There is a kind of tiredness called thinking too much.
There is a kind of tiredness called thinking too much.
There is nothing in the world to worry about.

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what people often can't control is their own thoughts.

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many people say that they are unhappy, but after listening to them complain, they find that they have not suffered too much injustice or grievance at all, but often think about a small thing too complicated.

there is only one heart. If you give it too many possibilities that will not happen at all, the best heart will not be able to bear it.

Don't think too much about trifles, and don't cling to the past. If you can't do anything, you should learn to give up.

when people are alive, it is most important to be relaxed and careful. if you have such a big heart, you will have more worries, less happiness, more sadness, and less happiness.

it's not easy to live well, don't let your imagination put shackles on yourself.

Don't think about things you can't change

it is impossible for a person to have everything going well in his life, and there are bound to be difficulties.

some difficulties can be solved by our own efforts, and some we can only accept.

if you keep dwelling on a problem that cannot be changed at all, all you can get is more difficulties and troubles.

there is such a story:

in ancient times, there was a philosopher who had to live in a crowded small house with a few friends because of his difficult life, but he always enjoyed himself when everyone else was complaining.

to this, his answer is: "although the residence is a bit crowded, but it is also convenient for people to communicate and talk at any time, shouldn't they be happy?"

later, his friends got married and moved out, leaving him alone.

looking at the philosopher who stayed alone but still at ease, my friends became more curious.

he smiled and said, "now I finally have room to read quietly, which is also very happy."

instead of wrestling with it, it's better to calm down and do something more meaningful.

We are always obsessed with the things we can't change, which is actually a kind of performance without sense of security.

but the only way to get sense of security is to keep working on what can be done well, rather than worrying about it.

the Silent Master of India once said, "if it can be changed, why not be happy?" If you can't change it, why aren't you happy? "

Happiness is due to contentment and contentment, and people who know how to be comfortable with what happens are the easiest to reap happiness.

all happiness and happiness come from the heart. When the heart is put down, happiness naturally comes.

Don't lose yourself in wishful thinking

most people who are too sensitive will not be happy.

there was a study on the Internet, about 20% of people are very sensitive, they care about the opinions of others, and often let themselves fall into the quagmire of inferiority and self-doubt because of a casual remark from others.

do not want to believe in themselves, let alone others, can only be immersed in self-denial and extreme pessimism, constantly magnifying their own shortcomings, such people will never be able to see their true self.

speaking of sensitive people, the first thing that comes to mind is the "crying" Daiyu in A Dream of Red Mansions.

Daiyu left home at the age of six, left the familiar environment and walked into a completely unfamiliar environment without the company of her relatives. The inner suffering experienced by Daiyu cannot be described in words.

from her mother Jia Min's mouth, little Daiyu knew that her grandmother's family was a big family with many rules.

when she first entered Jia's mansion, she "paid attention step by step and cared all the time, unwilling to say one more word and take one more step, lest she should be laughed at."

even though Baoyu exists differently in her heart, her natural sensitivity will not be changed because of this special nature.

on one occasion, because of an unintentional remark, Daiyu suspected the purse she had given to Baoyu and was given away by him.

before Baoyu could explain, she went back to her room angrily and cut off the sachet that Baoyu had bothered her to make.

seeing that she was angry, Baoyu took his purse out of his clothes and showed it to her. "look what it is!" When did I give something of yours to someone? "

I wish the matter had been made clear. She should have apologized for her impulse, but she did not. Instead, she became annoyed because of "suspected attempt" and continued to cut the incense bag.

Baoyu was a little angry and said, "you don't have to cut it either. I know you're lazy to give me something." How can I return this purse? " With that, throw the purse back to her.

as a result, Sister Lin became more and more angry, tearfully, picked up the scissors and hinged her purse.

in the end, Baoyu persuaded each other to resolve this little farce.

sensitive people have an imaginary enemy in their hearts, who will be superior to themselves in everything and will fight against them everywhere.

therefore, they sometimes become extremely anxious, and if they stay in this mood for a long time, they are bound to lose their true self.

in fact, everyone will have their own advantages, no matter how ordinary you think you are, there will eventually be some sparkle in your body.

you must learn to correctly evaluate yourself and recognize yourself. Don't always belittle yourself and immerse yourself in feelings of inferiority.

for anyone, the best way to live is to be unique and never to be what others say you are.

face up to your shortcomings and don't ignore your strengths.A mature person with a strong heart.

the heart is simple, the world is simple

what your world is like depends on what you are.

as the popular saying goes:

your problem is that you don't read much and think too much. "

everyone strives to be deeper and more complicated than others, so they ignore it. In fact, the problem is very simple and the method is also very simple.

A young man went around looking for the secret of getting rid of his troubles.

he saw a shepherd boy blowing seedlings leisurely in the green grass at the foot of the hill, very carefree.

the young man came forward and asked, "you are so happy, don't you have any trouble?"

the child said, "when you ride on the back of a cow and play the flute, there is no trouble at all."

the young man has tried, but the trouble is still there.

so he had to keep looking.

when he came to a small river, he saw an old man fishing intently, looking happy and happy, so he went up and asked, "Don't you have any worries about being so devoted to fishing?"

the old man smiled and said, "calm down and go fishing. I've forgotten all my troubles."

Young people try, but they can't let go of their troubles and can't calm down.

so he walked on again.

he met an old man with a smile in the cave and asked him for advice on how to get rid of his troubles.

the old man smiled and asked, "has anyone tied you up yet?"

the young man replied, "No?"

the old man said, "if there is no one to tie you up, how can you talk about relief?"

the young man thought about it and realized that he was bound by the psychological cage he had set up.

there is a sentence in the Little Prince that makes me think about it for a long time:

"if you live in an adult's world for a long time, you will only think in an adult way."

what is the world of children like?

I am extremely happy when I eat when I eat, when I sleep when I sleep, and when I get a reward occasionally.

pure and focused.

what the adult society does not have is this purity.

when you do something, you always have "all kinds of ideas" before you do it, always "care about everything" when you do it, and always want "a hundred kinds of returns" after you finish it.

but in fact, the matter itself is very simple.

the heart is simple, the world is simple, and happiness is simple.

there is nothing in the world to worry about.

look at simple things as complicated, and annoyance entanglements follow.

Life is not as good as nine times out of ten. Sadness and troubles are a part of life. Only when you learn to be yourself and regard troubles and sorrows as nothing, the bright sunshine will illuminate life.

Please live soberly in the present, do not be disturbed by the past, do not worry about the future, and have no choice but to do the present thing well, which is the best life.

May you and I have a simple soul in this complicated world, have everything we want, let go of what we can't get, be capricious in love, do whatever we want, and live for ourselves.



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