There is a kind of sadness called "I thought"
There is a kind of sadness called "I thought"
People in this life, do not want to achieve much, just try not to wronge themselves.

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the most poignant thing in the world is that there are three words in front of a sentence, I think.

I thought there was something in return for my efforts. I thought time would wait for me. I thought I was strong enough.

can be realistic, but give me one heavy hammer after another.

behind every "I think", there is a different sadness.

there is a kind of sadness, called "I thought"!

I thought

the more friends, the better

people often have such a perception: rely on friends outside, the more friends, the easier to do things.

but this is not the case.

is like the torture in Zengguang Xian Wen:

"A bosom friend drinks wine, sings a poem to a society, and makes acquaintances all over the world."

No matter how many friends you have, you can't make heart-to-heart friends, you're just fair-weather friends.

such a friend will not help you when you are in trouble.

will also turn a blind eye to your jokes, making your situation even worse.

roommate Xiao Han is a businessman with a very good personality. Many people like to make friends with her.

she is also often complacent about this, feeling that she has a lot of friends and that it is more convenient to do things in the future.

once, her best friend Da Mei advised her not to make friends indiscriminately, but to see people clearly.

Xiao Han felt that Damei was jealous of her many friends. The two had a quarrel about it, and neither bowed his head.

Xiao Han thinks that it doesn't matter if he has so many friends.

later, during the National Day, Xiao Han went out of town on business and was told that there was no hotel.

Xiao Han asked his local friends for help.

when the friend went to the place where Xiao Han was, Xiao Han would help take care of it.

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who knows, the friend said coldly after listening:

"really! I've never been in a situation like this, so why don't you ask someone else. "

Xiao Han is a stranger, so he has no choice but to send it to his moments for help.

Damei was very worried about her when she saw her, so she contacted her hurriedly and asked someone to book a hotel for her.

after that, Da Mei joked that it didn't matter if I was one less!

Xiao Han was embarrassed to admit that what was best for her was Da Mei.

A true friend never lies in quantity, but in quality.

A hypocritical friend will pretend to cheat, while a true friend will give from the bottom of his heart.

Democritus said:

"A lot of people who look like friends are actually not friends, but many are friends, but they don't look like friends."

on the way of life, we will meet a lot of people, but very few of them really become friends.

Friends not only share blessings, but also share difficulties.

to make friends, you must make true friends so as not to chill yourself.

I thought

Life depends on luck

most of the time, when people encounter problems that cannot be solved, they will blame all this on their own bad luck.

when you see someone else's success, you will sigh, "this person is so lucky."

but on the road of life, luck is not everything.

as Yu Minhong said:

"Luck can never last a lifetime. The only thing that can help you for a lifetime is your personal ability."

when you feel unlucky, have you ever thought that there may still be places to do?

A scholar failed in the imperial examination, and he was very depressed.

he felt ashamed to go back to see his family, so he went to the river to commit suicide.

an old man passing by saved him.

Scholars and elders complained bitterly, saying that they had been preparing for many years and had read a lot of poems and books, but failed.

the old man listened thoughtfully and then asked the scholar, "what do you think is the reason why you didn't win?"

the scholar said, "all you need is luck. Those who win the promotion are just lucky."

the old man said, "this is not necessarily true. As far as I know, many of today's students have taken the exam for several years, and some have even taken the exam for decades. Are they very lucky?"

the scholar shook his head in surprise and said, "how unfortunate they are!"

the old man said, "but you just said that the difference between you and them is luck!"

the scholar bowed his head in shame and said, "I was wrong."

there is a saying: "everyone's good luck and misfortune are mixed."

unlucky people can turn things around through efforts; lucky people run out of luck because of idleness.

everyone has problems, but those problems do not exist to defeat us, but to hone us.

there is a line in the movie "the Devil Child of Naha" that says, "my life is up to me, not from heaven."

everyone's fortune is in his own hands, and it is up to him to decide whether it is good or bad.

so don't be confused by the problem at hand and think you're not lucky.

good luck is created by yourself.

I thought

long days to come

A lot of things, people always think that there is a long way to go and can be discussed in the long run.

but time waits for no man, and some things that are not done in time will eventually become a pity.

Li Kuchen, a famous modern painter, once said such a thing:

once, an old friend who admired Mr. bitter Zen came and asked him for a painting..

Li Kuchen generously agreed.

later, he was so busy with other things that he forgot it.

one morning, Li Kuchen received an obituary of the old friend's death.

it was only then that he remembered it, repented and wept bitterly.

when his mood was stable, he got up with his sick body in his arms and walked to his desk.

A picture of "White Lotus" was painted with tears, with the name of the old man on it, and then respectfully stamped on it.

he personally took the painting to the backyard, set it on fire, prayed tearfully, and then walked slowly back to the studio until the painting was burned to ashes.

he pondered for a long time, and then told his family that what happened today was unworthy of his old friends and created a lifelong regret, and that those who asked for paintings in the future would never delay.

I always thought it would be a long time to come, but I didn't know until it was too late.

such a pity is the most regrettable and irreparable.

I like the sentence in "cheering Harley": "the next time you pass by, there will be no one in the world."

this pun tells us to cherish the present.

Sanmao said, "people are sad because we can't keep the years."

time is the most ruthless, and time never waits for man.

instead of comforting yourself with a long time to come, it is better to act in time so as not to let yourself regret.

what you want to do, do it immediately, cherish the people in front of you, and have fun in time, so as not to leave people with regrets.

Mark Twain said: "the belated truth is like a horseshoe that suddenly hits the head. Oh, it hurts!"

We often think that things will turn out as we imagined, but the facts give people a sudden blow and make people taste endless sadness.

Roman Roland said:

"there is only one kind of heroism in the world, which is to still love life after recognizing the truth of life."

it is not terrible to taste sadness, but to immerse yourself in those delusions and refuse to wake up.

in this life, people don't want to achieve much, but they just want not to be wronged.

put down what should be put down, seize what should be grasped, and live your own life well, you will no longer be sad.