These three kinds of couples will divorce sooner or later. Look!
These three kinds of couples will divorce sooner or later. Look!
Parents' love for their son is far-reaching.


the elders often say: a couple has a hundred days of kindness, and a hundred days of husband and wife are as deep as the sea.

but few people understand that nothing is absolute, especially feelings.

Marriage is an one-way trip. Get out of the car if you are wrong. Instead of struggling, you might as well start all over again.

couples with these three situations will get divorced sooner or later. I hope without you!

Marriage lacking trust

I have seen such a test on the street:

one side walks to the opposite side of the road with the help of the other with an eye patch, and then goes back to the starting point to get a lot of prizes.

but the results of the experiment show that very few people can walk back to the starting point with their eyes closed.

because many people have not taken a few steps, when they hear the car whistle, they unconsciously take off their blindfold.

when you fall in love, you think that falling in love is a lifetime, but you don't realize that only two people who trust each other can talk about the future and the rest of their lives.

envy the love of grandparents' generation:

I may never say I love you all my life, but it shows that I love you everywhere.

once asked Grandma how to get married, Grandma smiled and said, "how can we understand this in that life?" naturally, I wanted to believe him when I married him.

Grandma said that at that time, Grandpa was a famous handsome student in eight villages, and the women who wanted to pester came to make trouble again and again.

the neighbors can't watch it. Let Grandma ask the man what's going on.

but Grandma immediately said:

the lover does not doubt, the suspect does not love, if I ask, I do not trust him, how can the couple live without trust? If he really failed me, why should I ask?

only when we know each other for a long time can we not doubt each other; if we do not doubt each other, we can know each other for a long time.

in marriage, trust in your lover is the best antistaling agent for happiness.

Zhang Xiaoxian said:

"Love is a duet, and I don't mind that both of them are not good at it.

but I mind that I am the only one dancing, and the other person is just standing by and watching. "

Trust and honesty are the most basic premises of a marriage.

when I saw a text message, I suspected someone; when I heard a laugh, I thought it was Huaichun; when I met with the opposite sex, I thought I was having an affair.

I would like to ask, how long can a relationship that lives in suspicion last, and where should two people who share a different bed go?

it is providence for two people to meet, get to know each other and know each other.

No one can guarantee that if you get married, you will make it to the end.

but life is a big lake, marriage is like two people boating on the lake, if each other is not willing to pay sincerely, it is difficult to reach the final destination.

Marriage for children

many of my friends quarreled with each other, and the most common sentence was: "if it hadn't been for the children, we would have been divorced."

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as a result, there will be a wave of divorce at the end of the college entrance examination every year.

A friend who works in the Civil Affairs Bureau said that when we encounter divorced couples, we will mediate in accordance with the principle of "persuasion and non-persuasion."

but when they learn that their children divorced after the college entrance examination, most of them will not persuade them any more, because this must have been done for many years and after careful consideration.

between husband and wife, what they fear most is the superficial marriage that must be maintained for the sake of their children.

in the TV series Pi, actress Pei Yinming knows her husband is having an affair, but she endured an unhappy marriage for 15 years for the sake of her children and the traditional "complete family".

finally, he was awakened by the words of his son in the third year of high school: "Mom, get a divorce."

after the divorce, Pei Yin relaxed, and the mother and son went out for dinner to celebrate the divorce.

educator Makalienko once said a classic saying:

"giving everything to children, sacrificing everything, even their own happiness, this is the most terrible gift that parents give to their children."

whether parents' feelings are good or not, children can actually feel that parents are pretending to be happy, and children are also pretending to be happy.

if a person lives in a camouflage mood for a long time, it is easy to get heart disease. It is the biggest blow to the child that exists in name only.

there are two kinds of pain in life, one will make you stronger when you stand up, the other is worthless and will only add to torture.

A child should not be a rope or excuse to maintain a marriage. If you love him, tell him peacefully and truthfully.

the worst thing in the world is not to die alone, but to end up with the person who makes you feel lonely.

when love comes, you can't hide; if you lose it, you can't pretend it.

Marriage with different values

it is often said that if the circles are different, there is no need for strong integration, disagreement between the three values, and no need to go together.

how important is the convergence of the three values in marriage?

A netizen on Weibo told his own experience:

I once knew a friend who occasionally stayed at her house because he was playing late at night.

I asked her that your father was quite romantic.

she replied: father knows that mother likes white orchids, so every year in this season, he will bring one to his mother when he goes out in the morning.Duo, it has become a habit for my mother to take it with her for a whole day.

the father may not like flowers, but he knows that his wife likes it, so he keeps it in mind, and his small actions reveal a strong sense of love.

all inappropriate, in the final analysis, the lack of that tacit understanding of heart-to-heart, more than a haggling heart.

you share the good news of promotion and raise with him, but he says that small companies have no future; you say with delight that you have recently appeared in a new movie, but he says it is not worth the money.

you enjoy being comfortable with what happens, but he wants to conquer the world; you are willing to eat oil and salt, but he won't give up romance.

even if we talk to each other well, in the end, it's just a chicken talking to a duck.

how can a couple who can't even talk to each other spend the rest of their long lives?

the German philosopher Leibniz said: there are no two identical leaves in the world.

similarly, there is no absolute agreement between husband and wife, but marriage is like building a house, and the efforts of only one person are far from enough.

only by thinking in the same place, working hard in the same place, knowing tolerance and understanding, can the three values of two people be more similar.

this life is very long. Money and appearance may have brought you together, but whether you can go on or not depends on the values.

with people who disagree with the three values, there will always be quarrels and cold war. For a long time, they are disgusted with each other and do not like each other.

it's like a shoe that sharpens your feet, the more it runs in, the more painful it will be, so throw it away as soon as possible.

Happy marriages are always alike, and unhappy marriages are unhappy in their own way.

when love begins, everyone goes for the rest of his life, but somehow, life begins to scribble.

in the end, the reason is that our ability to run a marriage has become weaker, resulting in the distance between the two hearts getting farther and farther apart.

Fortress besieged says that marriage is like a city, where people outside want to go in and people inside want to get out.

but there is no lack of the ability and courage to leave the besieged city and start all over again at any time.

at that time, may you meet an interesting soul. For the rest of your life, there will be no shortage of audience for happiness, and people will understand the story.