates more regrets."


when he was young, Bai Juyi followed his family to live in Fu Li, Suzhou.

at that time, Bai Juyi was quite lonely because he was a stranger and had no friends.

but fortunately, with the company of his neighbor's sister Xiang Lingzi, his depressed life gradually blossomed.

on weekdays, Bai Juyi taught Xiang Lingzi to read and read, and Xiang Lingzi sang to Bai Juyi.

but who knows, as soon as their relationship sprouted, Bai Juyi's mother stopped it on the grounds that it was not right for the door, and took him away from Fu Li.

when Bai Juyi was ready to break free from his mother's shackles, his father died suddenly, and he could only study hard, thinking that as long as he was in the scientific research, his mother would agree to his marriage.

but when he later mentioned the marriage to his mother, the mother was so angry that she was bedridden and threatened that she and Xiang Lingzi could only choose one.

there is a mother whose blood is thicker than water on one side and an infatuated lover who is waiting on the other.

in the end, Bai Juyi chose his mother. He could only seal his heart and lock his love, burying their feelings deeply in his heart.

people come and go, fate is scattered, nothing in the world is more elusive than love.

how many lovers think that as long as they love each other, they can withstand all the wind and rain and spend the rest of their lives together.

but the reality is often that two people fall in love, and then separate, will not meet again, will not see each other again.

there is too much powerlessness in the adult world, but the person we once loved, that time, will always be buried in our hearts.

you don't have to think about it, you'll never forget it.

as Zhang ailing described in half-Life:

"maybe love is not enthusiasm, nor nostalgia, but time, and years have become a part of life."

there are some feelings, even if it ends with regret, but love is worth it.

it's a pity that I didn't meet you earlier

there is a question on Zhihu: "what is the most regrettable thing in your life?"

A highly praised answer said, "meet the right person at the wrong time."

after reading this answer, I was so sad that I couldn't help thinking of the heart-wrenching story of Zhou Muyun and Su Lizhen in the movie in the mood for Love.

two people who moved to the same apartment at the same time inadvertently found that their partner had secretly fallen in love with the other half.

maybe they are unwilling to have an affair with their partner, or a long night, they are too lonely, consciously or unconsciously, they begin to contact frequently.

contact, they were suddenly surprised that their tastes were so similar to each other, and they especially liked to read martial arts novels. Coincidentally, Zhou Muyun was writing a martial arts novel, and Su Lizhen was the gatekeeper for him.

at this time, Zhou Muyun found that Su Lizhen was more supportive of his career than his wife.

and Su Lizhen also found that Zhou Muyun was more intimate than her husband's indifference.

they knew in their hearts that the two had already fallen in love.

but they are more aware that married status, the wrong time, this relationship is not only extremely dangerous, but also will not get a good result.

maybe love, in infinite restraint and regret, gets the deep affection beyond love.

feelings are the most helpless, not to meet the right people, can come together, and not all the encounters can be at the right time.

in the movie 2046, there is a line about the bitterness of love:

"in fact, love has a time, too early, or too late to know, the result is not good.

if I knew her at another time or place, the outcome might be different. "

the feelings between people, not only pay attention to fate, but also pay attention to the order of appearance, early or late to meet, the outcome may be completely different.

since we have no chance to defend each other, we might as well wish each other well.

regret is another kind of perfection

once read such a paragraph on the Internet:

"the best love in the world is not love at first sight, nor hate to see each other too late, but love but yearning."

I think so.

writer Lu Sihao once shared his good friend LaoAbout Don.

Lao Tang liked each other and had a close relationship with a female classmate when he was at school.

I thought they would get better all the time, but the girl's family suddenly moved to another city, and the distance made it impossible for them to see each other every day.

Lao Tang can only save money to buy a bunch of phone recharge cards and call his female classmates.

they write when they can't make a phone call, and they go to the photo studios in their respective cities to take pictures and send them to each other.

during the summer vacation, Lao Tang borrowed money to buy a ticket to the city of a female classmate. The two met hurriedly at the station and agreed on the time of their next meeting.

but the plan can never catch up with the change. Because of the transfer of her father's job, the female classmate is going to live in Beijing.

she kept apologizing to Lao Tang, who was smashed by her father because he was determined to go to Beijing.

two weeks later, Lao Tang secretly bought a new mobile phone after cobbling together, but the female classmate's phone couldn't get through.

then he remembered that his female classmate used to call in the middle of the night and her father confiscated her cell phone. He had to wait for her to buy a new one before he could tell him the new phone number.

but Lao Tang's number also changed, and the two lost contact with each other.

later, Lao Tang also moved because he was preparing for the exam in the third year of high school, and he never received the letter written to him by his female classmates.

five years later, the two got in touch again through the campus network, met and talked about the past, looked at each other and smiled, and all their doubts and unwillingness were resolved one by one.

both of them have their own lives, and since then, they have not contacted each other tacitly.

in our young and ignorant love, we always think that the days are very long, but we never think that we will get separated at the fork in the road without paying attention.

We grow up in love and be strong in the regret of love.

writer Qiu Wei once said:

"Life is filled with regrets and gains, perhaps all the loss and almost, often let love have meaning, in this process, we reached another kind of perfection."

as the saying goes, only those that have been lost and those that have not been gained will turn those into eternity.

all we can do is to keep this regret in our hearts, start anew, meet new people and start a new life.

there is a sentence in "the Sen of Fire":

"in fact, all beautiful stories have no ending, only because they have no ending, so they are beautiful."

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some feelings are like this, no matter how much two people love each other, it is difficult to resist the arrangement of fate, he can only accompany you so far.

since we can't stay together for the rest of our lives, we might as well "stop it", as the movie "mind Hunter" said:

"I hope to be with you forever, which makes me feel very happy;

but I prefer you to live a better life and live a worthwhile life, even if we are apart. "

some people come as soon as they leave. Instead of indulging in the past, let it go bravely.

focus on yourself and try to improve yourself.

you will eventually meet that person, he across thousands of mountains, across the sea of people, rushed to your side, told you: for the rest of my life, I will accompany you.

May you reap happiness in love and grow proudly in the years.