There is a fixed amount of money in life!
There is a fixed amount of money in life!
Only by planting good causes can we produce good fruits.




the ancients said, "sometimes there must be something in life, but don't force it all the time."

there is a fixed amount of money in a person's life.

keep your feet on the ground, accumulate virtue and cultivate blessings, and you will have more and more wealth in your life.

it's hard to get a hundred dollars if you hit ten dollars.

Chuang Tzu said, "if you reach your destiny, you can do nothing about it."

means that if one really knows fate, he will not calculate anything other than fate.

all things are fate, and nothing is up to people.

in many cases, personal calculations are not worth mentioning in the face of destiny.

Li Shiheng of the Northern Song Dynasty was an envoy to Koryo, and when he came back, King Koryo gave them a lot of silk, gold and silver.

Li Shiheng didn't care and left it all to the deputy envoy.

on the way back, because he was worried about the leakage in the cabin, the deputy put all Li Shiheng's things underneath and waterproof and put his own on top.

as a result, on the way back, people were forced to throw things away to reduce the weight of the boat when they were caught in a storm.

when the goods were thrown in the middle, the storm stopped.

it was only then that people found that all the things thrown away were the deputy envoys, and Li Shiheng's things remained intact in the cabin.

thousands of calculations are not as good as natural calculations. No matter how shrewd a person is, he can't fight for the way of heaven.

in A Dream of Red Mansions, Wang Xifeng is good at calculating.

she deducts everyone's monthly money to earn interest on loans to help people sort things out.

those who can make money from the big and small affairs of the house will not let go.

the amount of money in and out of Jia Fu in and out of the year is more than 102000 in her hand, but she can even figure out how many taels of silver.

forced to death, she also took Jia Lian and her second sister's belongings.

calculating for half her life, the shrewd Sister Feng can be said to be the super-rich of Jia Fu.

but in the end, Jia Fu copied the family and ran out of money, and Sister Feng could not even save her own daughter.

judgment said: "the agency's calculation is too clever, but it misses Qing Qing's life."

it's because you can't run away, not because you can't ask for it.

when a person keeps plotting against others for blessings, he is actually laying a scourge for himself.

it not only destroys one's own good fortune, but also harms future generations.

all Fukuda, do not leave the heart.

instead of shrewd calculation, it is better to accumulate virtue and do good.

only by planting good causes can you produce good fruit.

when a person does many good deeds, good fortune and fortune will naturally come.

if virtue is not worthy of wealth, there will be disasters

if a person has no moral character, then his life is like the dew in the morning, which will soon dissipate.

if you are rich and rich, but without benevolence and righteousness, then wealth is like snow under the sun, which will soon disappear.

Zhang Ju was the first assistant in the Ming Dynasty for the benefit of all the people.

but he is extremely extravagant in life.

he invented a sedan chair, which includes bedrooms, corridors and bathrooms.

when his father died, Zhang Juzheng went home for the funeral. 32 sedan chair bearers carried him all the way back to Jiangling in Hubei Province.

many people on the road try their best to flatter, and there are no less than a hundred kinds of dishes for each meal, and he still dislikes the taste.

it was not until the governor hired a Suzhou chef in Jiangsu that Zhang Juzheng was satisfied with his meal.

when others found out, cooks who were good at Su cuisine were immediately snapped up.

the emperor was surprised by his extravagant lifestyle, and his respect and trust disappeared little by little.

"Fan Si Xun" has a saying:

"he who enjoys the property of a hundred gold must be a person of a hundred gold, and he who enjoys the property of a hundred gold must be a man of a thousand gold."

A person's moral character is thick enough to carry his wealth, and if virtue does not match, it can only lead to disaster.

Zhao Zaili in the later Jin Dynasty worked as a festival envoy in Songzhou, during which he was regarded as a thorn in the side of the people.

with the help of the power in his hand, he soon amassed a huge fortune.

at the end of his term of office, the people said happily, "

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the thorn in the eye was finally pulled out.


after hearing the rumors, he wrote to the imperial court and stayed in office for another year, levying a thousand nail tax on the people under his jurisdiction.

under his rule, people's grievances are boiling,

later, after the Qidan people perished, Zhao Zaili was caught and humiliated, and was forced to commit suicide in fear.

the ancients said:

"those who are virtuous and rich will take advantage of the situation of wealth; those who are not virtuous and rich will take advantage of the situation of wealth and wealth."

the possession of wealth by virtuous people is beneficial to all things in heaven and earth, while those without virtue have wealth and can only hurt themselves.

Wealth is a deadly blade, virtue is an amulet.

when wealth continues to grow, we can constantly practice ourselves and improve our morality in order to control wealth and avoid disasters.

accumulate goodness into virtue, be complacent in wealth

small wealth depends on luck, while great wealth depends on virtue.

small wealth depends on luck, while great wealth depends on virtue.

only by constantly doing good deeds and accumulating virtue can we really get wealth and blessings.

read a story about spider silk.

A robber who started the fire fell to hell.

Buddha took pity on him, thinking that he had let a spider go out of pity in a previous life.

so put down one.Spider silk to save him.

the robber was overjoyed and climbed up with the spider silk.

others also climb up the spider silk.

the robber was worried that the spider silk would be broken, so he began to kick others.

with this kick, the spider silk immediately broke and the robber could no longer climb up.

Buddha sighs:

"the more one gives for others, the more one can gain."

you only know how to love yourself, but you don't know how to love others. This is the reason why all living beings are so miserable and miserable. "

one thought of heaven, one thought of hell.

if the robber is willing to share the spider silk, he will certainly be able to get out of his misery.

A person who is willing to share his wealth is bound to reap more blessings.

Yang Rong, the master of the Ming Dynasty, died when his father was young and returned to his hometown to observe filial piety.

the villagers are embarrassed, and the Yang family has been borrowing grain to help them.

after the funeral, Yang Rong burned all the IOUs.

he pays for marriages and funerals of poor families.

he adopted all the children living on the street at home.

when others filed a lawsuit for his family property, he divided part of his family property out to settle the dispute between the two sides.

three years later, when he returned to Beijing to be reinstated, people heard about his virtues and recommended him one after another.

Yang Rong prospered all his life and achieved a bachelor's degree all the time, and it can be said that he was a profound teacher after his death.

the ancient god of wealth was Fan Li, who was regarded by the ancients as a model of making money.

after his success, Fan Li resigned to go into business.

become super-rich three times in his life and give away all his wealth three times.

every time he gets money from business, he distributes his property to the poor.

but soon he will be able to accumulate a lot of wealth.

Virtue lies in accumulation, and goodness lies in deeds.

the more advanced people are, they know how to use their wealth to do good deeds and accumulate blessings for themselves.

such a man is blessed and profound, and God will not treat him badly.

some people think: "there are two kinds of forces in human life, one is karma, the other is willing force."

Karma is the cause and effect of a previous life, while wish force is a good deed accumulated in this life.

all the money in life is fixed


only by constantly accumulating virtue and doing good can one break through the shackles of karma and break the destiny of life.

only in this way can we have a real blessing.



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