There is a kind of respect, called "Please reply when you receive."
There is a kind of respect, called "Please reply when you receive."
Respect between people is always mutual.


what kind of people do you get along with without feeling tired?

on this issue, there is a passage that is highly liked and approved by many people:

"if you want to find a word that contains all the expectations for good, it is reliable."

and the so-called reliable, in fact, is very simple, that is, there is a reply to everything, every sentence has a response, everything has a basis.

being with such a person, the relationship is not one-way output, but really comfortable. "

that's true. Reliable people are particularly reassuring, both in the workplace and in life.

interacting with people and responding in a timely manner is not only the most basic respect for people, but also the most basic self-cultivation.

receiving a reply is a transposition of the soul

some time ago, the job search program "fascinating offer" was a hit, and one detail was impressive.

after the interview, every applicant was informed of the result of the interview.

some people passed the interview as desired, and even if they were defeated, the law firm patiently called and said, "it's a pity that you didn't pass our internship interview this time."

when watching this clip with his friend Xiaonan, Xiaonan sighed:

"I really like such a company. Whether it works or not, at least there is an answer that makes people feel respected." It would be nice if we could do the same between people. "

see the attitude for the so-called details. There is a response, it is to take into account each other's feelings, do for the sake of others.

Xiaonan mentioned one of her experiences after saying this.

one year during the graduation season, several interns came to her company and arranged for two to teach her.

there is little difference in educational background and ability between the two interns, but there is one difference between them: Xiao Xu sends back messages in seconds, Xiao Li returns messages or not.

once Xiaonan had to go out of town on a business trip and told the two people about their work before leaving.

A few days later, Xiao Xu was hospitalized due to illness, and there were still some documents on hand, so she contacted Xiao Li to take over Xiao Xu's work first, but she did not receive a reply after the message was sent.

seeing the time getting late, Xiaonan had to ask other colleagues for help, but still delayed the progress of the work.

now when we talk about this little thing again, Xiaonan sighs:

"in fact, no matter what is big or small, if you want to refuse others, you should be clear and clear, instead of pretending not to see it."

if everyone could think from a different perspective and think from the standpoint of others, the outcome of things would be very different.

A writer is right:

"We are all adults. You don't have to lie to me and talk to him politely. I'm not angry at your refusal. I'm just angry that you're wasting my time."

whether you are smart enough to treat not answering messages as a maverick, or to deal with things emotionally, it is a sign of immaturity.

receiving a reply is a transposition of the soul. What kind of attitude you take towards others, others will naturally adopt the same attitude towards you.

when you despise others, you are also belittling yourself.

responding to everything is the most authentic character

what are people with good character like in interpersonal relationships?

when you think about it, it's probably: the kindness of putting yourself in the shoes of others, the reassuring security of responding to everything, and the steadiness of sense of security.

at the beginning of the TV series "I am Yu Huanshui", there was a scene that sparked a heated discussion on the whole network.

many years ago, Yu Huanshui lent 130000 yuan to his good friend Lu Fumeng, but as the days passed, Lu Fumeng had no intention of paying back the money at all.

in order to please his wife, Yu Huanshui decided to buy his wife a car, but when he bought the car, he found that he didn't have enough money, so he contacted Lu Fumeng to get back the 130000 he had borrowed that year.

at first, Lu Fumeng promised to pay back the money, but when he called later, he either "couldn't get through," or turned off his phone, and occasionally made a phone call, which meant he was in a foreign country.

Wechat doesn't answer, phone calls don't answer, and no matter how anxious Yu Huanshui is, he doesn't care.

in the end, the lie was exposed. When Yu Huanshui came to ask for an explanation, Lu Fumeng said angrily, "I just want to lie to you, just to make it hard for you!"

the money is coming back, and people can see it clearly. Yu Huanshui is extremely cold.

in fact, we can see from the conversation between the two of them that Yu Huanshui has been treating Lu Fumeng from the bottom of his heart, but Lv Fumeng always seems to be perfunctory and evasive.

when Yu Huanshui was in dire straits because of lack of money, Lu Fumeng hung out in various high-end venues.

if there is a response to everything, it is the most sincere expression of one's feelings.

then you can't read it back, it's the signal that a relationship is coming to an end.

ask for something to be a friend, nothing is like a stranger, and your character is self-evident.

as Yu Minhong said:

"if a person has a good character, acts bluntly, and has no covert behavior, we can say that he is basically reliable in character."

people with good character make people feel at ease, make people feel at ease, and have a beginning and an end.Yes, there is a return.

respect between people is always mutual

psychologist James once made a profound point to the effect that

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the cruelest punishment for a person is to give him freedom and let him wander in society without paying any attention to him.

when he appears, there is no sign; when he speaks, no one responds, and no one cares about any of his behavior.

if everyone around him turns a blind eye to him and ignores his existence at all, his heart will soon be filled with anger and will feel strong and inexplicable despair.

this is the "harmful effect" of "no response".

if a person always disrespects others, over time, he or she will reap the same despair.

because respect between people is always mutual.

A message is sent, waiting for effective feedback, not silent silence.

after a relationship is paid, you are waiting for the sincerity of reciprocity, rather than avoiding it like a fake.

in this world, the cruelest thing is never to refuse, but to give people expectations, but make people wait endlessly.

if you want to be trusted enough, you should learn to be reliable.

if you want to be treated well, you should learn to be sincere to others.

when you see a message sent by someone else, think more about it if you are the one who sent the message. Change your position and you will naturally have more understanding.

when you see a friend's missed phone call, think more about if you are the one waiting for a call back, from a different angle, you will have more respect.

Daniel said: "how comfortable you are determines how high you can reach."

being alive and comfortable is the highest charisma of personality.

, may we all learn to respect, compare our hearts, and be kind to everyone in our lives.

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