This group of photos went crazy in the early hours of the morning: everyone who watched and cried had a story.
This group of photos went crazy in the early hours of the morning: everyone who watched and cried had a story.
Kind person, may you be treated gently by the world.


what does the world look like to you?

is embarrassed and dangerous.

or is it that the years are still and the world is stable?

living in this precious world,

there are always unexpected raids,

makes you scared and exhausted.

but fortunately,

in some corner of the world,

someone is always secretly in love with you.


New year's Eve, the day of family reunion,

the construction site in this city is brightly lit.

workers from all over the world,

give up the chance to be reunited with your family,

rushed to the construction site with his teammates overnight.

10 days later,

A hospital rises from the ground.

the epidemic situation is the order, and the scene is the "battlefield".

there is no "infrastructure maniac",

only the "speed of life and death" racing against the clock.

when we fall asleep,

they persist day and night.

this sudden epidemic,

almost messed up everyone's pace.

it's a good thing everyone is with you,

get out of the predicament of the cold wind

usher in the season of spring blossoms.


the day Wu Baofang, a nurse from Hubei, went to battle,

her husband failed to see her off because of work.

she went to Hubei alone,

my eyes are full of loneliness.

66 days after the task ends,

Wu Baofang returned to Sichuan to have a rest.

the husband went to Chengdu specially,

at a special party,

take the stage as a mysterious guest with flowers in hand

gave her a big surprise.

you go, I can't see you off;

if you reply, I will welcome you with flowers in my hand.

it's hard to wait,

but never let down.

what is the most beautiful love?

Flame Blue and Angel White say:

fight side by side with your son.

Thank you, dear comrade-in-arms and lovers.


grandparents in Wuhan,

both were infected with COVID-19.

Grandma is in unbearable pain.

even eating and drinking has become a problem.

this worried my grandfather in another ward.

rushed to see her with a bottle in his hand.

"wife, have a bite, just one bite."

Grandpa used his trembling hands,

pass the food to Grandma's mouth one spoon by one spoon,

there is a kind of love called "I feed you",

there is a feeling called "I'll accompany you".

I don't envy couples who play small games.

only envy the love from hand in hand to white head.

A lot of forgetfulness in old age, but never forget Acacia.

Love is neither the best nor bad,

but your presence is the best life.


granny sits on the swing,

Grandpa pushed gently in the back.

there are thousands of joys in the world,

the sweetest one,

it's you who's messing around. I can't help laughing with you.

the most romantic thing in my life,

is when we are too old to go anywhere,

you can still shake it for me around the swing.


it's not that I'm going to seek happiness with you,

but I'm with you,

this thing itself becomes happiness.

time will grow old,

but time never deceives us.


I've been waiting for the bus by the side of the road for a long time.

Grandma has the problem of leg pain again.

Grandpa didn't say a word,

just carry Grandma on her back,

same as in those days.

he never said "I love you",

but loved her all her life with action.

even in the twilight years,

when you need it,

I am still the teenager who has no turning back.


firefighters are on their way back from the fire.

I met my old grandmother.

the grandparents and grandchildren haven't seen each other for more than two months.

while asking about Grandma's health,

while worrying that his teammates are waiting in a hurry.

Grandma waved and said,

"go back, everyone is still waiting for you!"

this glance,

I have been looking forward to 365 days,

every time I hear a siren,

I ran out like a child.

I'm afraid I'll miss the chance to see you.

all the chance encounters,

are all her elaborate "games".

the people who love you most in the world are your parents.

only your parents love you more than your parents..


I heard that children wear masks all day at school

the ear hurts very much,

it took the mother two weeks,

to the whole class and teachers

there are more than 50 people, each of whom has made up a

The beautiful and outstanding champagne evening dress is all you need. Allow to be served with the coolest tastes available.

A beautiful and practical "mask buckle".

it's easy to love your own children.

it's hard to care about other people's children,

Mom for you,

willing to give more love to the world.

I hope you study hard,

be a good man,

in the days to come,

be more kind, strong, hardworking and upward.


stomach trouble over and over again,

Mom who has been taking medicine

come back from work one night,

see my daughter put some jelly beans,

slipped it into the medicine box.

was just about to reprimand the child for being ignorant.

unexpectedly, my daughter said in a naughty voice:

"Mom's medicine is so bitter, this is sweeter."

@ babbling pout passers-by

sometimes it's not that the child is disobedient,

but adults become impatient.

in fact, your child is very sensible.

in his little head,

it's full of you.

Children are much kinder than you think.

more selfless, love you more.


the day my daughter got married,

Dad's words made the whole audience cry.

"when you are really dissatisfied,

Please don't raise your hand to hit her,

you can tell me I'll pick her up. "

I was the first person to kiss her,

I was also the first person to love her.

but I hope it's you who can accompany her all her life.

she is also the little baby I hold in the palm of my hand.

if it is worthless to go to someone else,

Please tell me first,

I'll take her home.

people around you always come and go,

only your parents have loved you all your life.

although I am so reluctant to you,

although you are afraid of being wronged in the future,

but Dad saw you in your wedding dress.

I still hope you can be happy all your life.


several students lie on the front cover of the car to do their homework.

in order not to disturb the children's study,

falsely claim that it is not your own car,

after a brief conversation, he walked away.

after the children take the bus,

he just drove away.

this is probably the most beautiful lie I have ever heard.

kindness is often not an earth-shaking event.

but in any case,

can think of each other,

Don't embarrass others in public.

Thank you for the world,

all the quiet kindness.


because living conditions are limited,

the stewed vegetable shop does not have broadband installed.

A seven-year-old girl,

you can only use mom's mobile phone hotspots,

stick to the class under the board.

she said,

"sometimes I hit my head when I raised my head. It hurts."

when the communication company learns the situation,

opened a new broadband for her free of charge.

there are also kind-hearted people who brought her lights for her study.

Life is on the board,

under the board is hope.

you are so weak,

there are many ways to go in person,

but remember:

this society has never been indifferent,

there must be someone who loves you,

there must be some gentle hearts.

Life is really hard sometimes,

live every day with both heart and effort.

but the best state of life is not exactly:

I have fire in my heart,

there is light in the eyes,

there is a road under your feet.


16-year-old Shaanxi girl,

legs paralysis caused by acute encephalomyelitis,

after treatment, she decided to go back to school.

the boys in her first year of high school,

form a volunteer team, take turns on duty,

carry her downstairs every day.

the boys shouted:

"We'll go with you in the third year of high school."

I spent my youth in a wheelchair.

but I have invisible wings.

spare me the pain,

spare me the vagrancy and helplessness of my life.

Thank you, lovely classmates.


on the subway,

after a guide dog takes its owner to find the handrail and stand firm,

just lie on the ground and have a rest.

his claws pressed down on the little sister'sFoot,

later, he gently pillowed his head on her feet.

the little sister knows that the dog is working,

did not disturb it and remained motionless all the way.

fate is never cold.

there is always some goodwill.

for example, it

I am willing to stand by for you 24 hours a day.

what is warmth?

warmth is except for yourself,

there are still sentient beings in the eyes and hearts,

even if the other person is just a seeing eye dog.

you protect the world, I protect you.


the night before coming back to work during the holiday,

I get up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom.

in a daze,

I heard my mother say to my cat:

"Mimi, you're outside.

take care of each other. "

woke up more than half of the time,

I just feel astringent in my throat.

@ do you want it

when you are alone, you are too lonely.

everything you do is yourself,

there is only one person breathing in the room.

since we have it,

two kinds of fun can be produced under one roof.

when opening the door after work,

I know someone is waiting for me to go home.