There is a yearning, do not contact, do not disturb
There is a yearning, do not contact, do not disturb
Some people love, some people care about, then this life is not in vain.

talk about Journey in search of Dreams

an uncle

it's another Qingming Festival season.

at this time, people offer sacrifices to their ancestors and send mourning from afar.

the remembrance and memorial service of those who have passed away have also added some sadness and solemnity to the prosperous spring.

so "death" is an inescapable theme for April.

but in the minds of many people, death has always been a secret.

even if we have to mention it, we will replace the unpopular word with the word "gone, gone, gone".

but facing death is not to scare yourself off.

but know how to transform this unease into the love and cherish of life.

as the Spanish philosopher Savatre said:

understanding death is the only way to better understand life.

so, in the coming month, my uncle will use

"Farewell to death"

make a movie list for the theme, in the weekly

column shares a movie with you.

I hope that through the lesson of "death", we can better learn how to love and cherish.

and what I want to share with my book friends today is the film Journey in search of Dreams.

things are so changeable that people should cherish

recently I saw a question and answer on Zhihu: "how did you heal yourself when your loved ones died suddenly?"

the story of one of the netizens made countless people cry.

it was double Twelve that day, and in the morning she was still thinking about buying clothes. During the lunch break, her mother sent her the results of the monthly exam, and she called her mother back as soon as school was over in the evening.

Mom said on the phone that she didn't do well in the English exam this time, so she should pay more attention to it.

she came back without a hitch.

I was in a hurry to go to dinner and self-study in the evening, so I hurriedly hung up the phone and said I would talk later.

but after seven o'clock in the evening, my father suddenly called and said that my mother had had a car accident. At first she thought it was a trivial matter, but she was still scolded for being so careless.

an hour after arriving at the hospital, the doctor informed that the rescue was ineffective.

in the days since then, she has been in a trance and doesn't know how she got here. It only took a long time to accept the fact that "Mom is gone" and slowly realized--

No one wants to talk to themselves on the phone anymore.

she said:

"I must admit that I grew up in the honeypot of my family, at least at home. I don't think it's too much to call this treatment the apple of the eye.

as a result, the honeypot broke and the fragments pierced all over me.

how to describe it, it is a very deep wound, in which there is still congestion, and the flesh grows well first, that is, it hurts as soon as it is touched. I thought I was all right, but one weekend, my classmate said,'my mother is coming to pick me up today', and the wound was torn open instantly.

. I miss her so much. "

the world is changeable and life is fragile.

some people are chatting with you as usual in the morning, but as soon as they turn around, they will be separated forever.

but that's where the cruelty of fate lies. Accidents don't happen again when you're ready, let alone stop for anyone. And all we can do is to have it in awe and cherish it all the time.

cherish every day with your loved ones and every minute of your life.

live to death, you can live in the present

in the movie Journey in search of Dreams, the little boy MIG dreams of becoming a famous musician.

but the family disagrees.

the conceited MIG ran away from home with his guitar on his back. at this time, he felt that his dream was bigger than anything else. It doesn't matter if you run away from home as long as you are closer to your dream of music.

but unexpectedly, MIG mistakenly entered the spirit world on the Day of the Dead and started a "journey of death".

the truth about the death of his great-great-grandfather was revealed by accident.

following the life of his great-great-grandfather, he also experienced the pain of "parting between life and death", and then woke up to the fact that nothing is more important than family affection and life.

most of the time, we are just like the original MIG.

forge ahead in order to work, to study, and to live.

it was not too late to repent until it was lost.

host Kanghui once told a story about himself.

but despite being quiet, my heart hurt so much that I just fled to the bathroom and cried bitterly.

then he went home and lived for a while, but his mother left, several pots of flowers also withered, and there was no more smell of home.

Chandler once said in "A long Farewell": "

every time I say goodbye, I die a little bit. "

it is precisely because we know that the one we love will die and the happiness we have will be lost, that we breathe freely on every sunny day and hug hard at every moment we can meet.

only in this way can there be no regrets when that day comes.

only by living to death can you live in the present; only by fearing death can you know that loving and living well is the greatest meaning of life.

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death is not a true farewell, forgetting is

there are still opportunities for people in the world to cherish and compensate.

what about the deceased?

although we all know that people will die, the sadness is still indescribable when we really face the death of our loved ones.

even if temporarily hidden, some casual moment, missing will still flow out with tears.

in this regard, the movie Journey in search of Dreams gives us the wisdom of "facing death".

it says that people die three times in this life.

the first time is when the heart stops, it is a biological death;

the second time is burial, this is sociological death;

and the third time is that no one in the world remembers you, this is also the real death.

so death is never goodbye, but forgetting is.

as long as you keep in mind, the one who loves you will never leave.

in the film, great-great-grandfather is a "forbidden word" in the family. Because this man abandons his wife and daughter for the sake of his dream.

but when everyone chooses to forget, only great-grandmother coco remembers her father alone.

she keeps every letter and photo written by her father piously.

it is precisely because of this concern that my father, who has been wandering in the spirit world, has not disappeared.

until the misunderstanding is clarified.

until the two meet again.

even though the years are ruthless and fate is like a knife, this yearning is enough to cross the estrangement of time and space and connect with each other.

Sanmao said that if one person's voice and footprints can be remembered or remembered by another, this is eternity.

A man is like a feather, but true yearning cannot be blocked by death.

maybe this is exactly what Ching Ming Festival is all about. On this day, we remember it fair and square, and miss it fair and square, so as to tell those who sleep on the ground that I have not forgotten you.

A person lives a lifetime. When it comes to the end, someone will love and care about, and it will be worth it.

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this is the end of today's movie. Thank you for listening.

take advantage of the Qingming Festival holiday, you might as well find a sunny afternoon, make a cup of tea, open the movie recommended by uncle, and start a wonderful journey of life for yourself.

after watching the film, you are welcome to share your feelings in the comments area. If you have a good movie, you can also leave a message to tell your uncle.


you, always remember those who love