There is a measure of kindness and tolerance.
There is a measure of kindness and tolerance.
People can bend and stretch all their lives, and moderate tolerance is a blessing.

Green above the point



being a man is too kind and easy to be used by others.

if you are too patient, you will be bullied.

both kindness and forbearance must have a yardstick.

kindness has a ruler

in dealing with the world, we should uphold a kind heart.

however, not all good intentions are rewarded.

in many cases, acts of kindness without principles can lead to catastrophe.

when kindness has no bottom line, it will encourage greed;

kindness will be given to everyone, it will only allow the villain to take advantage of the loophole.

Emerson once said, "your kindness must be something sharp, or it will be zero."

once goodness loses its principles, it will become a hotbed for nourishing malice.

so kindness has to be a little sharp in order to live a carefree and magnanimous life.

as the saying goes: do not eat too full, can not be too good to people.

your kindness is precious and should be left to those who deserve it.

it is foolish to give regardless of the object.

not everyone is a good person, not everyone is grateful.

if you are good enough to be unreserved, the other person will dare to be unscrupulous.

you don't have to wronge yourself in order to please others, let alone let yourself suffer injustice in order to take into account the feelings of others.

it is human nature to have good thoughts, but it is not a good thing to use it in inappropriate places.

Zeng Guofan was originally a scholar, and he learned from an early age the Confucian idea of benevolence and goodness.

on the battlefield, good people always have good thoughts, but enemies and villains will not be soft on you. Zeng Guofan is very upset about this.

when a friend learned of this, he sent him a couplet: "with the heart of Bodhisattva, use thunderbolt means."

Zeng Guofan suddenly realized that he took this sentence as his motto.

even among Bodhisattvas, there are "angry King Kong".

those who only take the right degree will punish evil and promote good without mercy.

the greatest evil in the world is to indulge the wicked in the name of goodness.

your goodness needs a yardstick. Don't let yourself become an accomplice to the wicked, which goes against the original intention of goodness.

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be tolerant

Master Hongyi said


tolerance can eliminate endless disasters and regrets.

as the ancients said:



get out of the way without losing your size. "

this is meant to tell us that we need to be patient in everything.

because in the eyes of many people, patience is the easiest and most effective way to solve the problem.

people who are tolerant are more likely to have both sides than those with a straight temper.

retreating three points and giving way is the "wind of a gentleman" respected by the ancients.

trifles that do not touch the bottom line and principles can be tolerated.

however, in the face of major issues of principle of right and wrong, or outrageous atrocities, tolerance is indulgence, silence is indulgence.

the more you give in, the more they will go further, until they finally force the good people to the point where there is no way to go.

when you have nothing to turn back, don't forget your bottom line.

someone once asked Confucius, "what is it like to return good for evil?"

Confucius said, "how can you repay good? Return evil with directness, and repay good with good. "

if we are bullied, should we influence him morally?

Confucius' answer to this ancient problem is very ingenious.

he said, "if someone bullies you, you try to influence him morally.

instead of appreciating your benevolence and righteousness, he feels that you are afraid of him.

those who hurt you, in turn, please him.

how can you repay those who are kind to you?


so don't indulge those who hurt us.

he will repent only if he returns the pain to him.

people can bend and stretch all their lives, and moderate tolerance is a blessing.

when there is nothing, do not take the initiative to cause trouble; when something happens, you are absolutely not afraid of it.

there can be neither endless withdrawal nor open-ended tolerance.

Don't be soft when you should refuse, but be magnanimous when you give in.