These four kinds of people are "kind-hearted and poisonous", and the farther away the better
These four kinds of people are "kind-hearted and poisonous", and the farther away the better
The greatest evil of human nature is the lack of gratitude.






as the saying goes, "it is difficult to draw bones when painting dragons and tigers."

in life, some people are compassionate, but ruthless, while others are mediocre but kind-hearted.

as the saying goes, people should not be judged by their appearance, and the sea water should not be measured. In life, no matter how to get along with each other or make friends, you must be very careful.

the following four kinds of people are "kind-hearted and poisonous". If you find out, you must stay away as soon as possible.

people who are inconsistent with their appearance

as the ancients said, "beyond gold and jade, there is defeat among them."

in life, there is such a kind of person, one on the surface, the other behind the back, sweet words in front of people, black and sinister in the back.

when you have interests to seek, you immediately flatter and curry favor, and when you are down, you want to step on your foot.

Wang Xifeng in A Dream of Red Mansions is just like this. she is very friendly in appearance, but in fact she is vicious and vicious. after learning that Jia Lian secretly married the second sister you, she was extremely angry, but she was not angry.

with the help of Qiutong, a concubine, she designed to kill second Sister you, and eventually made Qiutong lose Jia Lian's favor.

if there is such a person in life, it is the best choice to stay away as soon as possible and give yourself peace.

"University" says: "sincerity in the middle, appearance in the outside."

A true gentleman, who matches his words and deeds, is sincere in his heart and contacts with him, can make our life extremely pure and clean.

people who break their promises

Confucius said, "if you break your word, you don't know what you can do."

if a person does not keep his word, how can he talk about living in the world?

honesty is not only the foundation of our life, but also the core of life.

people often say that there is a red rabbit in the horse and Lv Bu among people. Lv Bu is also an all-powerful hero in the impression of many people, but Lv Bu ended up very miserable in the end.

when he was desperate, he turned to Liu Bei. Liu Bei gladly accepted and treated him very well, but finally got his counterattack.

it was only when Lv Bu was executed by Cao Cao that he realized how terrible it was to be unfaithful without words.

there is a saying in the Analects of Confucius: people cannot stand without faith, and karma does not believe or thrive.

whether it is to be a person or to do things, we should pay attention to honesty, which is the foundation of all values.

people who break their promises tend to be double-faced and treacherous, and it is difficult to guard against intercourse with them. Only by interacting with people who pay attention to integrity can they be relaxed and not tired, and there is no need to be careful.

Don't see the good people of others

as the ancients said, "the mind is defiled and does not like his honor, so it is called jealousy."

the biggest bad thing in the world is that Sun Bin and Pang Juan were classmates and friends in history. Pang Juan was greedy for fame and fortune, so he went down the mountain to become an official before he left. Before leaving, he promised Sun Bin that he would recommend him when he became famous in the future.

Pang Juan's ability was appreciated by King Wei Hui, and he was even more in high spirits after leading the army to win several victories.

but soon Pang Juan had a worry, that is, he knew that Sun Bin's art of war was far above him, and that if he went to another country in the future, he would surely defeat himself.

so Pang Juan immediately wrote to Sun Bin, deceiving him that he had persuaded King Wei Hui to recommend him as a general.

when Sun Bin came down the mountain, what was waiting for him was unforgettable pain. He not only cut off his feet, but also engraved the sign of crime on his face.

since ancient times, guns are easy to hide, but arrows are difficult to guard against. People who can't see others are not only jealous, but also have the idea of destroying others.

for this kind of person, you must stay away as soon as possible, or you will be trapped in an irreparable place.

people who are ungrateful

as the saying goes, "Sheng Mien, duo Mi Qiu."

goodness is a good thing, but excessive goodness becomes the root of indulging evil.

in ancient times, there was a rich businessman who felt pitiful when he saw the beggar begging on his doorstep every day, so he made him his own slave and did not worry about eating and drinking from now on.

but the beggar still does not change his lazy nature, eating or sleeping every day, and the rich businessman is very angry and drives him out of the house.

but the beggar took advantage of the dark to snatch away the wealth of the rich merchants.

the greatest evil of human nature is that people who do not know how to be grateful will never think about your good, but will only hate your bad. No matter how much they pay, it will be in vain.

they are used to taking, never knowing anything in return, and it is chilling to associate with them.

in life, if you meet people who don't know how to be grateful, stay away as soon as possible, or you will end up hurting yourself.

as the saying goes, "those who are close to red are red, those who are close to ink are black."

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in this life, we must be cautious in making friends. Good friends will help us improve better. Friends with bad conduct will not only lead us down a crooked path, but also harm others and ourselves.

to be a man, you should not only accumulate good deeds, but also protect yourself. for those who are kind-hearted and poisonous, the farther away the better.



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