This function of Wechat reveals who cares about you.
This function of Wechat reveals who cares about you.
Only when you have been far away can you understand the love of your parents.

New Year's Day's younger brother got married and I went back to my hometown.

before leaving, my parents stuffed the trunk of the car with food as usual: two pots of peanut oil, 100 native eggs, 20 jin of bacon, fried balls.

when the car turned out of the village gate, I could still see two shadows standing in the distance in the rearview mirror.

this moment suddenly brings back memories of my childhood.

when I was a child, my parents went to be a guest and went to the market in the city, I went with them. If I am not allowed to go, I will chase them in tears until they are out of my sight.

when I was a child, it was a kind of attachment, just like now they don't want to leave me.

this is silent love, is engraved in the heart of concern.

think of what Jia Pingwa said:

"when our mother bid farewell to us and the world, the pain was piercing."

remember, when you go far away, don't forget the direction when you come.

"everything is fine at home."

"We are fine at home."

"We'll wait for you to come back."

these three sentences are the most words my parents have ever said to me.

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when I was at school, my parents often said:

"you study hard at school, don't worry about home."

after graduation, parents often say:

"do a good job out of town, don't worry about us."

after starting a family, parents often say:

"We are in good health. We will send you kettle oil sometime."

my parents always tell me on the phone that they are doing well, and I believe it.

in my impression, my parents can pay my tuition fees by selling some food. my parents are in good health, and they can rest assured that I go far away.

later I learned that when I was studying far away from home, my fertile land was hit by a severe drought, and my tuition was collected for me by my father riding a bicycle for a hundred miles.

and on the night I decided to work far away, my father ate a plate of peanuts for four hours, and the one my mother prepared for me was overprinted with deep tears.

I just realized that my parents, who let me go far away, longed for me to go to a bigger world and wanted me to go home often.

this is not only the wish of my parents, but also the wish of parents all over the world.

as my parents get older and older, I understand:

parents' love for their children will not die because of distance, nor will it be diminished by years. It was there all the time, firmly placed.

even at the ends of the earth, even on earth.

this love is what you look forward to at the entrance of the village when you come home from school, a smoky meal when you come back from home, a bag of rice oil on your way back to visit your relatives, and a simple and honest smile when you are relatively speechless.

there is a good saying:

"there are three things that human beings cannot hide: cough, poverty and love."

Human joys and sorrows are interlinked in parents' love for their children.

"I'll hang up now. I'm a little busy right now."

"I've been working overtime recently. I'll go home when I'm free."

"I'll call you when I'm done."

words like this are the most common words children have ever said to their parents.

every time my parents call, they always hang up after a few words in a hurry.

I remember a little thing my mother told me the other day.

my 85-year-old grandmother went to the mobile phone store alone to repair her mobile phone.

after looking at the phone, the shop assistant said that the phone was not broken.

Grandma didn't believe it, so she had to let the shop assistant take a closer look at it and said she wanted to change her cell phone.

Grandma said to her aunt:

"the mobile phone is really broken. I can't get a call from your brother."

Auntie secretly asked her uncle to call her grandmother.

after Grandma received a call from her uncle, she left the mobile phone store with peace of mind.

think about how many old people in life are like my grandmother:

think again:

how many times have you told your parents to contact you another day?

another day, which day is it?

another day, in the hearts of parents, is a kind of sustenance and a kind of hope. But in the hearts of their children, it is a blank check.

sometimes it may be really busy to forget, but the person who cares about you takes "another day" as an appointment.

there are many things in the world that we all think we can do another day. You think today and tomorrow will be the same, that's because the accident didn't come.

what is an accident?

off guard, some people say goodbye to you. There are too many unexpected things in life, what we can do is to cherish it.

the movie "send you a Little Red Flower" says:

"when people live, they are afraid of losing, but the most powerful counterattack to fear is to live every minute."

Don't save the things you like for last, don't save the most important people for last to hurt.

some time ago, there was a piece of news that haunted me.

Sun Qiaoxing, the protagonist of "Barala Little Devil Fairy" and the actor of Maggie, has died.

pokes people to tears. A home just collapsed.

White-haired people send black-haired people, it is the greatest despair in the world.

for parents, children are the whole of life.

disasters and accidents separate flesh-and-blood people again and again, but also let us notMake sure who is the one you love most.

someone asked me, "when did you suddenly realize that you were loved by your parents?"

I replied, "Love is hidden in details."

is a warning to go out in the early hours of the morning; it is a bright light to go home at night.

is radish and pickle in the yard; it is a clean quilt on the bed.

is the laughter in the house and the fireworks rising outside.

these seemingly ordinary traces are silent but the deepest love.

those who love you most will not say they love you the most.

the older you get, the more you know:

the phone you always ignore, the blocked Wechat message, is the most precious.

because parents are the people you never spend thought or time on, but love you the most.

have seen such a message:

"when I clicked on my parents' Wechat, I found that my parents had put my Wechat on top. I wonder how they know how to be at the top when they are so old.

later I learned that they went to the next village and asked a student to help with the operation. At that time, I felt very uncomfortable. Because, I set my parents' Wechat not to disturb. "

this passage may make many people feel the same way, and most people will see their own shadow.

in fact, the top function of Wechat really reveals who loves you most.

there is a line in the pianist at Sea:

"A continuous city has everything except the end."

remember, parents are a person's last hometown.

when Fei Yuqing quit acting, she wrote a letter:

this letter was written by him after his parents died, and he decided to quit the entertainment industry from then on.

No matter how many honors there are, you can't give your parents a bowl of rice after all.

the years have always been so cruel that people are always faced with the problems of life and death without warning.

this coincides with the sentence written by Confucius in the Analects:

"you must not know the age of your parents. One is to rejoice, the other is to fear. "

parents may be like a dilapidated old house to their children:

you live in it, it protects you from the wind and rain and the cold. But you rarely say thank you to it, and you don't want to fix it. Even if you accidentally damage it, you won't tell it you're sorry.

you don't have to apologize, after all, it will never remember your bad.

in the parting time and time again, we will realize:

only when you have been far away can you understand the love of your parents.

I love you when I have you;

I love you when I lose you.

give more love to your parents for the rest of your life.